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Fair, accurate. Craig is a good man!! When a car is damaged by an accident or weather, what can be repaired and what must be replaced? Or is it time to buy a new car? No matter whether an accident involved a freshly licensed teen or an experienced driver, knowing what to do or not do is essential to bouncing back. Mike Green is now the mechanic and manager of this establishment and I'm so glad he is!

He's an amazing mechanic He studies everything he can get his hands on about all makes and models of vehicle and never fails to come through with the solution to the issues at hand. He is straightforward, he explains the situation in terms even I could understand I know very little about the workings of my vehicle and he's even worked with me on payment when I was having a little financial trouble.

I've known him long enough that I've taken 2 of my cars to him even driving many, many miles to get to his shop and my parents and now my husband and step-daughter are customers, too. Mike can be abrupt, he doesn't sugar coat anything and he doesn't tolerate fools, but he is as honest as they come. He doesn't pad the bill or do work that doesn't need to be done.

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He explains everything, down to the smallest detail of what's happening with your vehicle. I love that! He never fails to complete the work in a timely fashion, either, and I've never been disappointed. Along with repairs, he also does installations of audio equipment and installed an awesome system in my car! I've had no issues with it, it's beautifully installed and sounds like a million bucks! Without a doubt the worst experience I have ever had with a mechanic.

I was quoted at 2 weeks and he has now had my car for a month and I currently refusing to release my vehical even after he already received payment. At this point I am having to take him to court just to get my car back and the work has still not even been finished yet. Beware of his previous ratings it is clearly a different man that is running the shop now. Allen is a true professional and a real gentleman. He came to my house right away to work on a stubborn motor mount. He completed the job quickly and efficiently.

Honest mechanics are hard to come by, and Allen is your guy. Highly recommended! The tech David is very conscious of his work and did excellent factory style welding and pipe bends. The staff in office Ron and Stephany where very pleasant and good conversation. Entire place is clean and welcoming. I will continue getting my cars worked on here! I'm a huge fan of Oviedo Auto Repair! I moved to the area not long ago and took my car in to have the air conditioning worked on. Wow, what a pleasant surprise!

Not only is Robert a skilled and talented mechanic, but he was very down-to-earth, personable, and fair. He let me know of other issues with the car and I returned a couple of months later to have the work done. He was able to fit me in that very day and before leaving, he walked around to the back of the car to look at a dent and scratch on the bumper that had been there for a year.

I had mentioned earlier wanting a quote to have him fix it and he had fixed it at no charge! I will, of course, use Oviedo Auto Repair for all of my family's auto repair needs! The agent asked when I wanted to pick up the truck and I told him at 5: I also told him that I might need the truck for two days, but that I would not know until the next day, Friday. It was supposed to be signed that day. I asked if I should just rent the truck for two days now. The agent said that it was no problem and that all I needed to do was to call and let him know if I needed it for an extra day.

When I went to pick up the truck the receipt said that I was supposed to pick it up at 3: He explained he was having some computer problems and he knew the time was supposed to be 5: The next morning about The agent said it was no problem and that he would just extend the time by a couple of hours if I needed it. The agent became enraged and yelled at my wife and told her she had better bring back the truck by 3: My wife handed me the phone and the agent yelled at me that my agreement said 3: He denied any previous knowledge of the prior conversation.

I tried to reason with him and he became more enraged.


I finally told him that I could not bring the truck back. It was loaded and I had no place to unload it.

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The agent then stated texting me about the truck. He texted that the truck was late after 3: He texted I needed to bring it back by 8: Then he texted me asking when I was going to bring his truck back and I texted him that I would bring it back before 3: I took the truck back before noon. My lease was only signed at 4: The agent said nothing. No apology, nothing! I have rented U-Haul trucks, car dollies and trailers for over forty years.

This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with anyone. Usually the service is excellent and friendly. I have never been treated so rudely by any U-Haul representative, or anyone else for that matter, as I was this time. To yell at my wife is inexcusable. Unless you are extremely hard up for agents, I would suggest you remove your franchise from this one. I will probably use U-Haul again in the future because of my previous experience with them. But if this had been my first experience I would never use U-Haul again. I know I will never use this agent again, nor will I do any other business with him.

I can only imagine the number of young couples, just starting out, who have a similar experience with this agent and then choose to never use U-Haul again over the rest of their lives. In case your wondering, yes, it really was that bad. I really hope you take this complaint seriously and take your franchise away from this agent. I have never filed a complaint against a U-Haul agent before.

You can check my record. But this experience was unbelievably bad. The owner Jay has no idea how to run a fair business.

Tuffy Auto Service Centers

He is just after your money. I took my car to get repaired and within two weeks came back with the same issue and he refused to fix it. Not to mention his staff is rude. The place looks like a dump and should be closed down. Call us at or Check out our website at www. Amazing service, I was the first lucky customer and I couldn't of been any happier. They handled my car like it was their own with outstanding service and great customer care, I was in the loop with everything they found and did. I got my car back faster than I expected and it hasn't run this great since I've bought it!

Tuffy Oviedo: Oviedo, Florida Auto Repair

They even gave my car a wash! I previously had a problem with my engine shaking and my brakes, i took them to many mechanic shops around the Orlando area but no one could really end up fixing the problem until i took my mini van to 'Oviedo Auto Repair' i notice after my car was not shaking and my brakes we're up to the correct performance thanks Oviedo Repair Shop.

There are more than , auto service technicians and mechanics in the U. Finding the right one to repair a dent in your car door or fix an engine that won't start can be overwhelming, especially when it's an emergency. Review a few important facts about auto repair professionals and what you can do to get the best possible mechanic working on your vehicle's issues for a fair price.

Looking For Reliability Unlike home repair services that evaluate a property, meet with homeowners and have time to prepare before their physical work begins, auto repair businesses are often asked to make fixes on the spot. If you come into a garage with a tire issue, the expectation is the mechanic will know how to correct that problem quickly. That is why reliability is so vital when searching for a trusted auto repair shop.

It may take going to several different mechanics before you find one you are truly comfortable with. Pose questions to this professional to find out what approach they will take to repair your car or what alternatives are available. Shopping around also gives you the best opportunity to find the cheapest rate or the fastest service, as some garages may be backed up with other vehicles that need repair first. A recommended way to locate a trustworthy auto repair professional is to seek out customer reviews.

Online sites offer honest opinions from real customers who have used a business. We provide diagnostics, major and minor auto repairs on most cars and light-duty trucks. Our focus is on providing excellent customer service that has been the foundation of our business for many years. We offer auto repair services to the greater community including brakes, tune-ups, and oil change services for your vehicle. Complete under-car services, such as oil changes, brake repair, shocks, struts, wheel alignment, transmission repair and fluid flush for both foreign and domestic vehicles are readily available at competitive prices.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. Baldrick's Foundation Proud Partner from St. Baldrick's Foundation on Vimeo. Mitchell Hammock Rd. Oviedo, FL Done Right. Mon-Fri 7: Our Customers' Reviews Powered by Pistn. Dec 03, James M.

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