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Everyone loves the free samples station back by the coffee, but you might not know that anything in the entire store is free game for some sample action. Hopefully you leaned a thing or two and can go forward and save some dollars down the road. Very cool! I also wish they had more gluten free options. Very sad!

I always hear how good their cheap wine is. I knowwwwww! I usually have a friend bring me a case when she heads my way. Krista Gringita: Late reply, but come to VA! We have all the 2 buck chuck you could want. I guess because the closest one is like 45 mins away, maybe one day.

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I work at a very popular grocery store, and the return policy is very liberal. Unopened items go straight into the trash as well. It is extremely unsettling seeing all of this food go to waste. Either do as the article says and sample it at the store where the rest of the container can then be sampled out , or maybe before returning an item, find someone who would enjoy the rather than returning it!! At the store I work at we do donate A LOT of food from our fresh departments as well as undamaged dairy, like cart fulls of food every week goes to local food banks.

I do agree that we are a wasteful society as a whole. I do see a lot of food get donated but there is also a huge portion that simply gets thrown out!

Trader Joe’s: 50th Anniversary in August!

I just want people to be aware! Mine used to, but now they have a Plinko game you can play IF you buy the secret item of the day. Then you can win a free item. Great tips! I have to return sunflower seed butter, yogurt, and meat before. I love the fact that they let you sample anything you want. They can sample out the rest of the package! I thought that was a great attitude for the employees to have. I know I could return it, but I never manage to do that. Overall though, it is such a great store and everyone who works there is so friendly and helpful.

Wow — these are great tips! How neat! I agree about the frozen items — I stock up on frozen fruits and veggies for smoothies and stews. They are awesome. These toasted coconut pancakes are downright delicious — and all you have to do is add water!

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Spread some butter on a sizzling griddle, pour the batter over the pan, and you will have fluffy toasted coconut pancakes with a perfect crust on the outside. This is a fresh staple item that makes adding flavor to any dish extremely simple! Their body butter is rich and ultra soothing. In the fall, make sure to scoop up some of their popular Pumpkin Body Butter, which is only available seasonally. What do you have to lose! The thin Ginger snap cookies with pieces of real ginger are incredible!

Where to begin…shredded Parmesan cheese, white cheddar puffs, organic foursome frozen veggies, green tea mints at register, garlic dip, frozen brown organic rice, Balsamic salad dressing are just to name a few. Love this place! The fresh flowers, the seasonal goodies which are always so delicious and the samples!

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So lucky to have one within a mile from my home! I had to stop buying the white cheddar puffs because I could easily put away an entire bag over the course of a day…. Individual pouches of guacamole.

healthy college grocery haul // trader joe's!

Frozen breaded chicken tenderloins — awesome on salads or just plain — my kids love them. So many inexpensive organic options — allows us to eat mostly organic without breaking the bank. I also love their lite mozzarella cheese and their cauliflower pizza crust in the freezer section. I love their beauty products especially the body butter which I have been using it for years. I love the organic coffee beans, wantons and dumplings. I always get their cheese puffs and milk dunkers for my children. Just off the top of my head…Mango and peach yogurt my picky eaters, husband and kids love it , Gouda cheese, candied ginger real ginger that tastes like candy, good for nausea too , golden raisins and all sorts of seeds, such as raw pumpkin seeds shelled , dried shredded coconut no sugar added.

We are obsessed. So many things…. Wonderful for soups and cooking. I love their horseradish aioli. Thank you! It is definitely worth the drive but I suggest you maybe write down some of the items people suggested because things are sometimes hard to find in the store. However, you can always ask staff to help you. Another tip I know about TJ is you can sample anything to see if you like the taste of it before buying it. I have never done it because I always just take my chances.

I am going today to show my daughter what I use to buy when I lived in So. The banana chips and the ginger snaps and candy bring so many memories. Thanks Hip2save. One is their soy chorizo. Also love the vegan kale pesto and their store brand of extra firm tofu. Another favorite is the tiny avocados they carry. Oh, also, they have the best prices on pine nuts. You can even buy them already toasted, which is so awesome! Also their chocolate covered frozen strawberries. So good! My absolute favorite are their soaps, olive oil and lavendar triple milled soaps are the best!

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I feel so fancy when I use them and they leave you smelling so fresh and skin so soft. In the flower dept. I was disappointed with their chocolate covered frozen strawberries. There were so few in the box! The Lavender Salt Scrub is great. I also go there for greeting cards. The chili.

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We totally love the chocolate croissants freezer section. When you eat them warm out of your own oven they are better than ones you can get in france!!! I just read through many of the comments here looking for this sort of info as I am quite distant from a TJs. I was wondering if there are any other Aldi comparables?

Wonder what the best Trader Joe’s gotta-have-it items are?

Definitely the flowers. More identifiable white meat, fewer odd chewy chunks. We do not have a TJ where we live so every time we are in a town with one closet is 3 hours we always buy about 20 taco seasoning packets. Use half a package with a can of rotel —add to chicken and steak and instant fijitas!!! Never any leftovers!!! I love their chocolate drizzled popcorn, dark chocolate almonds, and so much more!!! Snopes and the Snopes. Claim All Trader Joe's grocery stores will be closed by Rating False About this rating. Origin On 31 March , Yahoo! News was pranked by one of their partners: By Dan Evon.

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