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Do you guys get to use your coupons at self check out, or do you have to give them to the attendant? I used self checkout on Tuesday since the regular lines were moving sooooo slow and at the end of my transaction, it told me I had to give them to an attendant. The cashier was right there, and when she scanned them with her wireless scanner, I was able to see on my screen what coupons had been scanned, but it would be really annoying to keep doing self checkout and then not have an attendant for my coupons.

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Just wondering how the other stores do it to see if mine will eventually change. I only use the self checkout and I use it at night around 11pm. The cashiers are usually really nice and on an occasion, they will put my register in manager mode and let me scan the coupons myself.

Did I mention that I love using the self checkout????? I like chit chatting with the cashiers anyway. Central Area Kroger Shopper To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 15 or greater. In my Kroger,they don't take two IP qs for same product.. I don't know why they say like this.. At one of my Krogers I can scan my own coupons at the self checkout and then just hand them to the attendent.

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Yep at my store you just scan them yourself I would rather use self- checkout. The really nasty cashiers are usually in the regular lanes. I always do the self-checkout Just make sure that you give the coupons to the attendant, and watch as they are taken off. That Mega sale is great! When they start paying me to use their self check out.. Our stores require giving the coupons to an attendant, but the system pages them on their little wireless scanner so even if they aren't right there, they generally come quickly.

I think it's a little unfair to expect the attendant to be asking you for your coupons - they have multiple lanes to watch, customers to assist who don't understand that you have to put each item in the bag after you scan it, and other store tasks to do if there is any down time. Last edited by lflion; at I'd rather not have to deal with customer service to correct overcharges Same here, I just wish our store would let me scan my own coupons like that, instead I count my coupons before I hand them over and stand there an count them off as they scan them, I have caught them missing some, but the regular registers go way too fast for me to keep track and make sure the prices are right.

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I'm addicted to coupons! I like the self checkout here, only had one problem with a cashier but it wasn't anything major. I like using the self checkout when I want to use coupons before using my Kroger card. I don't usually use the self-checkout when I have coupons.

I did use it the other day and had my first bad experience with a cashier. Why don't you hand them all to me at once? I tear up when I'm embarrassed and said "How am I supposed to know that? I had used regular coupons before though I was so embarrassed I haven't been back since My Biggest Savings Ever: Wife to Fitzroy To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 15 or greater.

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience Mommy2twoboys. Some cashiers just don't understand why us couponers use so many coupons. If they only knew how much money we saved on our food bills. The lady could have found a nicer way to ask for all the CATs at once rather than yelling in the middle of the store.

RE: Using coupons at self checkout

Manners escapes some people at times. I wouldn't let this lady prevent you from doing your coupon thing. There are nice cashiers out there. Unfortunately, we have to go through the rude ones from time to time. Just chalk this trip up as "a bad day at work.

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You do get a lot of idiots, and a lot of rude customers, but what I've found is that I usually have one of my nice regulars come in right after they leave to cheer me up. Back when I used to work the closing shift though, it was a complete nightmare. Drunk people coming in and throwing tantrums, all the young people getting upset about me asking for ID and not understanding why I won't sell them alcohol when they've just told me that their friend standing next to them is under Not to mention that everyone who has ever worked the closing shift at my store has been harassed by customers who would throw tantrums, go around throwing and breaking stuff, and refuse to leave the store, yet our store has no security.

It's why I refuse to ever work that shift again. We do have a lady right now who chooses to work closing shifts 5 nights a week so that she can get consistent hours, but no one else in the store wants to work it. Our CSM basically just has to figure out who will complain the least if they're stuck working that shift. Though right now since we just had two people quit, they don't even really have enough people to have someone do the whole closing shift. Last week, it was split up between 3 people, with me having the 12am - 1am part since I work night shift on my other days.

The person I took over for only had less than 2 hours over there that night as well. There shouldn't be a skip bagging button. On days when I've been super bored, I've tallied up the numbers of customers who press it. One of the worst things about self checkout is that it isn't supposed to be hard. It generally tells you what to do in plain English or Spanish.

Lately, I've started coming over and reading the screen to the customers who just can't get it. It's amazing that the country even works at all. I do hate them, but it makes me furious when they come through self checkout. I'm a hardcore coupon Nazi. It pisses me off so much when they bring self checkout to a grinding halt, so I always triple check the coupons, check brand, minimum sizes and quantities, and drag it out as long as I possibly can.

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Getting cigarettes, change, ice, whatever I can. And I always rip up abandoned Catalina coupons and receipts. Self checkout doesn't necessarily take jobs. I think it's more about getting more checkout capacity for the space. And they aren't good jobs anyways. As a new hire, if you are cashiering past drinking age, it means you have made some serious life mistakes. What's really been bugging me lately is that they've been getting on me to pull customers out of line and take them to SCO.

It's simply not practical. This is so old, but Im reviving it anyway. Whoever you are, I hope youve managed to find something in life that makes you happy in the past few years. Maybe you should start couponing, Im assuming as a Kroger cashier youre pretty broke.

Using Coupons At Self Checkout

Maybe saving some money will allow you to buy yourself something to give you a little joy. They won't work with my school schedule, so it's been very frustrating and expensive, and my GPA is awful. Couponing is tough these days. We've had to change policy due to profound coupon abuse. One of the things about extreme couponing also known as coupon fraud is that you don't really have much product choice.

Let's say I could still get deodorant for a nickle. It's a completely ineffective brand in a scent I don't like. How many should I buy? You're not wrong about being broke. Due to car repairs, I'm not actually making any money this month. And then I still have Christmas shopping. As a couponer, you pissed me off at first, but now I just feel bad for you. You seem pretty miserable and jaded overall. I walked into the store with four paper coupons for those items and was within every arbitrary guideline.

When I first started cashiers like you really bothered me and sometimes stopped me, but now I just realize your issues are less to do with me and more about yourself.

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Its not even something I do out of necessity, Im very fortunate in that regard. It is, however, amazing for my anxiety and its an easy way to help out my family who arent as fortunate as I am without making them feel like a charity case. It's these "extreme couponers" that are the sole reason I will never be a cashier again! When it takes an hour or more to do an order because they insist they have the right product when it clearly isn't, the coupons are clearly fake usually tell me it's a facebook thing - we don't take those , they have more coupons than what they are trying to buy no I will not ring up 12 coupons for 10 items, will not let me , and just in general do everything to try to get it all for free.

These are the kind of people who complain to management just to get a gift card! Start A New Topic Reply. TL;DR How do you feel about self checkout? How is everyone so dumb? I prefer the Spanish voice.. Would you like fries with th