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While it might not look like much, this vacuum's innovative technology means it has a Computer Control System that optimises performance by making sure the brush is always at the correct height for cleaning. But you're certainly paying for its excellence. As well as Vortex technology, this vacuum also has a EPA2 lifetime filter, which apparently means that up to Once again though, you will pay a premium for the privilidge. While it may be the most expensive vacuum cleaner you've ever set your eyes on, it could also be the best.

As well as being able to control it remotely by either your phone app or your Amazon Alexa, this is surely one of the most self-sufficient vacuum we've ever seen. Navigating its way through obstacles to leave your floor clean, you literally don't need to lift a finger for your floor to be spotless.

The only downside? Apart from the price, the suction could also use a little work. Another robotic number, the Neato boasts a lot more suction power than the Roomba, even able to clean up big clumps of pet hair, meaning not only is it super clever, but it can actually clean better than us too. But just like the Roomba, the Neato Botvac connected also comes with its flaws, with its height potentially being a nuisance for some houses and sofas, and while it can tackle pet hair, cables left out can be a problem, with the Neato sometime sucking them up alongside the dirt.

Aiming to provide the same famous experience as Dyson's other, much larger vacuum cleaners but in a smaller, more portable and most importantly - cordless - body, this vacuum boasts a 20 minute battery life and is lightweight enough for most people to use with one hand for a quick clean around.

Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners in 2019 - WHICH IS THE BEST ONE?

Cleaning just as well as cordless variants, this is a hugely versatile piece of household equipment, but don't splash out on it if you're after a solid device that can completely transform a five-bedroom house. Money Analysis. By Molly Holt. You'll be spending a lot of time with your new vacuum so make sure you pick wisely Image: Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Read More Best home appliances. Follow MirrorMoney. Subscribe to our Money newsletter Enter email Subscribe.

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Shopping advice Best vacuum cleaners for Top brands like Dyson and Shark have some very impressive features. Tech deals Best refurbished laptops deals for If you need to upgrade your old computer on a budget, here is our guide to the best refurbished laptop from Apple, HP, Microsoft, Dell and more. Most Read Most Recent. EastEnders EastEnders spoilers for next week - pregnancy bombshell and shock 'death' revelation From baby shocks to disturbing mystery phone calls, it's all going on in EastEnders next week.

Then I saw the Shark infomercial. They always have such clever designs but their cordless vac reviews are so bad, I had to check reviews online before I bought this. They clearly are much better at making plug-in vacs over cordless re-chargeables because this one is a keeper! It makes vacuuming kinda fun: Only 1 left in stock - order soon. I was somewhat skeptical since I tend to gravitate toward reading the 1- and 2-star ratings first, propelling myself into a state of doubt over even the most minor purchases. I was looking for something to replace a heavy, somewhat useless Hoover upright purchased in and an older model Shark that's no longer sold as far as I can tell.

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The Hoover was on the way out the door for a variety of reasons but primarily due to it's weight and the fact that it didn't really suck much up. The older Shark was okay but wasn't powerful enough and it was a pain to detach the handheld part awkward to get off the main frame. It also didn't have a powered head Only 4 left in stock - order soon.

I love this vacuum. It is so easy to use. I have a large dog that sheds heavily and laminate flooring. I felt as though I was constantly chasing pet hair and no amount of sweeping, swiffering, and mopping even came close to eliminating it. The tools make it easy to clean under furniture as well as appliances. The floor light illuminated the hair you never even knew was there just before this incredible vacuum eradicates it. Area rugs, no problem. Carpet no problem.

Pet hair,victory. If this vacuum holds up I am a customer for life!! I own all three versions of the Navigator, including this one. I am not a professional reviewer, and neither I nor anyone in my family has any connection to anyone in the vacuum cleaner industry. I really like the new Lift Away Pro. For about one-third the cost of a Dyson, you get virtually the same performance. Dyson still has an advantage in the quality of the engineering and materials used, but Shark is catching up.

You can buy about 3 Lift Away Pros for the cost of one upright Dyson. Cleaning performance is comparable I have 3 Dysons, so I know. If you have never used a vacuum with suction this good, you are going to be appalled at how much dirt comes Best vacuum I have ever gotten, and I am extremely tough on vacuums! Dog hair everywhere and going through kitchen renovation which makes a mess out of the rest of the house. This quickly and easily picks up more than one would expect, and is the first vacuum I have found that actually works on wood floors in addition to variety of pile carpet.

Suction extremely strong, can't use on throw rug even when I adjust it which is a handy option for most things.

Amazon has 3 different top-rated Shark vacuums on sale at deep discounts, today only

While small works well enough that I no longer have to go over floors twice. Fantastic swivel, extremely lightweight.

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Very easy to clean filters, so I hope this lasts a long time because I love it - only had a few months so far but shows evidence of being very durable. In stock. In my younger days, I cleaned houses for a living. I loved my Eureka upright and no one could tell me anything different. Hoover - forget it!

Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

The pound Kirby - not a chance! My love for Eureka knew no bounds. I could even repair it myself, changing bags, or belts, no worries! Until one sad day, it broke and I couldn't fix it. Time to go to Amazon and see what is out there. I kind of liked the Shark. Came home, read all the reviews on Amazon I am in love with Amazon and Prime, just saying. Picked this one. Waited for it to arrive. Put it together, not hard, didn't even need help from hubby, Norman.

I vacuumed my house, up down, all over. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. John the Midwest USA. I queried my rather large group of Facebook friends for recommendations for a new vacuum, and the Shark was by far the most recommended. On the first day I did a wood floor and two carpeted rooms, and you can see from the photo how much dust and pet hair was in the container. I was appalled but satisfied I'd chosen well and taken good advice.

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For the price, this is the best vacuum I've owned since I went through two Rainbos when my four kids were little. The carpet in my bedroom needs replaced, but even it looks better. The thick newer carpet in my family room looks great after only one day. I haven't even used the attachments yet, but I already know I've made a good selection with the model.

I highly recommend this Maxon Texas, USA. There are so many SharkNinja vacuums on the market that it can be hard to determine which one is the right one. This Rocket Complete makes my forth SharkNinja vacuum. The motor and dust cup are too heavy at the top of the handle for the base to support it. That said, thankfully, SharkNinja was smart enough to include a hanger bracket for storing. But of course, that means drilling into your wall.

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Ultimately, this Rocket Complete relates more to the Dyson Absolute I've used several canister and upright vacuums over the years. When you maintain a household for 40 years, you use up a few of them.

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  • The rotator feature makes it easy to turn it into tight spaces or straight areas like furniture and walls. The container means you don't have to buy or run out of bags. The power cord is longer than most uprights I've used.