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Example 3: The tax and amount due from the customer are computed as follows: Certain loyalty cards allow a purchaser to accumulate points for future discounts. Some cards earn free merchandise, while others offer discount coupons that are mailed to customers. The taxability of these future discounts also depends on whether or not the seller receives reimbursement from a third party, such as a manufacturer:. Example 4: The cardholder has accumulated enough points to have earned a free sandwich. Occasionally a store offers a loyalty card incentive that allows for discounts on purchases from third-party sellers.

This is because the third-party seller is still receiving the full selling price for its product, part from the customer and the balance from the card issuer.

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Example 5: Customers receive the discount on gas by swiping their supermarket loyalty card at the gas station pump. The supermarket chain reimburses the gas station for the amount of the discount given to the customer. As a result, the gas station must collect sales tax from the purchaser based on the full selling price. The state tax would be collected on a cents-per-gallon basis and the local tax on either a cents per-gallon basis or at a percentage rate, depending on the locality where the sale takes place.

As a result, the sales tax must be computed on the full price of the item, not the discounted price. However, when using a loyalty card at checkout, it may not be clear to a customer what type of discount applies.


If the seller fails to properly disclose to the customer that the discount given is a manufacturer's discount:. To avoid this liability for sales tax due on the amount of a manufacturer's discount, a seller must advise its customers that some loyalty card discounts are manufacturer's discounts, while others are store discounts. To do this, a seller should:. The type of discount given on the purchase of an item will be indicated on your receipt.

A manufacturer's or other third-party discount will be designated as Manufacturer's or Mfr. A Tax Bulletin is an informational document designed to provide general guidance in simplified language on a topic of interest to taxpayers. It is accurate as of the date issued. However, taxpayers should be aware that subsequent changes in the Tax Law or its interpretation may affect the accuracy of a Tax Bulletin.

The information provided in this document does not cover every situation and is not intended to replace the law or change its meaning. Skip universal navigation. September 29, Introduction Many businesses use loyalty cards to offer incentives to frequent customers. This bulletin explains: Types of loyalty card discounts Drug stores, grocery stores, and other retail establishments often offer discounts on items in their stores if the customer provides the cashier with a loyalty card at the time of checkout.

Manufacturer's discounts Manufacturer's discount means the manufacturer of an item reimburses the store for selling the item at a discount. Remember that coupons expire, usually in about a month, so go through your collection every once in a while and toss the old ones. I could go on and on about the various ways you can arrange your coupons to get better deals.

There are infinite ways to find your way around paying full price for anything, if you set your mind to it. When in doubt, visit TheKrazyCouponLady for advice. She is a couponing ninja, and has managed to stay fabulous through it all. As a performer, my income is sporadic and usually small, and couponing has been my answer. She likes puppies more than most people, loves to travel, and is a constant nomad.

Have you ever tried couponing? What strategies do you recommend? Get the full checklist of NYC savings strategies delivered straight to your inbox! Check your email to download your freebie. Definitely a good point Addison- a lot of coupons tend to be for carb-y sugar-y items, but I find that SQ store coupons tend to have some good deals on fresh fruits and vegis. I especially like the coupons that are attached to the product at the grocery store.

Thanks for reading Michelle! Great guide to couponing! It saves me from having to take trips to Target just to get this or that. Keep up the good work! Nice post Sarah. But the way you explain it, most of that work is upfront. Perhaps I just give up too soon and never get it working like the well-oiled machine you describe. Thanks Mike!

This post is funny, full of information and the process is explained in a reader friendly way. I absolutely love it! God knows we can use all the help we can get to make it in this city. Great guide and great tips. Although I will say that I prefer the online way more than anything else. Awesome post. I have definitely wanted to become more of a couponer; however, I realize that my biggest issue is in the organization factor. I am not good at tracking and keeping up with coupons, and I typically end up realizing I have them right after they have expired.

Instead I just try to spend less as much as possible.

Tax Bulletin ST-145 (TB-ST-145)

That way I keep being reminded to use it before it expires! Thanks for reading, Shannon! Thank you, Sarah. You have shared your couponing products with me and I was truly amazed at the savings and the quality of the products!

I am on an extremely tight buget and I know that couponing will help me stick to it! Thank you for reminding me that the footwork will pay off big in the long run! Yep my wife and I coupon quite a bit. She does most of the work now and we usually save a decent amount each week. It really adds up when you start talking in terms of months and years. We organize our coupons in Excel in a coupon database that I created. I applaud your work ethic, DC! Wow, what a great couponing primer! I just make my grocery list and search through some online couponing sites or manufacturer websites before hitting the store.

Thanks Mel! These promotions change weekly, so keep an eye out for them! Searching online for coupons before a shopping trip is a great start though!

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Way to coupon! I have never done any couponing, but would like to some day. I did watch some of the extreme couponing on television before and was very surprise of how much groceries people were getting and paying. I love The Krazy Coupon Lady website, read her book and love it too. So I printed two coupons from coupons. I liked it, I wanted to get one for my bf so he could try it, and got another iced coffee for free for my bf with my Register Rewards coupon.

I still had one more coupon to use, went back to Walgreens and used the coupon, got it for free again, and it printed a register rewards. I used that register rewards on yet another iced coffee. Coupons can be a good way save on products a household needs or to try new products for free or cheap. People think coupons are low finance but they become high finance when you use them correctly.

A journalist for the Wall Street Journal said they are worthwhile. I try not to use paper coupons. I signed up for store loyalty cards at stores I actually shop at, downloaded their apps on my smartphone and once you login to the apps, add coupons digitally to your store cards. Coupons have afforded me not only necessities but the ability to do things I enjoy. I have even couponed at Whole Foods. Couponing can be whatever you want it to be, you can coupon as little or as much as you want. I too feel passionate about this subject, Lila! Kudos to you for making couponing your own with digital coupons, and for branching out to try new products!

Only the best, living it up with my name brands and coupons! When I couponed in London in a small space, I stocked up on products I used on a regular basis. Cereals, frozen pizza, yogurts.. There are also lots of coupons for arts and cultural events that can save you a lot of money.

In Paris there was a booth for under 25 with free theatre vouchers for the same night so we often went when we had no plans and wanted to go out for free. Absolutely, Pauline! There are coupons for everything, if you know where to look! I know I would have lived at place like that Paris theatre ticket booth, if I had been anywhere near it! My mother was a grocery flyer maven and always spent time each week clipping the coupons and saving money in the process.

At 76 years of age, mom still looks at the flyers each week and cuts her coupons as needed. Thanks for this post Sarah! Thanks for reading, Kassandra!

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  • I hope I can keep it up to become a couponing maven like your mother someday! I feel like we talked about this a little bit, but I coupon at CVS for toiletries and stuff. I imagine it would be really hard to coupon in New York, so kudos to you! I love couponing at CVS! Thanks for the vote of confidence! Thanks for the great article, Sarah! One question though: Do you have any suggestions for finding promo codes and the like for online shopping? Charlie- you are wonderful. Thank you for reading and commenting. Not struggling with that stuff is totally great as well- and online shopping is a great resource for that.

    Good luck Charlie! Those seem to turn up all the time.

    Bill would ban tobacco discounts, coupons in New York

    I wish there were more coupons for fresh things, but whatever you can save is more money in your pocket. When I have clipped coupons in the past, I had forgotten about them and then they expired. Couponing is a great idea. Stop and Shop is literally the only store in the NYC area that I know of that doubles coupons, and the notion of a triple coupon day sounds like the most magical thing in the world. Good luck! The flyer has noted when the sale item also has a coupon in the Sunday paper. Another storage option is under the bed.

    The tops of the boxes that reams of paper come in, or similar sized shallow boxes, make good trays for stock ups on sale items and they can slide under the bed. Great article, thanks! I just try to shop sales instead for the most part. Anyone can save dollars with coupons, the only thing is to weed out only the things you will use or eat.

    I saw an extreme couponer get 80 boxes of brownie mix and momentos candy, seriously who would eat all that stuff. Pretty Sweet. I totally agree EL. Keep it healthy and smart! Plus, who needs 80 boxes of brownie mix? Love these tips! And also like the idea of couponing for later, not now. I often find myself in a crunch for things when I run out shampoo! I love having a small stockpile, because getting caught without toilet paper is just about the worst thing in the world.

    Thanks for reading, Jess! Great post and very detailed. I actually do not buy anything without first checking to see if a coupon applies. I can probably do more but as Jersey bred guy who also lived in Manhattan once — time is money. This is great couponing advice. As with most things in my financial life, I try to make things simple but try to get the most bang for my buck.

    There are some great sites that do the legwork for you and check if there are any sunday coupons for the stuff on sale at CVS for example. So I just cut the coupon, and get the sale. Thanks Syed!

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    Great story! This is similar to what happened to me and my wife. We had accumulated a stockpile of free or almost free food. It was awesome to be able to do that. I sure appreciate couponing even more now, having come out on the other side of leaner times! Keep up the good couponing Kalen! Great article Sarah! I have a friend who is also good at couponing.

    I wish I had the time to try it! God knows I need the extra money now that Brianna is going to college!!! Thank you Sarah for this great article. Be sure to catch […]. I coupon some may say extreme-ly. I do what I can to avoid frivolous spending — cabs, expensive […].