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Clearly that's no many of possibilities in Belgium to find a great mobile contract. You have unlimited calls to all others companies. Greetings Charles. The best for internet is Proximus Generation Connect. It offers 4G speed in the big cities for a pre paid of 20euro's. It works the same as Mobile Vikings.

Speeds are up to 30 times faster than the Base MV network and it's faster than most wifi spots available.

Prepaid SIM Card Belgium: Best Value for Mobile & Data Plan Comparison

At this moment I've got a monthly subscription called Proximus Smart Unlimited sms to all networks in Belgium and 1,5 GB for internet traffic. For calling abroad I can recommend Lyca Mobile. You can get their simcards in every night shop in the big cities. I came last week only to Brussels and my relocation consultant ordered smart 35 proximus.

Getting a mobile phone in Belgium

I do have an unlocked phone from US and was wondering that how does this smart 35 works? Is there any contract with it and for how long? Also, I am planning to move from temporary residence in months, so, can I bundle this smart 35 with internet too? Right now, I am living in temp residence which provides internet too. Hi, I will be moving to Brussels in a couple of months. I am looking for a good deal on a cell phone plan.

Since I will only be living there for six months, I'm looking for a cheap, month-to-month deal. My apartment fees will include wifi, so lots of data is not a major concern for me. However, reasonably priced long-distance options would be nice! Any suggestions? So far, Base's month-to-month plans look alright. Also, I would like to use my current smartphone overseas. I also have a blackberry curve that I could get unlocked.

Choose the mobile plan based upon your needs

Best, Kay. Cheap long distance calls? Best bet is Ortel, they have the market on that. You can get monthly plans or just go pre pay..

I think if you have wifi and stuff already you should also look into Skype minutes or the likes of Whatsapp for your smartphone. Thanks so much for the tip! How much are their monthly plans? By continuing to browse our site, you are agreeing to our cookie policy. If you wish to know more, please consult our Cookie Policy. Make sure that you have access to this email address before you request to receive a verification message.

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Mobile phone plans? Member since 27 February Member since 25 January Member since 04 February Member since 26 September Mons, Belgium. The best plan I've found is with Mobile Vikings, its best for data, not so great for voice mins. Member since 11 March Member since 17 March Member since 08 March Member since 27 June Luckily, the mobile network in Belgium is excellent and you have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a mobile operator.

There are quite some different mobile operators on the market and it is important to know who is who, and what are the rates of the contract before engaging in this long-term commitment.

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Go directly to: Prepaid SIM Card 2. Roaming in Belgium 3. Scarlet 4. If you are planning to stay a year or longer in Belgium, it would be smart to acquire a contract. The longer your contract, the less you must pay and the better the contract conditions in will be. We have compared all mobile operators in Belgium and have listed the best mobile operators in Belgium for you below.

We have only selected the Belgian mobile operators that offer transparent contract abonnement in Belgian to expats and foreigners. The EU introduced in new rules for roaming within the EU. This is great news and this rule is intended for people who visit a country for a holiday.

It is not meant to be used for permanent roaming. We strongly advice against roaming for a longer period in Belgium. You can get a big fine if you get caught or you must pay the roaming charges. What are the best mobile operators in Belgium? And, which of them offers the best mobile network coverage? We have listed below the most frequently used mobile internet providers in Belgium. We have assessed the mobile operators on 4 criteria: Do they offer cheap and transparent contracts?

Do offer prepaid SIM cards?

Which is the Best Prepaid SIM Card Plan for Mobile Calls and Data?

Do they offer SIM only contracts? Is it possible to terminate the SIM only contract after 1 year? This will make it better understandable and easier for you to make the right decision!