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Also, might be something to hand over to the kids if you do decide to go ahead and upgrade.

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Anything that might get the kids involved, I would consider great! Thanks for posting about this.

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I own a s White detector that uses 14 AA batteries and doesn't detect all that great. I picked up the HF detector today for But that's not what it's all about Larry, what model White's detector do you have? My old detector was the White TW3 made for sears: I never used it very much and it's just collecting dust. I haven't taken the HF detector out of the box yet. I recently had my shingled roof tore off and replaced and am going to use the new detector to do a final check for nails around my house.

I have found about so far with a large magnet on wheels but want to be assured I have found them all. I'll give a thorough review after I've tried it out! At any rate, it made my kids excited when I brought it home.

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Let us know about your experiences with it: I might get one of those next time I'm in Buffalo. I was able to unbox and play around with the HF detector in my back yard for a good hour the other night. The discrimination seemed to dial in just as good as my old s detector, and I was able to discriminate out trash, nickels, etc, via an "air test". I got a freebie type. That's about as long as a short sword, but the point is wp.

They even tell me it stinks.

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I told them to keep it. So they sent me two. I still have them in the box but actually might give one a try. This ones the Vmax or something. If it works half way decent I'll use it till Garrett pinpointer comes. A good one "really" helps cut down search time in the whole. Which is the HF?

Didn't know they had one.

Welcome to Reddit,

I'll check out vid. Ohhh it's Harbor Freight. I'll check out the vid. I know I can get Garrett pro for But if I can save The handheld pinpointer did about 1. I took them out for about 1 hour and had to learn that even with the discrimination on I would still hear a short burst tone on nails and bottle caps. The short tone would disappear on nails and bottle caps if turned the discriminator up very high.

Harbor Freight, BH Tracker IV, Pinpointer and Axe Handles

It also took me a few targets before I could figure out how to tell how deep a target was. I won't be replacing my main detector but I would feel confident loaning it to a newbie or using it as a backup. Here is the links for Harbor Freight and my photos of my air test and what I dug this afternoon.

It would detect a pennies and dimes to a bit over 1. It was loud enough to hear even with headphones but you have to hold the red button on to use and I had to adjust the sensitivity a number of times as I used it.

I used that pinpointer for a long time before getting the Garrett propointer. It is a totally usable pinpointer that I recommend to anybody looking for a budget alternative. It's pretty common for the push button to wear out.

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  8. I replaced mine with a toggle switch and it works great, plus you don't have to hold the button anymore to keep it on, which is nice. I like mine, it's pretty easy to use once you figure out how it works, the manual was not great at explaining it, but once I watched a few youtubes on people using that model and going out and digging myself it wasn't too bad. It's really about listening to and learning the tones.

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