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I think I may give it a try at other places because the pain is really too much for me to bear. However I would like to ask if there are any addition charges to the package you bought on groupon? And when they said unlimited lifetime session is it true? There are no additional charges. I cannot remember exactly about the IPL unlimited lifetime.

Ginza Calla IPL Treatment Plaza Singapura Review

Usually they will allow 1 session every 2 months. And I think you may have to finish the sessions in 2 years or something. I am not too clear about that, so sorry! This dress is already sold out but there is a similar one of the same cutting here: I am contemplating to purchase this offer on top of the one that i have with Musee. I would say that Musee is not painful at all.

Ginza Calla | Beauty Treatment & Spa | Beauty & Wellness | Plaza Singapura

But as I am done with 12 sessions, i can only make an appointment once every 3 months, so i am thinking of getting this Ginza Calla offer. They did apply gel on my skin before administering the shots. However, I still felt quite a bit of pain. This was the same for my sister and my friend as well. So I am unsure if it is their machine, or it is our problem.

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My sister went for her second appointment last month and said it was still painful. Omg you are so right about the pain. The v-line IPL pain was even worse. It felt like electric sparks.

I feel the title is pretty misleading. Anybody expecting a full brazilian is going to be disappointed. Yes the V-line IPL did feel like electric sparks!!! Good to know that we are not alone in this. I guess maybe I should consider Regina! I just went for my treatment today, it was my third treatment. But this time it was soooo painful. Thank you so much for your blog post! Regina AM — Painless, relatively easy to book appointment. Very, very hard to book appointment. Datsumo Labo Orchid Hotel — Painless, no hardsell. Dont like their company policy. Relatively hard to book appointment.

They told me that Groupon holders will use their old machine which is painful, was told to upgrade to their other packages to use their new machine which is supposing less painful. Tried new machine on v line but was painful too. Strip AM — Hygienic shaver was disposable type and relatively easy to book appointment. Super ex. Jean Yip Outram — Painless. Hardsell their packages.


Keep asking me to top up say that my skin is dry. After doing 4x, no significant results. I personally prefer Musee than Regina. Musee also does not hardsell and their staff are friendly. Both are painless. Actually the pain level is the level of voltage they set on the machine. If you want less pain then its less effective. I heard Regina and Musee are both not as painful as Ginza Calla.

Ginza Calla Review – Unlimited Sessions Of Premium Quality IPL Hair Removal

Hope Musee has been working well for you so far! It did hurt yes, but it was bearable. My outlet was at Dhoby Ghaut.

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Hope this helps! Yes I think it does depend on individual tolerance after all!

Hair-Free Is Care-Free With Ginza Calla

Though I think quite a few people have left comments about feeling the extreme pain, maybe we all have thick hair hahah. Hi there, i actually just got out of a consultation at Ginza Calla. I bought the same groupon deal which includes 3 brazillian sessions and a lifetime for underarm IPL. She said the results would be better. Chanced upon your blog in an attempt to find out if there realy is a difference between the old and new machine. Would appreciate it if you could share with me if you had used the old or the new machine for your treatments. I tried both the new and old machine today.

The old machine was painful!! But the new one was completely painless.. First few sessions was quite painful but after that it became bearable.. But i stopped going because my package has ended and now my private area started growing again. Feels like the past 12 mths is wasted lol.. Hi Thanks for your review! Wished i saw your post before I went for my 1st treatment! And YES it was very painful! I also bought the treatment from groupon.

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