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However, Amazon may prove to be a more convenient way for you to shop all on one site. Amazon Prime members can also take advantage of free next day delivery and have a minute head start on any Lightning Deals which may pop up throughout the day. Savings are against list prices. You also get end-to-end parcel tracking and there is the option to use PayPal. Savings are quoted Vs. Ebay also has some Black Friday photo deals but, as always, check the reputation of all third-party sellers before you buy. Keep an eye on my Forbes page for more Black Friday camera and photography deals as I will be adding more as they arrive.

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GoPro Hero6 Black Vs. Hero5 Black: What's The Difference? My passion is photography and the ever-changing hardware and software that creates it, be it traditional cameras and Photoshop or smartphones and tablets with their numerous apps. They then offered to either take the whole kit back for a full refund OR they would purchase the hood from a third-party of my choice.

I looked online but could not find the OEM hood and I didn't like the third-party options. Then I got another idea. I don't typically use lens hoods. I protect my lenses with filters. They didn't hesitate. It's on its way right now. That's how you do customer service! I have all the proof of return as well as a documented call in which they agreed the phone was the wrong phone for the USA and that they'd accept the return and refund my money. That has not happened and it's 4 months after the return. I'm quite shocked being a commercial advertising photographer who has bought from them before and find this extremely dishonest, despicable and totally bad business.

I ordered a 65" TV Sony 65xf and unfortunately had to cancel immediately due to them playing games with the price.

MacBook Air (silver, 2017) for $869 (save $130)

I was quoted a price on the phone and was charged more. After getting the confirmation email I called to correct the discrepancy and despite spending an hour speaking to customer service and sales, the mistake wasn't corrected. Shame, because they use to be a reputable company Ten minutes later I ordered the same TV with another company for much less money.

Lied about estimated shipping times, website slow and difficult to navigate. There is currently 10 processing charges in my bank account. Order was difficult to cancel, will never use again and neither should you. First time buying from this company, and I had high hopes of good service since they're a well-known store.

B&H Offers Massive Photography Deals Ahead of Black Friday

I should've read more about them. Apparently, they're good at everything else, except shipping their product on time. The next day, no package. Checked FedEx tracking, it's estimated to arrive the following day. So, I pretty much burned money for no reason. Amazon had better shipping service, even eBay private sellers do it better! No one from their immaculate "customer service" tried to even contact me about this blatant mistake on their end. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

Great service! Always prompt, and great inventory of products, even for a traditional Black and White film buff like me. Film, paper, framing, matting, and mounting supplies, etc. They deliver promptly and are always helpful with questions I might have. His voice announced by its timbre and modulation that I was somehow interrupting his lunch break or whatever, simply by having the guts to intrude with a product inquiry.

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I have been using a Nikon D and wanted to try the mirrorless full frame camera. The Sony A7II is amazing even with the kit lens. It captures color so accurately and feels great in the hand. Much easier to deal with than the Nikon, which was a very nice camera. I have not tried the adapters to use my Nikon lenses yet, but plan to down the road. Of course, they will have a crop factor, so I may just sell the old lenses and buy either new or refurbished ones after I have had time to learn the ins and outs of the Sony.

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I use them for most electronic items and have been totally satisfied with their prices and their customer service. Over the holidays, I ordered two Apple computers, in a total of 4 orders.

20 Best B&H Photo Black Friday Deals:

The chat representative was arrogant and my subsequent inquiries to customer service were shuffled around, with no one taking a second look or even knowing what the issues were. No apparent ability to track problems from start to finish through their system and not enough interest on behalf of their customer. I am left with the conclusion the company simply does not care. Cannot recommend and will not shop here again.

Good recommendations for accessories for each item. I was shocked when the item was shipped via FedEx with an estimated delivery date 6 days out. I requested a return since the day had passed when I needed the item and now I no longer needed it because I had to purchase a similar item locally. I again contacted them, explained that I was not responsible for paying for their error since their offer included the free next day delivery to which they responded that the offer included "Expedited" shipping which they fulfilled. My response to them also included a screenshot of the ad showing the "Free Next Day Delivery" promise which they must not have noticed.

I responded, once again, my blood boiling, emphasizing the Free Next Day Delivery screenshot which I once again attached to the email. They must have realized that they were caught in their lie and finally sent a prepaid shipping label. I was so irate with the way I was treated and the lying tactics that they used that I told them that at that point I would just keep the item and relieve my frustrations by writing reviews on their unethical behavior. I wish I had read reviews before purchasing. This company is unethical.

It has a deceptive return policy. I bought an Apple laptop computer on a Black Friday sale, and did so based on online information. I was not able to get into an actual Apple store. When I received my Apple laptop, I opened the shipping carton. I wanted to see how heavy the product was as I needed a small lightweight computer. The computer itself was inside another shipping box, which was definitely NOT from the manufacturer. It clearly was not in a manufacturer's box. In fact, based on the return address label.

It appeared to be from a different distributor Nowhere on the box did it say Apple or have a logo of any kind or any indication as to what was inside that inner carton. Consequently, I opened that carton and inside was the Apple product box with the computer insides. I did NOT open that box because I was cognizant of the return policy. At that time, I went to an Apple store and realized that computer did not suit my needs. They were polite, but uncooperative, even though I explained that I had not violated their rules of return.

Even though the box that I opened clearly was not the manufacturer's box. And even though I intended to exchange the product for the one I actually needed, which actually was quite a bit more expensive than my original purchase. I am furious and I intend to report them to anyone that I can. I did not see this, twice I made an order. Once there was a defect in a laptop, and the second time another Macbook was sent. And all at my own expense.

I paid FedEx for a refund. I see no reason to do other expensive orders. Easy to order. Super fast delivery. Website is very thoughtfully designed. Easy to navigate.

20 Cyber Monday Deals for Filmmakers (2015)

I found the product I was looking for in minutes. The product explanations and pictures were true the actual product. I found this site on Cyber Monday and after shopping around thought the deal on a new iPad was good. It took a long time to come although first I got my "free" screen cleaning cloth under a separate delivery - kind of silly since I had to wait for the screen. The iPad was boxed like new but the screen had all these little dots where it was like the pixels were missing, lots of them and it was tolerable and then intolerable depending on the image on the screen.

Getting the RMA was easy. I sent back the defective iPad and was told days to process the return and ship. Never heard a word, on the sixth day I asked and was told they were behind but then it would be another days until it actually shipped. We will see if it shows up before I dispute the charge on my card. Kinda hard to trust you when you are holding a bundle of my cash and I have nothing to show for it. Started this at the beginning of the month. This is why everyone freaking goes to Amazon. Lesson learned, trying to support an independent business.

Find what you want on their website, place an order and within a few days you'll have your product. Got a great deal on the bundle and it was delivered in days. One of the controllers sent to me was obviously used. I am not sure how they can make you pay for an unopened new item, and ship you an open box return that is in less the brand new condition! I ordered a TV on Cyber Monday.

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Item was backordered, but was given a date of Dec 1 that the item would be restocked and shipped out to me. On Dec 3, I emailed to confirm my item was either shipped or shipping soon. That same day, I was given another date of Dec. I was able to check stock with other online retailers and local retailers where I learned they had this TV in stock. I cancelled my order and picked up the TV from Target. Will never ever buy another thing from this company.

Their customer service is seriously lacking. I ordered a tripod which arrived a week late -- a week after the head and some accessories.

B&H Photo Cyber Monday 2018 – Camera, TV, Apple Deals after Black Friday

First bad A day before it arrived, I was told the order was recalled and another tripod dispatched, but in fact even after I called to say I got the first one and to tell FedEx not to deliver the second one, it was delivered anyway, so now I have to take to a Fedex office.

Second bad. The rep failed to explain a key point in matching the head to the tripod, resulting in my believing for a long time I got the wrong one. Third bad When I finally got him, he solved the problem in five minutes. Bizarrely, I was not charged for the head, which arrived on time. I thought it would have been more appropriate not to charge for the tripod. Yeah, it said out of stock, but it would be shipped in days. But, when I looked online last week, they said it would be in stock and shipped the very next day. When I asked why my email said they were expecting a shipment on the 21st, and their website said next day, they played dumb.

This company has some very shady business practices. If you have a high demand product, look elsewhere for it. Otherwise you are going to wait a very long time before your order is fulfilled. But, I have been waiting a week for an overnight guaranteed delivery. I keep being told it's coming and to take the day off of work. I have now lost three days of work, and they have lost the camera once. The second camera sat on tarmac for two days and was then flown past my house to the middle of the country.