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You can paste the code directly into that box before completing the checkout process. Redbox is a one-of-a-kind DVD and Blu-ray rental service with virtually no direct competition. Blockbuster tried to compete by opening a limited number of one-day rental kiosks across the country, but they have since filed bankruptcy and closed down most of their kiosks and store locations. The remaining competitors are digital streaming services that allow customers to order movies and television shows from the privacy of their homes.

Some of the most popular streaming services include Hulu and Netflix, but many consumers still prefer Redbox. The difference between a streaming service and Redbox is in the technology.

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A streaming service requires you to purchase a subscription, but you only have to pay Redbox when you visit the kiosk and process a rental. You need broadband internet service plus a smart TV or Xbox to stream your movies, but you only need a Blu-ray or DVD player when the physical disc is provided.

In addition to eliminating the need for expensive equipment, Redbox keeps rental prices low and offers a rewards program that allows users to earn free rentals. This is why it's the preferred movie rental service for consumers on tight budgets. If there's a downfall to using Redbox as your primary source of rented movies, it's the selection of movies and video games available at any given time.

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Availability varies from one kiosk to another, so you may end up driving to multiple locations before you find what you want. It's frustrating when one kiosk is sold out of a movie but a kiosk across town may have three copies available. To solve this problem, Redbox allows you to view titles online or through their mobile app to determine which kiosk has the movie that you want to rent. While it's possible that some streaming services may give subscribers access to new releases before they appear in Redbox kiosks, this modern rental company does contract with many movie studios to ensure access to their films within a month of their release.

Some studios even grant access the same day movies are released, so you never know what you'll find when you visit one of those bright red kiosks. Keep in mind that popular titles tend to rent out quickly, so you may need to keep checking if your local kiosks are sold out. Most movies and video games are rented for one day, and you must return them at a red kiosk before 9 pm the following day. You don't have to return your discs to the same kiosk from which they were rented, and that's why some kiosks may have more copies of particular movies than others have.

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If you decide to keep your movie or game an extra day or don't make the deadline, the kiosk will charge your credit or debit card for another day of rental when you do make the return. This makes the service more flexible, but you can easily double or triple the cost of your rental if you don't return your discs in a timely manner. There are two reasons that Redbox remains the only service offering Blu-ray and DVD rentals through the kiosk rental system. The service maintains approximately 35, kiosks across the country, leaving little room for competitors to move into areas that aren't already covered by Redbox.

Many companies also consider DVDs and Blu-rays outdated because there are so many consumers switching to digital streaming services.

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This creates a limited market for DVD rentals, and many competitors are looking to the future by investing in streaming services instead. Many consumers still prefer Redbox because they don't have broadband internet service or don't want to pay a monthly subscription fee. For now, the ability to pay a dollar or two to rent a movie or game for one night is still in high demand across the country, so the red boxes continue to thrive. Redbox on Facebook: Join other movie fans in discussions related to your favorite stars and films.

You'll also enjoy links to behind-the-scenes information on movies currently available through Redbox kiosks. Redbox on Twitter: If you've already used all these codes, look below for more ways to get free Redbox promo codes. Don't feel like getting out of the house to enjoy your next movie? Find out the best places to watch free movies online , free movies online for kids , or download free movies to your computer.

When you sign up to receive Redbox emails, you'll get a free Redbox code redeemable for a free 1-day DVD rental. Download the free Redbox app on your phone, turn on push notifications, and you'll get a code for a free rental applied to your account. Redbox Perks is Redbox's reward program that will give you a free rental on your birthday and your Perks anniversary.

In addition, you can earn points for each disc you rent or Redbox On Demand rentals you buy.

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You can redeem these points for free rentals. Members of the Redbox Text Club get text messages from Redbox a few times a month with discounts and sometimes occasionally a code good for a free one-night Redbox rental. To join the Redbox Text Club, just follow the directions on the website to text Redbox to sign up. You'll need to create a new account and then reserve a Redbox movie online and pick it up at the Redbox kiosk.

Unfortunately, you will need to pay for this one. Once you return the rental, you'll get a free credit applied to your account that you can use to get your next Redbox rental for free. Redbox gives out a ton of Facebook freebies. To get your free Redbox Facebook codes, become a fan of Redbox and watch your news feed. Occasionally you'll see a wall update from Redbox announcing a free Redbox code.

If you enable mobile push alerts, you'll be among the first to catch any Redbox codes should they announce them there.

19 Free Redbox Codes and 7 Ways to Get More

One last place you can follow Redbox is their Instagram account. Watch it for contests and other perks that non-followers might be missing out on.

A lot of times the place where a kiosk is located will give out codes for free Redbox rentals. This might be a grocery store, fast food restaurant, or convenience store. Be sure to keep a careful eye out for them on signs, receipts, and flyers you see at these places. Share Pin Email. Updated February 12,

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