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Southwest will also fly between a handful of the islands. On the day of the flight there was a concern about getting through TSA with the government shutdown. The flight left at 6: We got up at 3: The cats jumped when the alarm went off. The center TSA checkpoint at the Cleveland airport was packed. They said that the other TSA checkpoint was long, but the line moved quicker. It did.

We got through pretty quick. The problem was with the flight taking off. They shut the door to the plane and we had to wait for the plane to get fueled up and baggage loaded which is usually done way before the close the door. Then the captain gets on and says they have a shortage of baggage personnel.

Usually loading luggage is never the reason for a delay in a flight taking off. I went with my go to, Hotels. It was very highly rated on Tripadvisor at 4. We called the hotel to confirm that It had a balcony and they said they just refurbed the room and gave us a mountainview versus a cityview room. One little trick to get a better room for the price is to find out if the hotel is being refurbished. One thing you have to watch out for in Waikiki is the resort fee. Another thing they nail you with at the hotels is the parking rate. Way too much when the rental can be had for about the same amount per day.

Instead, we used the bus to get around. Lots of restaurant and entertainment coupons to use while we are on our trip. The Entertainment book is great to get when you are staying in over cities in the U. I also got a bunch of Restaurant. Lulus in Waikiki was the best one — they allowed alcohol to be included with their certificates and they had three different deal amounts — great food and Pina Coladas there.

I got a Groupon for a one-and-a-half hour whale watching excursion. Get this. Great deal! Groupon has a lot of activity and entertainment and restaurant deals for cities across the U. There is a 5-hour time difference with Hawaii and Cleveland. Using the time difference to our benefit we would get dinner at happy hour times.

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We used a site to find the best happy hour deals. It was https: The happy hours were decent at most places. It included a mixer so that it was similar to an Old Fashioned. One bartender got it and said do you want me to add a slice of orange. A cherry. Viola, an Old Fashioned for the price of a well drink. He even added bitters. Keep the customers happy! We had our favorites and we came to some multiple times. One place, Doraku Sushi, the manager introduced himself and we chatted with him for a bit. He got us a little carafe of sake and it was good.

He gave us more sake on the house during another visit to the restaurant. The restaurant sold a whole squid calamari. It was grilled and included the arms and all. Yummy stuff. Wolfgang Puck. While we were there we noticed that a guy and his wife were being treated real well by the staff. All of them would greet them and usually kiss them.

I asked who it was and they said Wolfgang Puck himself and his wife! He stopped by us and we chatted for a bit. I asked him about opening a restaurant in Cleveland. He said he was planning to open one in Boston. We went back there and he was there again. The bartender said he goes there every day. We sat at the bar and the bartender that served us before got us our two glasses of wine and said it was on the house for being return customers. He then proceeds to fill up our glasses when we are half finished, again on the house.

The same thing happened when we were there on our first visit. Apparently, I exude an aura of accepting freebies that some people nicely accommodate. Banyan Tree. It happened again when we were at the airport. I got a salad with salmon. The salmon was undercooked so we sent it back to get cooked through. The manager comes back and says that it was on the house and that it was the first time they made salmon there. She said no.

So another free meal even when I was going to use my points to get it free anyway. Dog the Bounty Hunter. We met some other famous people. I was reading the newspaper and saw that Dog The Bounty Hunter was having a moving sale. He was getting kicked out of the place he rented as the owner was developing the property. So he was selling his stuff and also having a meet and greet. I watched the show a decent amount and got a kick out of the show, so it was neat to meet him. We got in line and it took awhile.

Around two hours. He is just as wrinkled and tan as he is on the show. Beth was much skinnier because she has esophageal cancer, stage 4. She looked great though. They talked to us for a bit. He talked about the Browns some and that Ohio needs to legalize marijuana. She talked some about having to watch what she says.

She had some kind of spirit stick I think to ward off bad spirits and she would shake it some people. As I mentioned they were having a moving sale. So they had stuff in the parking lot for sale. Clothes, shoes, paper files that included cases and financial info, and other oddball stuff.

I got a negative on that. The guy said it all depended on how ratty the shoe was. Nobody was buying anything which surprised me as they were interesting souvenirs that could probably fetch a good buck on eBay. I did get one thing. I found a gift list of people that Beth wrote.

I asked the guy how much it was. So I got the list for free. The freebie theme continues. The weather was a bit chilly, windy, and at times too cloudy. The water was colder than I remember too. When I spoke with a bartender about the Great White shark that was in the area he explained why the water was colder.

He said that because of climate change and the glaciers melting the water around Hawaii was cooler and in the past there was never Great Whites around Hawaii and now there is because the water is colder. They inhabit areas like the coast of California and South Africa where the water it always cold, so now with the water around Hawaii being colder they are spotted there more often. Speaking of the Great White that was spotted there. It was around 20 feet and was last seen some years ago around Mexico.

It was feeding on a whale carcass not far from Waikiki. They had to tow the carcass another 15 miles from shore to keep the sharks away from the beaches. The carcass then came back to shore while we were there. I did snorkel a ton and swan about a mile out a couple times. No sharks spotted. The only interesting creature I saw was a large moray eel. We did go to Hunama bay for snorkeling. Great snorkeling there. We then walked over to Kona Brewing for happy hour. We took a whale watching tour with Pink Sails Hawaii.

Super cheap. We did see a couple whales. The best thing was that it was a perfect day weather-wise. Very sunny and the ocean was calm. The captain said that it was rare to see the mountains as they were usually covered with clouds. A fish posing for a picture — not a walleye. The one thing that is very evident there is the number of homeless people. Lots of them had obvious mental issues. They were everywhere. With housing so expensive there it is hard to find a place to live.

Unemployment is only 2. So there is an obvious imbalance with businesses not investing in people like they used to. The grocery prices are around double or more than what we pay in the Cleveland area. Even bananas or pineapples, which are grown there, cost a ton. The cashier commented on how much I saved using them.

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An odd thing happened when I was paying for the bill at one place. The waitress dropped my credit card and the chip that is on the card popped out! I thought those things were embedded, but I must have used it too much to the point it got loose. I had to order a new one. After eating too much I needed to burn off some calories and I was able to play some volleyball.

I played with and against Russians, Ukrainians, Canadians, Austrians, and some others. I asked the one Russian if they could help pay for the wall. He laughed. Oddly enough, he looked like Putin. Before we went home we did a massage at a place in Waikiki. All the walking, swimming, and volleyball caught up to me along with the travel sores you get from being squashed on the plane.

The place was Spa. Gotta wonder about these places if they are sketchy or not. I read the reviews and they were on Groupon so they had to be legit. The deal we got was spectacular. The massage was great.


Just as in Japan, she did this thing where she got on my back and used her knees to work out the knots. Hey, whatever. They had to use a smartphone to translate. I made sure I read it to make sure it translated right. Umm, yeah. Diamond Head — an old dormant volcano near Waikiki. One bummer was that our hotel was not as good as I would have liked.

The noise from the traffic was very bad and we were facing one of the major roads. The clue was that they provided ear plugs for their guest that were next to the bed. Nice view with a balcony, but not if I have to hear the roar of traffic while I was sleeping. We ended up switching rooms, but it still was noisy. I had to go toe to toe with him to refund some monies due to the issues we had. It was so highly rated on Tripadvisor that I have to wonder if some of the reviews were bogus.

We got flight alerts coming home because of the polar vortex. The airline said we could change our flight free of charge even though our ticket was basic economy. I could have changed It to come home later than our original departure date. Instead, we changed our flight from a two-stop to a one-stop, so that we could avoid flying out of Chicago which took the brunt of the cold snap.

In the end our original flight did get back to Cleveland, albeit a little later, but not that much. When I checked in for the flight it assigned the seats and they were usually decent ones with us next to each other. We changed it afterwards to get even better seats without having to pay more. We still got the same food that everyone got too. A plus was that we used one of our United Club passes in Honolulu that United sends to us each year for having their credit card.

The food there was better than most places. The airport and club was a bit outdated though. We had a harsh arrival back home. We got back to negative temperatures after laying on the beach the day before. Mr Heat Miser we can use your magic right now. Avocados —. Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner Hair care Cousin Willie Microwave Popcorn — 3 pack —. Giant Eagle is now offering curb-side grocery pickup with orders placed online. Hillandale Extra Large Eggs dozen —. Select styles only. Original HP Cartridges at our lowest price. Styles and savings too good to miss. Click here to print the coupons: Michaels bought out Pat Catans a few years ago.

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Daily Deals: FIVE Restaurant. Use Code: This limited time offer can be used at any Best Western branded hotel before February 28, Feeling worry when the rest of your home loses power? You can also charge your devices and still connected to your Wi-Fi. Get it Now! Grab Yours Now! Valid in-store and online. So which stores have the best saving programs this past year? Which ones improved and which ones did worse? The grades are weighted most on which have the best deals, but also takes into consideration service, staffing, rewards programs, coupon policies, and other factors that help your pocketbook.

In years past I have given stores an A grade, but the reduction in super-deals and tightening couponing rules have dropped grades and none earned higher than a B. This past year most stores stayed the same or moved up or down a grade very little. Stores are just not offering as many deals as they used to in the past.

Ever since the Extreme Couponing show went on the air the stores have tightened up on their deals and rules. Many folks think their everyday prices are high. Maybe back some years ago they were, but not so much anymore. Just supposed everyday low prices. Huge difference. Some folks are very loyal to their stores, but if you could get better deals at another store would they go there?

Also, a box of Cheerios is the same at every store, so some items are all the same. Outside of the boxed or packaged items, the selection of meats, produce, and deli can make the difference to some consumers. Those consumers most likely put more of an emphasis on quality than cost though. All fine and dandy, but when people have limited income they have to find stores with the best deals. There were many more rebate programs with lots of great rebates. Back then you were able to get more razors, shampoo, and hair color for free too.

I could use a box of hair color now that my hair is getting grayer! Take advantage of the stores that offer the deals while they last! You may be surprised that they are cheaper or have better savings programs than the stores you go to now. Double Coupons up to 99 cents all day, every day. Sometimes offer more than 20 cent Fuelperks did 29 cents on Leap Day in and.

Fuelperk deals when purchasing certain items. Register coupons, some for dollars off your next shopping trip. Weekly eAdvantege offer each week — usually a freebie item, sometimes multiple items. Lower prices than in years past. BOGO deals where only one item can be bought at half price. Beer and wine rebates in store. Freebies or close to free items most every week with double coupons Fuel savings with transferred prescription coupons. Some free prescriptions. Correct price guarantee — get first item free if item rings up with the wrong price If you forget to use a coupon they will take it up to 10 days after the date on the receipt with a loyalty card.

New Curbside Pickup program — allows coupons Half off sushi on Wednesdays. Some prices on non-sale items still high. Lots of people still feel their overall prices are high. Eliminated price-matching. Fewer super deals combining coupons and sale items. Limited like coupons to 5. Limited like internet coupons to 2. Limited total coupons per checkout to Restrictive coupon policy https: Even sale prices on meat are high. Meat prices still high even with BOGO deals.

Good amount of Extrabucks deals, especially during Black Friday. Extra coupons given at in-store coupon kiosk. Prescription Extrabuck rewards. Not as many Extrabucks freebies as in years past. No new extra coupons after initial coupons are printed on the in-store coupon kiosk Extrabucks expire quickly. They have stopped taking expired Extrabucks. The regular price on most items are way over-priced. Stopped giving Extra Bucks when short a few cents of the Reward. Extra Bucks deals involve buying too many items.

Awesome produce sales. Organic foods at decent prices. Super fast cashiers — do they give them free Red Bull? Decent dairy deals Great guarantee program Stores are sized for easy in and out. Clearance deals. They take credit cards now! Stores look low end. Have to pay for bags. Limited variety. Limited stock. Have to pay for cart. Mostly store brand. Run out of produce quickly. BonusCash program offers many deals. I like that you can get more than one offer on most of the deals. Enough deals to keep you coming back each week on a good variety of items.

Electronic coupons can be loaded to your card from their site. Some gift card deals with their BonusCash program. Additional discounts with each reward level reached Decent amount of deals during Black Friday week. Store coupons on some items that are close to expiration date. Very few freebie deals with BonusCash. Very few freebies as compared to past reward programs.

The regular price on some items are way over-priced. Old UP reward and rebate program offered more and better deals. Restrictive coupon rules one coupon on BOGO deals. Must purchase a lot of items for some deals to trigger. Good quality, similar to Heinens. Rewards program offering points for purchases that can get redeemed for rewards. Fuel rewards with Speedway where available. Ace Hardware stores located in-store. Ok everyday low prices used to be better. Ok produce prices used to be better. Great closeout deals. Locally owned. Discounted newspapers. They now take credit cards.

Some hot deals in ad. No super deals on a consistent basis.

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No real weekly sales, just everyday prices. No Rewards program. Meat quality questionable.

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No double coupons. Some stores need spiffying up. Some great deals usually on the first page of their ad. Minimal sale items. Mostly sell store brands. No loyalty reward programs or other perks. Selection is minimal. Stores are sized for easy in and out. New Curbside Pickup program. Everyday prices can be high. Minimal savings rewards programs. Sales ad small. They pack a lot of a variety of items into a small store.

Ticket discounts. Good movie rental deals. Minimal amount of deals. No real Rewards program. Grocery selection is minimal. Most all now take coupons. Clearance items can be very low priced. Some offer rewards savings. Some discounted newspapers. Can find a store everywhere. Great prices on cards. Great sale deals on clothes. Most have online coupons. Items can be cheap, but also cheaply made. Limited selection.

No loyalty rewards program. Decent dollar sales If you want to feel elite, this is the store. New downtown store! High quality. Valet grocery program. Half off sushi on Wednesdays. Everyday prices are high. Limited deals. No gas rewards. Aside from the bakery, prepared foods, and meats the rest of what they sell for the most part is just like any other store. But if you did a blind taste test on even those items, could you figure out which store they came from?

Can slow down leaving store. However, valet service can be a plus. Maxperks program offers deals through the year, especially school season. Many Maxperks deals available online — sometimes freebies. Allow multiple limits on Maxperk deals. Store personel are always asking if I need help. Some online coupons. Always have 1 cent Duracell 16 pack Maxperks deals. The Maxperks value gets adjusted if coupons or additional discounts are used. No deals over Black Friday like there were in the past.

School deals were very limited this past year. C- Although their score improved, Walmart has consistently placed last among department and discount stores in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Coupons can earn overage credit. They price match online limited. New Savings Catcher app will find the best price of items. Gave workers well-deserved raises. Have just about everything you need sold at the store.

Everyday low prices not as good as it used to be. Very high produce prices. No other reward programs. Shelves are usually not fully stocked. Not enough employees at registers, etc. Behemoth stores are way too big — if you forget something you have to take a commuter plane just to get to the other side of the store Too much of what they sell is from China when it used to be mostly U. They did away with ad price matching. Rarely put ads in newspapers. Decent Quality. Lots of freebie food stations. Costco treats their employees right.

Good deals on non-grocery items like tires and some on travel and other items. Other programs such as travel deals offers additional savings. Some offer a rebate after the year that ends up covering the cost of your membership. You have to pay to shop there. You have to buy in humongous bulk sizes, much of which may get thrown out because it spoils before getting used.

No ads in newspapers. Shop Your Way Rewards program offers various savings. Electronic coupons can be loaded online. Ok clearance sales. No more double coupons, including super doubles at K-Mart.


Not as many stores means you have to spend more on gas to get to their stores. Stock can be lacking. Their Register Rewards offers freebies or decent deals at times. Balance Points Rewards program offers additional savings. Everyday rewards offer additional savings.

15 Coupons $.50/1 Wonderful Halos 2lbs+ 3/3/12222

Bonus offers for Everyday rewards for the Balance Points program can be substantial. Beauty Enthusiast rewards offer additional savings. Sometimes they offer bonus Everyday rewards when a specific amount is purchased. Monthly in-store Coupon booklet offers additional savings. Hardly any great deals. Very few Register Rewards deals unless you need Trolli candy. Balance Rewards program stinks — savings usually minimal and you usually have to buy more than one item. Can only use one manufacturer coupon per item Register Reward is considered a manufacturer coupon. Coupons beep frequently at the register due to issues with their computer system reading coupons.

They are becoming a store that gives no reason for couponers to shop there. Register Rewards expire too quick. The regular price on items are way over-priced. Balance Rewards program no longer offers bonus amounts. Only up to 5, points can be redeemed at a time. Quickly ended allowing up to 40, points to be redeemed which left a lot of people with tons of points that will take forever to redeem.

Online coupons. A lot less deals again this past year, especially over Black Friday weekend. School deals were minimal as compared to years past. No more Staples Rewards deals and Easy Rebates. Prices as marked; Valid on select deals. DDM Vitamin C mg tablets —. HOME Special: Find the moisturizer right for you.

The Epic Clearance! While supplies last.

No code needed. Promo code: Today only! Raisin Bran. Excludes 3 oz bottles, trial and travel sizes. Excludes 1. Any variety excludes trial and travel sizes. Valid on 22 oz. Valid on the 30 ct. Court St. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people find love on Match. Give yourself the experience with a 3 day free trial! Top Deals. Catalonia Resort Deals on Expedia! Culture and History Collections on Expedia! Expedia Add-On Advantage: Check out our Last-Minute Deals with Expedia!

Norwegian Free at Sea Sale on Expedia! Shopping Collections on Expedia! Find cheap new textbooks easily at eBooks. Over , book titles for your iPad. Food and Wine Books eBooks. Instant access. Search Now. Stock up! It affected viewers in 41 cities across the U. Channel 8 for me. Tribune wanted to charge more than double and Spectrum felt they were over-charging so they were in a standoff. There is a way to get local channels cheap. The station can be picked up using OTA over-the-air antenna. Why would Tribune charge double for a channel that can be picked up using an antenna for free?

I can see why Spectrum would hold their ground. The antennas can be bought at Best Buy and other electronics retailers. Worth getting the one that works for 60 miles for a few bucks more. Most are like the old rabbit ear models and some are plastic-like and stick on windows. Where the TV towers are compared to where you put it on the side of the house that is in the direction of the towers makes a difference.

Depending on where you live will determine how many channels you can get. Some are sub channels off of the major channels. For instance, channel 8, channel , channel To find out what channels you can get go to: Something to remember when you decide whether you want to cut the cord or not and use a video-streaming service come to one of my Cutting the Cord classes to find out how and the cost. Other cable companies have had the same issue with other TV channel providers trying to raise their rates at a time when more and more people want to cut the cord.

More than 1 million Verizon Fios subscribers were without their channels recently. Worth the small initial investment, especially if cable goes out altogether. It happened to me recently. Well, my bonus card expired, but I figured what the hay, I will give it to our waiter to see if it still works. It did! Nothing ventured, nothing earned! I was at Giant Eagle at the service desk and I noticed the crazy price of cigarettes they had behind the counter. I can almost get a months worth of groceries at that price! Instead of smoking, you could get a new car after a small handful of years.

The concept of smoking is disturbing, if you think about it. Material has to be burnt and then inhaled. The chemicals are addicting. The chemicals in it can kill you and could lead to a horrible death. Since it is smoke it also makes you smell too and yellows your teeth. Yet marketing has made it a wondrous product that keeps people buying it. Nowadays you see lots of people smoking smokeless pipes or vape, kind of like smoking through a pen that has a vapor cloud that can be puffed out of it.

The cloud of vapor is not like the smoke from cigarettes, but the vape pen contains the same chemicals. Speaking of, does anyone else freak out a little when you see someone toss out their cigarette butt out while they are on the freeway in front of you and you see the sparks from the still lit cigarette butt bouncing on the freeway and then skips straight into the direction of the engine area of your car?

Some people smoke because they are nervous and it calms them. Kinda like people that chew pencils or their fingernails. Hmm, not all that much better. The world has changed in the past decade or so when it comes to cigarettes. Cars no longer have ash trays in them. Restaurants used to have a section for smokers and a section for non-smokers that due to changes in law morphed into smokers just being allowed to smoke outside. Patios were built at restaurants and bars just so smokers would stay there which was great since there are now a lot of nice summer patios to hang out at.

Health care plans now give discounts for non-smokers too. I remember when people smoked in the office and planes. Now at businesses they can smoke off property or some designated area. The smokers do get an added benefit of extra breaks just because they have to smoke. I wonder if someone pushed for areas to designate for other addictions, would it get approved? Maybe an area for those addicted to Guiness beer or for those that snap their gum when they chew it.

Perhaps I just need to think of a product to invent that I can make millions on that looks cool to do and is addicting, even if it can kill you. Cool and bad. I will have to think about that some more to figure out what works. Lots of people try to quit their bad habits and pick up new healthy ones at the beginning of the year. There is a deal on something that can help kick the smoking habit. Walgreens also has a deal on it. In the meantime, I will stick to smoking candy gum cigarettes should I get an urge to smoke and maybe sneak in an extra break at work.

Pineapple —. Limit 2. Kleenex ct —. Nickles Italian Bread —. Excludes Maternity and Boys. No Code Needed. Dozen Eggs —. Spinach bag —. This Week Only! Shop the Winter Clearance Event! Bigger avings with clearance on top of clearance! Brewsters restauarnt — Mayfield Road in Chesterland. Choose from hundreds of top sale items at La-Z-Boy!

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