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Spent money on a trashy car horrible never again! They did not have a car for us. We waited two hours and then paid more than double for a car from a small rental company. Payless could not have cared less. They said it happens all the time they always over book. It was a terrible experience. Worst car rental experience yet. Car was fine, clean etc. Arrival at airport: They told me I didn't rent from the airport, I rented from a satellite location.

They're closed. Thank god I have a really patient husband. I swear, I don't know how these places stay in business. We've signed up for a business account with Hertz in the hopes that sticking with one place and having an account with them will relieve this stress. The Chevy Tahoe was comfortable and easy to drive.

There was only one counter agent working when I went to pick up my vehicle. He was working with a customer and there was some sort of problem as I waited for almost an hour. Then, they didn't have the vehicle I reserved and I had to wait an additional 15 minutes until they found something for me.

It appears they gave me an Avis or Budget vehicle. It did not have enough space for all our luggage and passengers so we had to rent another vehicle from one of their competitors. I did not receive a reduced rate for a lower class of vehicle nor was I given a refund. I extended the rental agreement, but instead of charging me my daily rate on the contract, they tripled it and charged me that instead.

I filed a complaint ticket yet management is unwilling to fix the problem. Basically they ripped me off. Poorly trained staff can cause a cascade of problems Pros: Nice car, clean. The agent at the return desk was accommodating, prepared and well trained and able to help with some of the problems caused by the initial agent at pick up. Trying to rectify this problem has caused a whole new set of problems with customer service, who seem unconcerned by my problem. I liked the fact that I was able to get my car at the airport Cons: Good price but poor service and cleaness Pros: I like the easy way to access the system with options Cons: The car was a mess about cleaning inside and outside.

They will add a lot of extra charges. Pick up was quick. The woman helping me was very pleasant and tried to help out, especially because I was having trouble hearing. The car itself was as expected. I had booked online, so I already knew how much I was supposed to pay. Unfortunately, Payless then decided to add several charges that were not listed in my online agreement. This more than doubled my charges. Among them were charges for insurance, which I didn't need but the woman said that their policy says it is necessary.

The thing with booking with Payless was I was expecting to pay less, but that just wasn't the case. Everything else went fine, just be prepared for the price to shoot up from what you are expecting to pay. Awful wait for pickup Pros: The car was comfortable but we had requested a standard car and got a minivan. We stood in line to pick up our car for over two hours. There was only one service agent, and while she was polite and professional, she was also clearly overwhelmed. I will never use Payless again. Horrible company to deal with Cons: It was not clear where pickup was when I booked the car.

I ended up having to cancel my reservation at the airport because there were two locations, which was not made clear on the website and there was no way to access the second location. I had to book through another company at the airport with a small child in tow. Lots of add ins once we got there. Otherwise the car was good. Not Trustworthy Cons: They did not have my requested vehicle. Nothing, it was completely irresponsible and unreliable of them to not have my reserved vehicle, pick up ready.

The fact that they did not have any more pick ups available and should have told me way before I took the trip to the airport. I'll never rent a car from. A total waste of time. They did not have the economy car I reserved on the side of the airport where I went to pick it up, so they gave me a two-level upgrade rather than send me to the other location.

The inside of the windshield was dirty, making it difficult to see with oncoming headlights glaring. Nice car, nice employees. They do not explain you have to go and pay the taxes and an extra ensurace I kept hitting my head whenever i didn't remember. After flying around to wait out a downpour of 3.

Book a cheap Minivan rental

Bad customer service Cons: Counter guys, bad customer service. They charge for refuel gas. Too much. Aware of this. You save money in the rental but you will pay with other. Mixed Pros: The vehicle was as promised Drop off was smooth Cons: Pick-up process was not good. It took forever and the counter agents disappeared for "breaks" while there was a full line which was ridiculous. Never told us that there was an extra daily charge for another driver. SunPass daily charge per day was excessive in my opinion. Quick drop off process Cons: Waited over an hour to pick up the vehicle.

They also did not have the size vehicle I requested and I ended up with a mini van. Clean car Cons: They try to nickel and dime u at the counter with extras.

We really enjoyed the Nissan Rogue four a family of 4, very spacious and clean. No keyfob, car was in horrible shape. They tried to keep the balance of prepaid fuel charge and changed the rate per gallon. Read details of contract before signing with these crooks. Taken advantage of Pros: Clean car, option to rent a car seat, drop off was easy and quick Cons: I booked the rental and it seemed like a great deal. I got the insurance for the car and paid beforehand. When I arrived, they tried to sell me insurance when I already purchased it. So I'm expected to buy two separate insurances for a 3 day rental?

I said no and checked the first insurance policy I paid for and it did in fact cover collision so he was just trying to up charge me for nothing. He was very rude and condescending. Then he asked if I wanted to pay upfront or when I returned, I didnt know what the difference was and he wouldnt explain it so I said I could pay up front.

Turns out paying upfront means they charge you for a full tank of gas and if you dont use it all, then you dont get any money back. I recommend paying when you return the car and filling the tank up yourself. Had to fill the tires twice. Tire light went on. Did not want ezpass, though it was on and had to find someone and ask for assistance. I thought a minivan was a minivan. The two hour charge was egregious though understandable, but charging an extra day for vehicle license fee, CFC whatever the hell that is , Florida surcharge and prepaid tolls and concession fees and state taxes on all the above is BS.

It is unlikely I will use kayak and advantage in the future - other sites and companies have more transparent pricing. Not as advertised Pros: Nothing Cons: Waited 30 min for a vehicle. The vehicle that showed up was different than what I ordered. It had bald tires very unsafe. Poor Customer Service Pros: The price of the car can not be bear and it was a very nice car.

I had to wait 1hr at the counter then the staff tries to add extras onto the contract without telling you. You must make sure you read everything you sign. When they realize that you have figured out what they are doing they become very rude. Couldn't find a attendant to pick up our car Pros: Return was quick Cons: Took a long time to find someone to get us the car, it was dirty inside, key fob had broken door lock that barely worked, windows were dirty.

Drop off was great and quick Good deal I was happy Cons: Pick up was rather slow with only two people working. They should have us take care some of the paper work before hand.

US Car Hire: 7 Seater Minivan

Pick up at the counter wasn't the friendliest but it was quick and efficient. I almost got a smile out of the agent. And it was only 9 AM at the time. There was only one luxury car waiting for us and it wasn't the cleanest, nor was it well kept. It had a lot of dings all over and the right tailpipe was gone.

Car Rental Orlando from $18/day - Search for Cars on KAYAK

The vehicle was parked so the only way you could drive out was by going forward. We found out later on the back-up camera was faulty. Staff were great! They need better customer phone support They push to buy unnecessary insurance and prepaid tolls. Waiting 1 hour to pick up the car. I did not like anything Cons: Highly over price for the poor service. Pick up Pros: The guy cleaning the cars provided better customer service than the lady at the Front Desk. He has busy cleaning cars but when he saw me waiting, he approached me and checked my paper and kindly asked to give him a couple of minutes to have my car ready.

She wasn't rude, but her facial expressions and tone of voice could be a lot friendlier. Overall, good experience, I would use your services again. Long lines to rent, they needed more help for the amount of people in line. Stay away Pros: I ordered a luxury car from Fox. The car I got was a wreck. The front end of the car looked like it had hit a pole. The manager told me that was all he had. Never again!! Fox is off my list!

I have pictures and I will be posting them!! What a embarrassment. What kind of company rents somebody a in that condition. Everything about it was fine except the cost. Tons of hidden fees that almost doubled my charges Cons: Fees beyond what I paid online. It's deceiving to think that you're paid in full when you pay for it online but then get almost twice as much in fees. I was told taxes are only estimated and then numerous other fees on my itemized station that I have no idea what they're for. I will not be coming back.

Drop off was quick and easy Off airport shuttle and driver was excellent Cons: Speed at car pickup. Took over an hour. Paid for Ford Fusion or equivalent but got down sized. It was cheap and easy! Car was clean and met all of our expectations. The shuttle pickup from the airport was a bit confusing and we had to wait about half an hour to be picked up. As we got to the pickup area, an empty shuttle bus was pulling away and we tried to flag them down but the driver was looking down at her phone. Kinda dangerous, and frustrating for us!

No, worse experience I have ever had renting a car.. I had an emergency and needed to drop car off at a different location Orlando to Ft. I was told that was impossible and I need to drop it back to Orlando. I called several times and the person was rude and very unprofessional Harold. Continued from above. I was hung up on twice. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Harold said he was the supervisor. I had to return car to Orlando and then fly to Miami. Location is far from Orlando airport.

You need a declaration from insurance company not mentioned when I made rental. Vehicle was clean. The transperancy about the different fees and charges once I got to the car rental. Dear Kayak Economy Rent a car is just a big Scam company. Dear Kayak I have been using you for many many years. I can no longer use you any more after my last experience with Economy Rent a car.

Economy rent a car did not honor there offered a deal left me stranded at 2: Poor customer service Cons: Customer service was terrible. I cancelled the reservation and ended up renting from another place. Car was very clean, staff was very nice. We had no issues with the car or the service. Deposit was refunded quickly. I remembered to print insurance paperwork so checking in to get the car was very easy.

Advantage Rent-A-Car: 6101 West Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

The fine print about how to get to the economy location was extremely hard to find. I generally read things very in depth and I've always caught the details about bringing insurance paperwork and things like that. This time I did not catch that you had to call a shuttle to come pick you up from the airport.

First we went to the airport's car pickup location only to find economy wasn't there. Then I opened my confirmation to find that we had to take a shuttle. So, we found the shuttle location and waited there for a shuttle that said economy.

Orlando Car Rentals

After some time of no shuttle coming, I re-read every line of the booking and found a number to call to get the shuttle. We wasted our afternoon and had to cancel our plans for that entire day because of it. Read the fine print Pros: They needed an insurance declaration page or we were forced to buy their insurance. If we would have known this, we would have brought it with us. It was Thanksgiving and the insurance company was closed. We had to buy their insurance for a day, contact our insurance company the next day and drive 35 minutes back to the rental office.

Not a fun start to vacation. Horrible Service Pros: They overbooked their cars. Then drove me to their agency in the middle of nowhere and said they had no cars but would pay for an Uber to my hotel and then pick me up the next day to drive me back to get a rental. I had plans to be an in Tampa instead of Orlando, but had to fly into orlando because of available flights. So I had to get a local hotel room for the night so I could get a rental in the morning.

Then they wanted to pick me up at 7am. I was waiting for them until 8am. I missed my 9am meeting in Tampa that I flew down there for. Ripoff Pros: Car was good Cons: Insurance and upcharge rip-off. Please wipe the external mirrors when washing. They are always water spotted and hard to see out of. At had bird droppings on it and it had just been washed - but it wasnt washed well enough to get these all the way off.

Nice car, rode well Cons: It used too much gas, way more than expected. Very convenient and fast service Love it Pros: How easy it was the hole process and the sale rep was wonderful Livia is her first name.

How can I get a cheap minivan rental?

There was some sticky mess on the dashboard like syrup. Bad bad kayak car rental experience! I booked through kayak. National in Orlando could not find the reservation. In the end, National rebooked me and charged me a lot more. Kayak also charged me for insurance even though I didn't end up getting the car through them.

This experience is very bad and cost me way more than I was originally priced through kayak. Cold as ice Pros: Found the rental counter very easily - Cons: Booked rental online for a one way trip from FL to NJ - tried to use my debit card to pay, but they don't accept it for one way I missed reading the fine print about this, so be careful or you'll get stranded at MCO if you don't have a major credit card.

The employees there deal with bullshit every day I'm sure because they were both grumpy. National Rocks! Not National. Fastest rental experience of any car rental compan Pros: No prolonged initial rental process, no pressure to accept unneeded extra charges, cars available of size and type as advertised, can choose your car from those available Cons: Nothing; great experience. No problem at Orlando Pros: No problem at Orlando MCO. Will never go back there Pros: Honestly nothing Cons: Hated the customer service.

Not just that. My flight got delayed and they were close and they cancel my reservation because of that. Fast pick up and drop off. Good value for the car and service. The guy helping me with my car was difficult to understand and not very audible. The car itself was dirty inside with lots of trash from the previous renter. The tire pressures were low and I had to add air to them multiple times during the rental.

The oil was low and the engine was struggling the entire time. Staff was very unfriendly. Get what you pay for Pros: The car rental did the job for us but we received disappointing customer service. The shuttle pick up from the airport was good although the site is quite a drive away. The car itself was good and did what we needed for the few days we had it. They had to vacuum it and then I realised they had only given us half a tank when we went to drive off. The drop off location I had arranged was closed. I understand there was an emergency but they could have got in contact with me and informed me earlier in the day of change of location.

Instead I had to drive back the way we had just come from and wait to be taken back to the location. We lost approx an hour and a half of our day because of this. Getting what I paid for. The rental was reasonably priced. Poor customer service, log wait at the airport for the shuttle, and a worn out rental car.

You get what you pay for. Close to airport,clean car Cons: Slow pick up from airport and very slow response to phone call.

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Had to call three time before they responded. Did not rent Cons: Was refused rental on pickup since I would be taking the vehicle out of state. This needs to be clarified during the booking process. This ended up giving me a total of 2 hours to find another rental. Mislead Pros: I searched for a car rental agency that advertised unlimited miles knowing that my trip included driving outside of Florida. It wasn't until after the shuttle finally picked us up and we were at the counter that we found out we couldn't leave Florida. We had to go back to the airport and find another car at substantially more per day.

We busted our budget and came home to overdrawn bank accounts. Very disappointed. Kayak should make clear if there are restrictions. Very good experience Pros: Staff is very helpful and corteous Cons: Unable to rent from this company Pros: The staff was friendly. We were told we could not cross over into the state of Georgia with the the rental car.

It cost us 2 hours of time. Be aware, there is no roadside assistance Pros: No question, I got a good price on a one week rental of a VW Jetta. The car was clean but did have telltale odor of someone having smoked in it. The car starts by pushing a button. You need to have key fob present or it won't start. Well on day 4 the car would not start giving me a message No Key. I guessed the battery on the fob was dead.

I called NU and the lady on the phone was not sympathetic. Go buy a battery, she said. We have no roadside assistance. Luckily there was an auto shop about a 30 minute walk from my motel. And luckily my diagnosis was correct, the car operated fine after that, and. They were still able to rent me a vehicle.

We had come down to see our grandchildren that live in Florida. We had plenty of room for all so it all qorked out great. Nothing We were forced to rent from another agency. The agent tried to give us lower grade of car from what we had reserved. He did not offer any reduction in cost. Do what you advertise. The staff who get the cars very friendly and helpful Cons: The offer I bought was not fulfilled by Ace Car rental. When you make the reservation said that the time to claim the car was at 12pm but no document told me that after 2 hours lost the rent and offer.

When I arrive counter main report that cancelled everything, did not communicate with me and I had to choose another vehicle more expensive and spends more gasoline. I feel deceived by ACE Car rental, I did not honor the offer acquired, I did not give other alternatives and I had to pay more expensive. They couldn't give me evidence of the cancellation. I'm not going back with them. Free cancellations on most bookings.

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