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Sign up for a day free trial sign up link and get access to all the deals of the Prime Day, in addition to the amazing benefits that Prime has to offer by itself: Watch your Amazon baby registry for price drops on strollers, cribs, car seats, etc. Over time, little by little, it is my job to help you love yourself so that you can one day love someone else. And if that person respects and adores you, I will place your hand in theirs with pride and joy. Before we know it, they'll be the true love you need, not me. But if you could, would you promise to sometimes remember that I loved you first?

I will never presume to think that I am more important to you than they are or try to interject myself where I don't belong. Just know that whether that person ends up breaking your heart , or spending all their days by your side, my love for you will never, ever fade. I will be your constant. Even if you are not mine.

The truth, my dear baby, is that being a mom is hard work. It's hard to be needed all the time. The responsibility of always being the one weighs heavy on me at times. I worry much more than you know.

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And some days, I am just so very tired. And watching you grow over time, little by little, is the best thing I have ever done. I want so much for you in this world, and it is endlessly exciting to bear witness to your magic every day. Diana is Motherly's Digital Education Editor. She is a midwife, pediatric nurse and founder of Gathered Birth. She loves all things birth, and is passionate about empowering women to trust themselves and embrace their inner rockstar. Diana lives outside Philadelphia with her husband and 3 amazing, goofy kids.

With two babies in tow, getting out the door often becomes doubly challenging. From the extra things to carry to the extra space needed in your backseat, it can be easy to feel daunted at the prospect of a day out. But before you resign yourself to life indoors, try incorporating these five genius products from Nuna to get you and the littles out the door. Because Vitamin D is important, mama! You've got more to carry—and this stroller gets it. And with 23 potential configurations, you're ready to hit the road no matter what life throws at you.

Lugging a heavy car seat is the last thing a mama of two needs to have on her hands. The thing new moms of multiples really need to get out the door? A little peace of mind. It's hard to find an accessory that's as stylish as it is functional.

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But the Nuna diaper bag pulls out all the stops with a sleek design that perfectly conceals a deceptively roomy interior that safely stores everything from extra diapers to your laptop! And with three ways to wear it, even Dad will want to take this one to the park. Getting a new baby on a nap schedule—while still getting out of the house—is hard. It folds down and pops up easily for sleepovers at grandma's or unexpected naps at your friend's house, and the degree ventilation ensures a comfortable sleep.

With 5 essentials that are as flexible as you need to be, the only thing we're left asking is, where are you going to go, mama? This article was sponsored by Nuna. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and mamas. Our bodies change so much during pregnancy. Between the weight gain, the waddle and things getting all swollen, you can end up feeling like your body just doesn't fit anymore.

That's been true for Jessica Simpson during her third pregnancy. The mogul mama had problems with her swollen feet, and now she's having a problem with her toilet. Don't lean back on the toilet when pregnant," Simpson captioned a pic of her broken seat. Jessica Simpson on Instagram: Simpson has a great sense of humor about this whole breaking-the-toilet episode, but it's pretty clear this pregnancy has been hard on her. She's been wearing slippers almost exclusively, judging by her last few Instagram pics, and can't even sleep in her bed at night.

Insane heartburn, broken toilets and feet so swollen only slippers will fit. Pregnancy sure isn't fun sometimes especially when you're in the home stretch like Simpson , but having done this before she knows it's worth it in the end. Hang in there, Jessica. You'll be cuddling your new baby, sleeping horizontally and wearing real shoes very soon. We live in a world where anything we want can be ordered online, and if that item is too expensive cheaper, knock-off versions of all kinds of everyday products are just a scroll away.

A counterfeit purse or a cheaply made pair of shoes probably isn't going to hurt the end user, but a fake car seat absolutely could, and unfortunately, they're ending up in the back seats of parents' cars. Luke's Children's Hospital had come across two families in possession of brand-new car seats that were missing vital safety features including five-point harness chest clips , Motherly began looking into where such car seats are coming from and why American consumers would be buying them. Our investigation revealed that both generic knock-offs and more sophisticated counterfeit versions of specific high-end car seats are sold by third-parties through popular and trusted online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

The good news? If you know what you're looking for these fakes are easy to spot and avoid, and when we alerted Amazon and Walmart. The car seat technicians with St. Luke's Pediatric Education and Prevention Programs in Idaho could not believe what they were seeing when they came across the first fake car seat. For people who deal with car seats day in and day out, the missing chest clip was a dead giveaway that something was wrong, but for new parents who don't have much experience with car seats, it's an easy thing to miss.

Luke's, the first car seat was noticed by a car seat tech who was helping the parents of a newborn baby prepare to leave the hospital.

She noticed it was missing its chest clip, and was quite flimsy. Bryan says the family explained that the car seat was part of a three-part travel system they'd received as a gift. They were told the gift-giver had ordered it through Amazon. The travel system was branded as "SafePlus," a name similar to a product line of a popular European brand. The car seat tech at St. Luke's told the disappointed family their car seat was not safe for use.

That was on a Friday. The following Monday St. Luke's was doing a car seat check event in Meridian, Idaho when a mom approached with her seat. She was looking for some reassurance after a friend had questioned the safety of the seat. The mom was disappointed to learn that her fancy leather travel system again, given as a gift , wasn't safe for her baby. The families involved told St.

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The exact travel system that St. Luke's had come across was also listed on Walmart.

Again, both Amazon and Walmart promptly removed the links to the items in question when Motherly alerted the retailers, but similar items can still be found online. But these systems may seem inexpensive when compared to some trendy high-end brands with a similar silhouette and bassinet attachment.

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That's the case when it comes to the Doona. One Amazon reviewer seemed very pleased with a fake knock off Doona they purchased the listing was removed when Motherly alerted Amazon to it. In a review dated December 29, , the purchaser wrote: It's easy to collapse and put into any vehicle and strap it down without any issues. I'm putting it to good use and getting my money's worth. Mazar's team has tested multiple counterfeit versions of the Doona in the same lab they use to test the real thing.

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The dupes failed flammability tests, tested positive for dangerous chemicals in the textiles, and in the crash test the dummy babies fell right out of the car seats. New deals will start as often as every five minutes for the next 36 hours straight, but will only be available while stocks last. So catch them while you can. Prime Day is exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Amazon Prime offers a plethora of services from same-day delivery to unlimited music, TV and films streaming, all for a set monthly fee. During sale events Prime customers can enjoy minutes exclusive early access to all Lightning Deals, so if you're wanting to snap up some bargains before anyone else, getting a Prime account is a good idea.

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