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Lube door and hood hinges, lube steering, suspension and driveline. Clean exhaust system. Includes up to 5 quarts of motor oil and new ACDelco oil filter. Diesels and synthetic oil may be slightly higher. Schedule Service. Free car wash with any service. Disclaimer Free car wash with any service.

Disclosure Free car wash with any service. Install pads. Inspect rotors. Check calipers and master cylinder fluid levels. Check and adjust caster, camber and set toe. Check tire pressure and wear. Check all steering and suspension. Additional parts and labor may be required on some vehicles. Check and set tire pressures. Joint Applicant's Information. Hours Of Operation. Monday 9: Body Shop. Monday 8: Service and Parts.

Monday 7: Batavia Chevrolet Service and Repair Center. Our Batavia Chevrolet service experts will help you keep your car running just how it should. If you happen to need a tire rotation, brake inspection or oil change in Batavia, OH, let the GM certified professionals at Jeff Wyler Eastgate Auto Mall provide the high quality auto maintenance you deserve.

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It goes without saying that we'll make every effort to perform the job both in a timely and an efficient manner so you can get your car back on the road as soon as possible. They insisted on taking another credit app, even though I told them that I had already given one on line. So they said that they could not compete with that offer, so the negotiations began on a clear purchase. A fair price. I had also found a bad crack in the windshield and the salesman said that the price was so low, they could not fix the windshield.

I kept explaining that unless they could match my credit union of 3. After waiting another 2 hours I finally got into the finance office and found that my deal was contingent on financing through them with a much higher rate. I faced an hour of high pressure to purchase additional protections and financing deals which I refused.

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By this time, the finance man was very upset with me and had become very rude. I should have walked out, but by now I had invested about 3 hours with the on line purchase program and over 5 hours at the dealership, and I still really wanted the truck for the agreed price on the signed purchase agreement. So, we finally came to a reluctant agreement that I would finance through my credit union, and take no extras offered my the dealership.

By now it was dark and the truck had been cleaned up a little, but I did not see the dent in the bumper and the multiple rust spots on the chrome running boards. I left the truck because I had to take my car back home the 2 hour drive and come back with my wife to get the truck the next day. So I left, came back the next day, in the day and found the dent and the rust, but I was so tired of working with them, I just accepted those flaws and left.

In the following days I had several calls from the finance man and my loan officer at the credit union. The loan officer complained to me that the finance rep from the dealer was very rude to her and very difficult to work with. After about 5 days of this the dealer finance rep called me and told me that they deal was going to have to be canceled because my loan officer refused to send the letter of credit that they had requested.

The loan officer told me that she had faxed two of those to him 4 days ago. I called him back and after a two hour wait, he found that they had sent it, but it had gotten lost somehow. So finally I think those issues were resolved.

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For the next two weeks I kept getting calls from the dealer asking why I didn't show up for my scheduled test drive. Each time I explained that I did show up and made a purchase they seem confused and didn't know what to say. Today is now over a month after that purchase day, I still have not gotten my title paperwork and my temp tag is about to expire.

I got a letter from them saying that I was being denied credit. My wife and I both had a credit score over and I when I left there I had financed through my credit union. I hope this not damage our excellent credit rating.

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My salesman was a very nice guy, but the whole purchase experience was a total disaster. I would give negative stars if possible. I was speaking with a salesman for 2 weeks and explained exactly what we were working with. This is all after I explained to the sales person I have 3 kids and will need to pay for a babysitter as I lived almost an hour away. I told him I didn't want to waste my time if what were were trying to accomplish wasn't possible.

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He assured me it was possible and it wouldn't be a waste of time. I would definitely go to Tom Gill Chevrolet over this place every time. I will never reach out to them for anything ever again. What a terrible waste of my time, money and effort going to this scam shop. I felt no pressure whatsoever to buy and that made for a good experience.

Hayden was friendly and professional. The only exasperating part was when I was signing papers and the finance man kept trying to get me to buy extras I had already said I could not afford. We drove an hour and a half to get here to test drive a vehicle that was on their website. Umm, no. We came for this car. He couldn't find the keys, but wanted to get us a compatible vehicle. There was no compatible vehicle. The manager came out and said they sold the vehicle this morning.

So we left.

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A week later, the car is still on their website! So I email and ask if it's available If this isn't a scam, I don't know what is. I would think if not illegal, definately unethical. The car is still on the website. We've had ppl ask about them bc they were gonna go there to look at cars. We told them our story and they said they won't waste their time to go there then. It's def a waste of time, money and wear and tear on a car! Drove out to the location to test drive the truck that night when I arrived to the dealership I spoke with Ken I believe and asked to test drive the truck.

After returning from the test drive I told him I liked the truck even though it needed about a dollars to get it right but would like to talk about numbers. Ken had a personal emergency and had to leave, but said he would be handing me off to Tim to talk numbers. Talking to Tim he made the comment that "if I don't buy tonight the truck is sold in the morning, a guy would be back in the morning they just couldn't find the keys".

Didn't think much of this as it sounded like a sales tatic and have heard this line from multiple dealerships before. Told Tim we could'nt come to a price and started to leave, he started to work with me on the price. We came to a number and I agreed to the price. Tim then had went and checked with finance to get it approved and I had asked him if he had ran my credit yet ha said yes and told me my credit score , at this point I had not signed anything not even a quote sheet.

After running by finance he asked what I would like to pay with,told Tim that I would have to grab the money down and a credit card as the banks were closed at 9 pm. He told me to come by with the money first thing in the morning at 9 am when the dealership oppened I said I could do this no problem. Another salesman came out and asked for me to sign that paper stating that I agreed to the price of the truck, asked them both this does not commit me to anything other than agreed price of the truck they both said yes. I there for signed the paper at the end of the night then shook their hands and left.

Called sat to see if they got them in and one had sold the other they didn't get it in. When I arrived no one wanted to help me had to ask for a sales rep and to talk to a manager. After going back and forth with Tim he stated that they can not do that and will not do that. I informed him that I would be filing a fraudulent credit run with Equifax. Reason for reporting the review: Your email address: The report has been submitted to DealerRater support. An email has been sent that includes a link to a page you can use to monitor this report's status.

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