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Unfinished solid hardwood, however, must be sealed and therefore cannot be used as soon as it is installed. Pre-finished solid hardwood is also available.

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It is recommended that if you do refinish your engineered wood flooring, that it be done by a professional. Light Moisture - Engineered wood flooring works well in almost any room, such as kitchens or basements.

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However, in areas that may be exposed to heavy moisture such as basements that are prone to flooding, engineered flooring is not the best option. For these areas, tile or vinyl is a better choice. Engineered wood flooring will hold up to moisture better than other wood flooring products. Strategically placed area rugs and protective pads placed on the legs of furniture will help keep your floor from getting scratched, and routine cleaning will keep your floors looking like new. Steps to follow to keep your hardwood flooring in good condition: Clean your wood floors regularly using a wood floor cleaning product and a suitable cleaning pad.

The pad should be slightly damp, never dripping wet.

It is recommended that you use the floor cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer of your wood flooring, and that the cleaning pad be clean each time you start your cleaning process; otherwise the warranty on the product may be void. Protective pads should be placed on furniture legs.

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Avoid walking excessively on your hardwood floors with high heels, and keep pets nails trimmed to avoid scratches and gauges. It is suggested a humidifier be installed to keep it at this level. DO NOT use wet mops or cleaning products meant for other flooring types. DO NOT use ammonia or dust cleaners. DO NOT let dirt be tracked around your floor; allowing dirt to remain on your floor will cause scratches to the surface. DO NOT wax a urethane finish. Web Design in Burnaby by Kota Media. Is it difficult to maintain hardwood flooring?

Can hardwood flooring be installed in a basement? Can hardwood flooring be installed on concrete? Can hardwood flooring be installed over radiant heat? Will hardwood make my room colder? Do I need to keep temperature and humidity controlled year-round? Is it possible to repair my floor if it gets gauged? Can I wax my hardwood floor? What is the best way to restore the finish to my hardwood floor? Can I wet-mop my hardwood floor? Return to Top. Two main types of wood flooring exist, engineered hardwood and solid hardwood.

Both of these are manufactured from real wood, but the manufacturing process is different. This provides more options than standard wood which must be nailed to a wood sub-floor. The proceeding information is generic and presented only as a guide. Any damage resulting from failure to follow recommendations will not be covered under warranty.

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Wood floors are an excellent flooring option but it is crucial for them to be cared for properly for them to retain their value. If spills, excess moisture, and dirt are not properly dealt with, your floor may become damaged. Again, the proceeding information is generic and presented only as a guide. Please Call to book your appointment today. At Restoration Hardwood we do more than just sell quality flooring products, we are also experts in the field of floor Installation and hardwood floor refinishing.

Combining quality products with phenomenal service results in a high-quality job that will last a lifetime.

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Our accreditation assures that you are dealing with a licensed flooring company that always puts customer care, quality products and service as a priority. Call Today.

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Online Showroom We work hard to make the process of purchasing and installing your new floor as seamless as possible. Visit Showroom. Photo Gallery Take a look at the latest residential and commercial flooring projects that we have been working on.

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