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Amazon shill. Got one a while ago, too bad it's not low enough for my stock Civic. Quote from dreamexecution: Quote from mrdjman: Last edited by dreamexecution November 13, at I have had one of these for about 2 years and love it. Great find OP! Thx for posting though. New User. I've used one for years and it is a champ. Fits under my 09 civic si. Quote from TastyDeal: I'm assuming the Torin is all steel too??

Quote from PheirosFX: Page 1 of 2. Join the Conversation Add a Comment. Popular Deal. Home Depot, Husky 14 in. Select Home Depot Stores: Frontpage Deal. Deal Alerts. Get notified on new deals directly in your inbox or on your phone By adding this Deal Alert, you'll be notified automatically any time we find a popular deal that matches these keywords:. The one that is cracked looks like the crack is covered in paint. Coach Do it did not come cracked. If you look, the crack is in the valley of one of the stamping creases.

When I drove my truck up on them, their was an audible tone when they cracked that I heard. The other ramp on the left but not in the camera frame also has a like crack. My truck was well within rating of these ramps. Here is the only picture I could find of my ramp that looks just like the HF version. My Son was helping me change the oil. He was two years old in this picture. My ramp is very old but it looks like it is from the same factory. If I remember correctly I got it from Kmart. If you look closely you can see the low profile adapter at the end of the ramp.

It was sold separately as a kit. I have never used those metal ramps because I don't trust them. I use Rhino Ramps. I just wish they were taller. I've had plans drawn up to build a set similar to "alan camby"'s above for a while now I just haven't had the spare cash for the steel USA or not those things look sketchy as hell. Another negative, you'd need to put plywood under them if you have an asphalt drive to keep them from sinking in. I have a set of Rhino ramps but I really don't like them. Most I use them for is setting wheels on them while jacking them up. I have found them nearly impossible to actually drive onto since they just skid out of the way.

The non-skid rubber pad is hardly adequate, particularly when all of the force is exerted at the approach. I have used expansion joints to aide with that in the past, but I decided it just wasn't worth it. That's what makes some of the heavier options more appealing.

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It's gotten to the point where I don't much trust jack stands either, particularly those that make a very small contact point with the car. I've done this to but attribute it to either unfamiliar throttle response or a very touchy peddle. When I use the Rhinos, I jam the ramps under the wheels and then ease up. They don't slide, and I don't have the rubber piece.

Maybe that will work for you. I've never had mine slide either. I first bought a pair of the steel ramps at Napa about 6 years ago because I didn't trust plastic ramps. I always used steel ramps but they were my Dad's so I had to get my own set eventually. The management is constantly playing favorites and is always hiring young pretty girls to be cashiers then telling the guys that work the backroom how much he'd like to bend the new cashier over. If you do or say anything that pisses the managers off you'll be lucky get over 10 hours a week for about a month.

Today my husband and myself drove 30 minutes to get to this store to get a few things and came across what we thought was an excellent deal. We were not sure if the voltage meter was tagged right so we immediately called over one of the associates to check the tag. He then said it wasn't the right tag but they would have to give it to us because they were there.

He then said he needed to get the manager to override the price but when the manager came over he was very rude and didn't say anything except "we can't do that". I proceeded to say "I've worked retail 28 years and customer are always right. Where I work we take care of the customers especially if we mess up". He then took the product out of my hand and walked away with them. We put all the other product we were going to purchase back. We were so upset.

On February the 8th of me and my son were in our local Harbor Freight store shopping for tools. We were looking at the toolboxes located in the rear of the store where there were a few large tools located next to them on floor level shelves and my son was standing right next to me where there was a large jackhammer standing straight up. He proceeded to touch it and next thing I knew he was lying on the floor with it directly on top of him. I rushed to get it off of him and picked him up very hysterical and see that he already has a red eye and he is also complaining of his knee hurting.

So I look over at where the tool was and saw there were straps there that was supposed to be holding the tool in place were never strapped to the tool. I proceeded to find a manager concerned about my son and wanting to bring him to the emergency room to get checked out. The manager made me go to his office to fill out a incident report of what happened. I did as he asked. He told me to go ahead and take him and that someone from his company would be contacting me within 72 hrs. Well after an email and two phone call later I receive a call almost a month later from the claims department.

Now I am stuck with a medical bill from this incident and still dealing with claims department. I don't understand the issues here. Something happens in one of their stores and not a care in the world from these people. Not one phone call or email in concern for my son and his wellbeing. I am very disappointed in the way all this is being handled I will never shop at harbor freight again and will be getting as many others as I can not to.

This all should have been taken care of that day of the incident. I should not be having to send emails, make several phone calls and be stuck with a medical bill because some idiot didn't perform their job correctly and properly secured a very heavy object that was obviously supposed to be secured for these reasons. I purchased a generator from this store a few weeks back that doesn't work. I purchased it on credit card and have the charge with other items I bought on my statement. The problem is the girl rang up a different item for the same cost of the generator because she couldn't scan the barcode.

Store manager could not look up and find receipt in system.

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Store manager Jeff is a lying moron and now I am stuck with a generator that doesn't work. The next day I removed the broken key from the lock, broke into the toolbox and got my 2nd key from inside the case. Now that I no longer needed the new lock, I called to cancel the order within 24 hours and at 10AM. I was informed that the order was too far along and could not be cancelled.

These folks are bordering on crocked. They acted like they could not walk over to shipping and stop the order. So I called and emailed several people to complain and see if they would refund my money or stop the order. No one EVER returned for call!!! If I had one star out of five I think I would try to change my thinking but whatever I will never buy anything else from these people. Also failing to mention that the order took 30 minutes to complete and the two follow up calls have totaled another 30 minutes so far. WOW bad service. I am not happy that when I bought the blower five months ago and bought a two year warranty only because I have had very bad luck with your products going bad after the warranty is up, so that is why I bought the warranty because I wanted it to be on your nickel this time not mine.

Well, just as I had thought, it broke the other day and when I brought it back today I asked if the two year warranty started over today or was still what was left on the original one I had just bought five months ago. I was unhappy to learn that once you bring back the item even though it was of bad quality and broke on its own, that I had to forfeit the rest of the warranty and buy a new one on the one you exchanged for me.

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I do not believe that is fair. A two year warranty is a "two year" warranty. It is your company's fault for having subpar items, not mine and I expected for you to honor that original two year warranty. I should not have had to purchase another one after only five months. I should have done my homework! I never should have purchased a workbench from Harbor Freight! The 85 lb box arrived and the box was clearly a return. It looked like it had been opened and taped closed numerous times!

I checked all the parts and of course, 3 were missing. First, the rep Chris told me that they had no record of my order! After insisting he keep looking, he claimed he found it, but there were no parts available. They have the workbenches in stock but no parts??? He said I would have to return the 85 lb. I asked to speak to his manager and he put me on hold.

After 20 minutes I hung up and realized I was scammed by this ripoff company. I will never ever use their service again and will place reviews about their scams and service everywhere I can. They deserve to be shut down! The store manager provided a person who misrepresented herself and a situation with all of my account information. The store allows only 90 days from the date of purchase to get copies of receipts. Once she received my information he changed my email address back to mine. When I confronted Josh about providing my information without a summons or court order he denied he knew the person.

metal ramps from HF [Archive] - The Garage Journal Board

Josh also blamed his staff for providing the information over the 90 days. I write another complaint about my private info given away but this time, Tim called me and said he had just talked to the person Josh gave my info too and I'm on paid leave for an investigation which wasn't true. How did Tim know who she was if Josh claimed not to know her? Read the company privacy policy. Wooden rail broken, missing cross bar. Kid falls out due to not able to steer and no rail, not a big deal I guess.

Manager said call their parts department, no help. The thing was opened tapped shut. Does not matter. They took it back from someone! It is the day before my grandson comes over for Christmas, not that it mattered to him. Call their parts department I have spent thousands of dollars there over the years, no more. Pay more and dump the cheap crap from China.

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Bah Humbug. Bought a double bevel miter saw. Accidentally bent fence extensions two small flimsy aluminum plates attached to the cutting fence. Found out that NO parts are available for their products. So your basic assumption when dealing with Harbor Freight is assume if anything breaks that is not a warranty issue it will be a disposable tool. Absolutely no service or support is provided for the products they sell.

You are on your own. Avoid at all costs. Harbor Freight is a good place for tools cheap enough to throw them away if they don't work, for occasional use, but not for your day to day reliable tools. Also, for things like brushes, rags, cheap lights, or a large hand tool like a pipe wrench for occasional use. Their power tools are similar, and I've had some saws that failed right out of the box, more than once. But they were saws I just couldn't get elsewhere, so I have 3 or 4 of them. Service is questionable, and often just plain RUDE.

I've had reasonable actions with a manager, and occasional I'll dicker on a lower price on a bigger odd ball item, and get it Some of the clerks should be fired on the spot. They are so bad. I still shop there for the cheap stuff, but for quality I use Craftsman to SnapOn. I live in a rural area where I have to haul water in a tank on the back of my truck to my house. From the tank, I need a transfer pump to get the water to the water storage tank at the house.

I'm not sure why I keep doing it - but my last 8 pumps came from Harbor Freight. Yes, cheap Chinese imports, I knew this.

Harbor Freight Auto Ramp Set with Built In Safety Chock ~ Tool Review

Those 8 pumps lasted less than 4 years total. The next to last one actually lasted a whole year, so when it stopped working, I just bought another. The last pump lasted for 6 pumpings, so about a month and a half. I run the pump for about 1 hour to transfer gallons of water. That's it.

Then I remove the hoses, dump the water in the pump and take the pump into the house where I set it just inside my utility room.