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Putting them against the wall destroys the bass energy, turning a mighty oomph into a tiny, muddy squeak. They need to be at least six inches from all walls, and preferably further than that. Obviously this is something that you may have to compromise on, depending on the sound and shape of your room, but as we said, make sure you play around with positioning.

You also need to be aware of the position of the various speaker drivers. The last thing you want as to actually block any of them, or to put something in their path that could interfere with the sound. The good news is, floorstanding speakers are rarely nailed down. In addition, many of them come with screw-on feet that isolate the cabinet from the floor, eliminating vibrations and helping smooth out the sound, which is always welcome. The individual engines that produce sound. They combine the electronic components needed to convert the audio signal into something you can actually hear.

Drivers can only be so powerful individually, so the more a manufacturer packs into a floorstanding speaker, the richer and more detailed the sound likely will be. As a rough guideline, you should never see less than three drivers in a single unit — anything less, and you're not going to get the sound you deserve. At the top ranges, you can see up to six and sometimes even seven individual drivers in a unit. Drivers are split into tweeters high sounds, like violins , mid-range human voice and woofers low sounds, like basslines.

The tweeters are a good indication of where a speaker falls on the budget scale. Cheaper speakers will use cone tweeters - yes, it's in a cone shape. This doesn't spread sound as well as other shapes, and in addition, the materials don't often measure up paper is most common - effective, to be sure, but not exactly high-grade.

Better models will use dome tweeters, which treat the sound more effectively and spread it more evenly. Perfect example: Super-expensive speakers actually use something known as a ribbon tweeter, which is a super-light, super-strong, super-efficient tweeter that can do some really amazing things to the sound. You won't see these very often, but they're great. By the way, drivers also include woofers — the oversized ones which produce bass frequencies.

Wattage refers to the power that can be pushed through each speaker. You should look at watts per channel in particular, as this is a broad measure of how much oomph each driver will have. Wattage is further divided into Peak and Continuous. Peak wattage is how much power the speaker can handle at absolute maximum capacity.

Floor Standing Speakers

Continuous is the average wattage the speaker puts out on any given Sunday — in other words, what it will put out when played at what most people would consider an average volume. In other words, what's the absolute peak power your speaker can take? Not just because you want to drive at maximum volume, but because music has loud parts and soft parts, and you need to know that both your amplifiers and speakers can handle them.

That means that any amp that generates continuous and peak power within that range is a good match. Not to worry. The good news is that impedance, and how it relates to wattage, is relatively easy to explain, although it does take a little more space and time than we have here. For short reference: Amp impedance can be lower than speaker impedance, but speaker impedance should never be lower than amp impedance. This one is easy. For sensitivity, read: Sometimes called efficiency, this as a measure of how loud a set of speakers will go when a certain amount of power usually one miliwatt is put through them.

All things being equal, you should be able to line up a set of speakers in a row, put exactly the same amount of power through them, and get a general idea of how loud they all are at the same power level, by measuring the decibels dB. Regardless, they are generally accepted way of determining how much sound speaker will put out. If you have a smaller space, you can quite happily go for speakers with a sensitivity below, say, 88dB. A larger space will require a higher sensitivity rating.

On the surface, this is simple. Frequencies measure how low and how high sounds are. It's measured in Hertz - or, if we're talking about really high sounds, kiloHertz literally, thousands of Hertz. When it comes to floorstanding speakers, the bass is worth spending a little time on. Work with us here. Woofers are specialised drivers that are used to create bass frequencies.

Best speakers 12222: standmount, floorstander, desktop, active

Almost all floorstanding speakers contain at least one — some of them may even have a lone woofer and a single tweeter — and they often produce very good low-end. They are likely to be oversized, and gobble up the bulk of the power that is fed into the speaker. What we mean is this. To get truly impactful bass, you need to reach really low in the frequency spectrum — down to the place where we are no longer able to hear sound, but only to feel it. To get these frequencies pumping, you need absolutely tremendous power — often more than a floorstanding speaker can generate, even the really big ones.

It needs external amplification, which is why you usually plug your speakers into a separate amp or receiver. Powered or Active speakers contain their own amplifier. Almost all home theater speakers are passive. It is worth checking, however, as if you plug an active speaker into an amplifier using anything but a dedicated cable known as a line-level cable, there can sometimes be a bang. You will also probably be needing a home theater system to hook these up to. Don't worry, we've got you covered. What is more appropriate: The traditional response is to go with the former.

Floorstanding speakers, if you believe the vast body of knowledge on the subject, are best when used for home theater applications. They also have the added advantage in that they may, in some cases, negate the need for additional subwoofer. Ultimately, you should let your budget and your space needs be your guide. It may also be perfectly possible to simply play music through your home theater system, making it more of an all in one solution. In other words: Floorstanders are often far more versatile than they are given credit for. Get in the sweet spot, and every cent you spend on your new speakers will be worth it.

However, this can take a little bit of work to achieve. Ultimately, you need to set up your speakers in your preferred position, and quite literally move around until you found the listening spot you like. However, there is a particular trick that you can use to help narrow down the sweet spot: Imagine you are sitting in front of your speakers, parallel to the direction of the drivers.

Sony GTKXB5B.CEK High Power One Box Music System with Lighting Effects - Black

Obviously, you do this by turning the speakers themselves, and you don't have to worry too much about accurately measuring the angle. Even a little bit of a turn can work wonders. Not every set of speakers needs to be toed-in, and different manufacturers will provide different advice. No subject has caused more ruin friendships, more personal vendettas, than speaker burn-in. Even now, we are a little bit hesitant to write about it.

The idea is this: Only then can the speakers be truly evaluated. The counterargument? Simply that any burn-in effect that may have been witnessed by testers in the past is simply the result of our ears getting used to the sound of a particular set of speakers or headphones.

Our take? Ultimately, you should buy your speakers, then simply enjoy them. You'll often see these terms thrown around on product pages. They are a needlessly-complicated way of saying something very simple. Two-way speakers separate the frequencies they produce into lows and highs. To do this, they have two different types of drivers: Three-way speakers - you guessed it - separate the frequencies into three: That means they need midrange drivers as well. Traditionally, three-ways are better than two-ways, producing more detailed sound.

The Klipsch, for example, easily beats the three-way Polk Audio T Serious about your speakers? Then it's time to bring out the big guns. Photo Credit. The Master Switch.

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November 16, Powered by Drupal. Learn More About Home Theater. The phrase 'surround sound' immediately makes people think of a number: The 5. You can survive with just a regular set of speakers. But you cannot believe the difference having one will make. This big box of wonder will do incredible things to your sound.

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We get it. Setting up a home theater system can be daunting as hell. Actually, forget can be; they are complicated. Then again, the Ultra Towers are easily among the best floorstanding speakers out there. View the discussion thread. Share This. Get the best new audio gear in your inbox once a week. All Rights Reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. SVS Ultra Towers. Klipsch RPF. Fluance Signature Series. ELAC Debut 2. Focal Chorus KEF R7.

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