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Advertising Spin-Off. The success of a coupon-based campaign cannot only be judged by the percentage redemption. Many coupons pass through the hands of potential purchasers without being used. Each coupon is seen as an advertising impact, which is most valuable if the campaign is correctly targeted. Coupon Clearing Bureau.

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The company was created in by both suppliers and retailers to perform all administration required and handle all transactions involved in the clearing house function. The clearing house operation is audited by Stein Baltsoucos Inc.

Quarterly internal audits are carried out to verify that the standards laid down are adhered to. Coupon Clearing Bureau also provides a wide range of statistics on coupon redemption, tailor-made for both current and prospective clients. Apart from the coupon design and printing costs, there are three costs involved in couponing: Coupon face value - this is the discount given on the product being promoted.

It covers administration costs and loss of interest on the money used to fund the promotion.

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A schedule of retailer handling fees is available. CCB processing fee - this is the amount charged by Coupon Clearing Bureau to cover the costs of administering the clearing house operation. The processing fee varies from retailer to retailer depending on the volumes of coupons received, the larger the claim, the lower the charge. Accounting Modes of Operation. All suppliers receive their invoices, statements and supporting documentation by email on the 25th of each month. The idea was to tap into the market by on-boarding early-adopters.

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Across profiled segments, the majority demographic is female, between the ages of 26 - 35 years. A media and creative strategy was developed using the guidelines of Unilever's 5 Levers for Change. Unilever focused on the mobile web in South Africa in order to cost effectively attract the deepest pool of early adopters. During the first half of , various mobile media channels were tried, with a test-and-learn approach. Optimizations were implemented during the second half of the year to shift the full remaining media allocation to the most successful channels, including mobile display, SMS and content marketing on South Africa's largest off-portal directory of mobile sites Thumbtribe.

Mobile display brought Unilever Deals exclusive homepage exposure with handset targeting for maximum reach.

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Content marketing enabled them to draw associations to key relevant interest groups by way of Editorial Highlights, Sponsored content, Visual teasers and Content RSS. A re-engagement strategy was implemented to deepen connections and facilitate one-on-one conversations with signed up consumers based on previous interactions on the platform. To support its objectives, Unilever Deals coupon technology was integrated into five above-the-line brand campaigns to drive volume, product sampling and rewards. The platform was developed and went through three months of beta testing in , launching into the first year of operation in January Going into , Unilever was able to set realistic targets, based on comparable results achieved and benchmarks set from these in The deals platform delivers real-time rewards to consumers through point-of-sale integration into South Africa's largest retailers.

Couponing has been used in the past to trial new products, defend against brand switching and shift slow-moving items. The process of getting a physical coupon processed, approved, distributed and settled has been a lengthy one. With digital couponing, brands have access to instant measurability and can control when the coupons go live, the length of a campaign, and the number of coupons issued. They can also switch campaigns on and off based on real-time performance, protect against coupon fraud, and also profile the consumer. Mobile was at the core of Unilever Deals, from product development to media and the coupon redemption process.

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Unilever completely embraced a mobile- first strategy. The platform offers a simple, intuitive experience to sign up from any Internet-enabled device, select coupons across Unilever's portfolio of brands, add to the basket and redeem online or in-store with a single coupon code, at the consumer's convenience. In terms of access, the adaptive mobile optimized website renders perfectly across multiple device types, from a low-end feature phone to a smart, touch or desktop device.

Consumers are able to issue themselves a coupon via SMS from the site and upon redemption, at the point-of-sale, brands are able to include a second SMS release to land messaging, drive links to recipes, or communicate relevant promotions while the consumer is highly engaged.

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Consumers utilise the booklet and redeem coupons at your store. The Coupon Clearing Bureau determined that: Coupon usage is growing strongly in SA - The demand is there. Shoppers all say, if coupons are distributed they will be used.

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Demonstrating sensitivity. Coupons can help you move slow-selling stock, improving cash flow and provide space for new stock. Coupon redemptiion is so interactive, it assists with building loyalty and attraction towards your store. Why would consumers benefit? The Economy.