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I absolutely love these swimsuits? It was absolutely beautiful. Maybe one day I can go to Fiji! About 4 years ago I had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip. We were able to love on children and share the Gospel with alot of people. The streets were run down and the people lived on very low income. However, little did I know 4 years later I would be back in the DR on a beautiful all inclusive vacation to Punta Cana. Went to Mexico for my honeymoon and had an absolute blast!! Everything was so pretty and green and bright! I lived there for a while and fell in love with everything about it!

So fun! My fav place to getaway is SoCal especially the beaches: I went to Mexico in December with my entire family aunts, cousins, grandparents,etc and we had a blast! My favorite adventure so far has been a trip to Honduras- so beautiful!! So fun!!!! I loved going to Mexico a couple years ago. We went to Cozumel and Progresso on a cruise.

We went to Chichen Itza and swam with dolphins. I went on a missions trip last summer. The surfing, the food, the beaches, everything is a literal dream there. That looks like so much fun! I think my favorite place has got to be North Carolina though. I always love reading about your travels and favorite places! Mexico looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us! My favorite paradise is in Taurangua, New Zealand! I lived there for two months of a summer in college working for a missionary there who develops free teaching materials for teaching child the Bible!

I have only left the country once and it was Cancun actually! I wish I remembered more of the trip but I was only 6 haha. It all sounds like so much fun!! I loveeeee all the swim suits too!! So lovely: This looks so fun!! Your trip looks amazing. I think I will have to add this too my list of places to go. My favorite trip was my family trip to Alaska. The mountains and wildlife were just amazing.

It looks so magical! Definetly made the two weeks there feel like home. I follow all of your posts, your love for God is is inspiring to me. Love these photos, the girls trip looked absolutely amazing!! John or Arizona! However, my hubby and I are planning a trip to Ireland next year and I think that may top them all!

We had so much fun and they have many beaches you can visit. There not as beautiful as the one you have pictured here but this memory will always make Wilmington my favorite! Love that you went on a girls trip out of the states! Hope I can try them out some day. I might buy one for my neighbor girl for her birthday! I love this blog, and all that you post! My favorite travel place was Belize City, Belize! I went there on a mission trip with my family, and I love how we were able to enjoy zip lining through the rainforests or tubing through caves while praising the name of the Lord and sharing His good news with the children in the city!

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I love the colors throughout the city and culture surrounding the city! I also found out about Albionfit last summer and absolutely love their style!

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Thank you so much Mary Kate for sharing the sweet things that happen in your life! I even quoted you in my wedding vows from your blog post about John luke! You put things so well into words that I cannot! So thank you for that! I can find that in a swim suit that is cute and functional! One of the best places I have ever been was on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic at a Young Life camp called Pico Escondido where I went with a group of students and we helped build and paint for the camp and then worked in the local community!

It was amazing and a local took on a hike to a waterfall and it was incredible! I would love to win a swim suit but butnjsut wanted to say thank you! I also enjoy vacationing in Florida? When I saw your swimsuits I just thought they were the most adorable things! Also, fun fact, this blog came out on my birthday yesterday?

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Traveling is a passion of mine. I love going anywhere that has a beach! In my 19 years of life, my favorite vacation spot is California!! This place looks absolutely beautiful! My favorite place that I have traveled so far was a little island off the coast of Belize called Cocoplum! So beautiful!! The clearest water I have ever seen and absolutely beautiful beaches! Breath taking! I have always wanted to go to Mexico! My very first time out of the country was Jamaica, it was beautiful! Such cute swimsuits and scenery!

I was lucky enough to go there last summer with my youth group on a mission trip to work with refugees from the Middle East which totally changed my life and my perspective on so many things! We also got to do some traveling around Austria while we were there and it is just stunning — everything is out of a fairytale!

Every house has a flower box hanging out of the window and all the houses are painted fun colors! Wow these pics are amazing!! Mexico looks so fun. I love skiing, hiking, anything outdoors!! I loved these photos!! Those swimsuits are gorgeous!! It was gorgeous, and I still love the pictures I took there!

Suzhou, China in general is just a beautiful place. It actually does look like Venice! Love the post!! I love traveling!! I love the pink sands and the clear, blue water! Such a dream!! Sooo cute girl. My favorite place to travel is key west I love the clear water and how pretty it is I also love your blogs sooo much!!!

I have always wanted to go here and travel the whole world. I am excited I get to go to Mexico this summer!? I love traveling back to Sandbridge Beach where my husband and I got married! But roadtrips and time spent with those I travel with are always the best part! Love this and love the swimsuits! My favorite vacation would definitely have to be the cruise I went on with my husband for our honeymoon! We cruised with Royal Caribbean and visited Jamaica and Mexico.

The people in Jamaica were incredible, so fun and awesome. And while we were in Cozumel, Mexico my husband surprised me with an excursion to swim with the dolphins which was a lifelong dream come true. Gods creation is just so beautiful you and Mexico!! I went on a mission trip there and shared the gospel in Burbank!! LOVE the girl power of the trip!!! I lived in Nicaragua last year and from the mountains to the beaches- it is hands down my favorite place in the world!

My favorite travel spot is anywhere new! Love discovering cultures and people. Love tropical and beachy locales the most, though. My favorite place I have travelled is definitely Holland! My dad grew up there and it is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. It has to much history and beauty. Love your posts! We went to Madrid, Barcelona, and Toledo!

It was incredible. I absolutely loved my trip to Glacier National Park in Montana! Definitely gave me a desire to go to more adventurous places. These pictures are the cutest!! Rocky Mountain National Park is a must see…. Love this! I found Albion just recently this year and have been dying to get one of their swimsuits. Love your blog posts!! Such an eye opening and humbling experience: Hey, MaryKate! My family goes to SC every year for two weeks and we spend every day on the beach?.

My friends and I also go to ocean city, MD several weekends throughout to summer. I basically love anywhere with a beach! Your positivity and joy are overwhelming. We took trains all the way there and back, it was an amazing experience. Also my fav place to travel is probably Hawaii for vacation and then Costa Rica for mission trips! I love your style of blogs and your feed! What can I Bob Goff has inspired me to dream too!! My fav book!! Also I just got married so totally relate to your married young post! So fun to share that with someone else across the states! Ok so my most memorable place traveled was Guatemala.

Such an awesome experience and the sand at the beach is black, from the valcanos! And I could always use an extra swimsuit for my trip? How fun! It was a great trip! My favorite destination has been Papua New Guinea. I spent 9 weeks there on a mission trip, and it was amazing. The people are so loving and inviting, and the jungle is so raw and wild and beautiful.

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I love this so much! My favorite place I have traveled was El Salvador on my missions trip last summer! It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! My favorite place I have ever traveled in Venice, Italy!!! It was beautiful, but I was only there for a day! My favorite place to visit is definitely Costa Rica where I lived for a year. But a close second would be Colombia!

Wow that looks incredible. I went there two years ago right before the hurricane hit and it was the most beautiful place I have ever experienced. The people, the culture — Gods hand was on my team and I as we served the community and it was beautiful. Would love to travel anywhere, really! The mountains there are so pretty! Oh wow this place looks dreamy!!! The people are so genuine and the views are stunning. Trips are so fun!! This place looks amazing and I love the pictures! My favorite places that I have traveled would be Israel and England! Love these pics! I live in small town Alabama, and so an adventure to the big city was soooo magical!

It was fabulous. I would love an albion swimmie for my travels!! Super cute pictures! They were so beautiful and the weather was perfect? So cute MaryKate!! Those acai bowls look like they are to die for!!

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An Albion swimsuit sure would fit perfectly in my suitcase!!? We went there for Nationals last year and we had the best time hiking through the mountains! Such a pretty place!?? All those pictures are beautiful! I love Albion, some of the best money i have spent is on a swimsuit that makes me feel great, confident and adventurous! My favorite place i have visited if Cabo, Mexico!!

Would love to visit that resort you went to in Cancun one Day! Iam also going to Spain this summer for 6 weeks to study and visit local beaches! This is so cute! This looks like so much fun! I follow you, Ellie, Bonnie, and Aspyn on Instagram, so it was cool to see you all hanging out together. I went there for a missions trip! It was so hard to pick a favorite place, but I would say Hawaii! My absolute favorite place I have traveled is New Deli, India! The culture is incredible! But mainly! There are so many beautiful souls for the kingdom of God! Me and my husband road tripped on our honeymoon all the way from Tennessee to Colorado and back!

Being able To walk where Jesus walked and learn more about how he spent his time on earth has changed my relationship with him!! I loved this blog!! I absolutely loved visiting out east in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania!! It was so beautiful with so many pretty flowers!? Would love an Albion swimsuit: Lots of history, hiking, and beautiful scenery!

These pictures just make me fall more in love with them. Oh my goodness I love your sweet blog posts! What an awesome experience and beautiful group of girls. The people were so wonderful and uplifting and it almost feels like they spoke into my life more than I ever could into theirs. Your food pictures remind me somewhat of the food there, exotic and delicious.

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Thanks for sharing such a cool experience! Your trip sounds like it was a blast!! I love the modest swims that Albion Fit has! Lovely pictures. I have not had many opportunities to travel yet, but I got to visit my sister I South Korea and that was super fun and different! My dream is to go to Ireland…one day. The Albion swimsuits really are the cutest, I dont own one but definitely want to! And Cancun seems amazing! I loved traveling to Mexico on a cruise with my family! So fun to experience part of another culture, especially when they make such great food haha!

Thanks for sharing your experience, loved reading about it! A little piece of my heart is still there. Love Albion fit, the trip looked amazing!!! It was magical and a trip to remember. Favorite place that I have traveled would by far have to be London!! So amazing and totally different than here!: Ooh, love the pictures!! I have been following you ever since you and John Luke got engaged, and I always feel so inspired by your posts.

My mind cannot comprehend how God creates such beautiful places and blesses me with the opportunity to travel there. Everyone was so kind and there was something for everyone to enjoy. I would go back in the blink of an eye if i could! God bless!!! A new blog post eeeek! And all of the comments! Mary Kate I feel like your blog has grown so so much in the last little while!

God sure knew what he was doing when he created you! A God loving, Jesus living, loving girl who shares her adventures with strangers who become inspired to take trips and little adventures and savor they and dance in the present too, all accompanied by a handful of pictures! All you ladies up here in the comments and reading through I pray for you! If anyone here wants prayer you can leave a reply under my comment and I would love to pray for you!

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My favorite place that I have traveled to has been Yellowstone National Park. It was gorgeous! In a couple of years, I will be travelling to Australia! Wow, the pictures are beautiful. So far my favorite memories traveling with my family are from Ireland.

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My favorite place was definitely going to Israel! I want to go back again! And whenever I find the guy god wants me to be with I will definitely go back with him so he can experience it to and see the Bible come to life! Israel is such a magical place and when I came home I took a dna test to find out I had so Jewish in me!! So now I definitely want to go back like at least 2 more times! I have never been outside the United States hopefully one day to Italy or Paris , but my favorite place to visit is Colorado. So beautiful and I enjoyed going to the Sand Dunes last time I visited.

I once traveled to Vienna, Austria for a day, on my way home from a trip to Romania. I was super jet-lagged and exhausted, but the city and its architecture were absolutely beautiful! We got to walk around to different street markets and buy fresh fruit. My favorite place I have traveled to is England and France! My family and I traveled to Europe this past summer and everything about these countries are absolutely stunning! The people, food, landscape, history…ahhh my list can go on and on??

Love these pictures!!! I love the photos!! Looks like you had so much fun!! My family went as a graduation gift for me and we had a blast. We went when they were having the world cup in Brazil in and the whole city had a party when their team got into the finals. It was just one huge party on the streets.

We were able to go on a jeep tour through a jungle, see banana trees which had a TON of snakes EEK , and just became immersed in the culture. Another nice thing was it would rain every afternoon so we would spend each afternoon, after doing something fun that morning, reading on the porch of the house we rented. I would go back in a heartbeat! My favorite trip was when I went to Poland 2 years ago for a pilgrimage. I was able to go with all my friends! That always makes a trip more memorable! I recently over new years went to Peru on a missions trip. It changed my life!

My favorite place I ever traveled to was Croatia. The scenery changes so much depending on where you are at. We went on a Christian cruise and got to listen to awesome music and then the beach was great too! Love this post! This trip sounded amazing!! I just loved the beauty of the island and the friendliness of the locals? Looks amazing and like so much fun!!: I am obsessed with Albion and am looking forward to the swimsuit I am buying for my honeymoon this summer!!: I lived in Mexico for 5 months and got to travel around the country visiting different cities and different cultures sharing the gospel of Jesus!

My favorite vacation was to Kauai, Hawaii! I was only 15, so I would so love to return and explore so much more! My favorite place to travel is to Florida because of the beautiful beaches and Disney World! Thank you so much for this post MK!

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My favorite place I have traveled is actually right here in the US! I am in love with Southern California- specifically the Laguna Beach area! Thanks for sharing your travels with us! Both created endless memories for me that are centered in nature and adventure. My childhood is filled with exploration of buffalo fences, ponds and cat tails.

While my favorite tropical destination was the beautiful secluded lands of Kauai! The culture is so vibrant and the food is out of this world! My favorite place traveled so far was Puerto Rico even though it poured almost the entire time we were there because of a tropical storm off the coast. I love the city feel of Budapest and the relaxed and simple feel of Talpos.

The sweetest most giving people you will ever meet and the BEST street food. Thanks for your always positive posts, xo. Such a pretty place!! I would really like to win the contest aswell xxx. What a fun trip! The Vidanta seriously is one of The best places! I had such a fun time there last summer! Plus Albion has the cutest swimmers! Wowie wow, what a trip! My fam and I travel every year and I have been very blessed to explore parts of the world that many people never get the chance to.

But, as strange as it is, my heart is always drawn back to New York City. The city has an energy that I adore and it is filled with some of the greatest food! Love Albion so much and have been following them for years so I was so excited to see you as a part of their crew on this trip! You totally light their brand up. Honestly I fine your life and interests uniquely inspiring. From your camp life to your organoc authenticity I find ways I really connect with you and your platform.

I love traveling and experiencing the world because people and culture offer so many learning opportunities. Not only about the world, but about myself and my faith as well. I have been to France, Italy, and Spain but I am dying to see more of the world and visit countries in Africa in Asia. I love mission trips and have done many in the states. Doing an international mission trip is definitely on my bucket list! Keep being neat, I love to keep up with all tat you do! My church goes on mission trips here and it holds a special place in my heart.

Your trip looked like it was amazingggg! Wow that sounds great!! I loved all those swimmies from Albionfit but they were always too expensive for me. My favorite place to travel is Clearwater beach, Florida!! I go every three years with my fam and we stay in the same cute little beach house every time. This trip looked like so much fun!!! I have traveled to Germany, Austria, and France and loved them all.

But I think my favorite place will be St. Lucia which I will be going to this spring! I have never been anywhere so beautiful! Your pictures are gorgeous and I hope you had a blast! Maui was incredible and we just got back Monday! We are already planning another trip there! Although this looks like a place we should go too! My favorite vacation was last summer! We made stops along the way like St. London, and Norway! My family and I did a little traveling adventuring in europe. We went to 7 countries within 6 week.

I love all of your blogs and photos!! So beautiful! I would have to say my favorite place I traveled is Texas!! I went to visit my family down their and it is the perfect place! Not midnight here yet!!! Hope this counts: For sure Israel. Especially that one time I went there with barely 2 weeks notice and got to hangout with one of the greatest revivalists of our day.

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