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I could care less about Customer Service- it worked for me and that's great. If It ever stops working, I'll move elsewhere. No complaints. Once I figured it out, I was fine. I had to ask a co-worker who uses "Ting". There are sadly, no Windows 10 Mobile settings on their website but you can figure it out of you dig through Bing or Google. The Android settings had extra I needed to get a SIM card to use while driving to Canada. I wasn't sure if my current carriers H20 and freedompop would allow roaming. While my friends were looking for WIFI hotspots, I simply enabled data and didn't have to worry about using public networks.

I think T-mobile just used Rogers' network but I'm not sure. Lastly, the seller was very responsive to my questions.

The Best Data only SIM Card for the USA from SimOptions

I totally appreciate the service. We purchased this for a family member visiting from another country. It was easy to activate and had decent service. Very affordable for unlimited service compared to other providers and options. The response time was quick to activate it but plan accordingly because it can take up to 24 hours and you don't want to lose a day! Definitely our choice for future. Had some issues with the initial activation, but sorted it out with the seller within a day. After that, the Sim worked perfectly as advertised, blazing fast speeds, no strings attached.

All things considered, a well worthwhile purchase. I just got back from a 2 week vacation in France and Germany. This card worked great. I was able to connect and use the data right away. We used my phone for navigation around France and Germany without issue. To add credit, there are several kiosks around various towns and cities, and vouchers are stocked in most stores and supermarkets.

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Some carriers in the United States do allow you to purchase prepaid SIM cards but they have to be purchased with the handset as a package. Make sure you check the total price before purchasing, as they can work out to be expensive. Below, we have broken down each telco provider to highlight exactly what they can offer you during your stay in the US.

Verizon is the largest provider in the United States. Prepaid SIM cards can be purchased from official stores and approved resellers, and credit can be purchased from the same retailers and most supermarkets across America. Verizon has the largest number of subscribers in the US, along with the best coverage and best speeds.

If not, you will have to purchase a phone with the SIM card in order to use it in the States. Just look for the Verizon sign.

Best SIM Cards for Using Your Smartphone in the USA

The following options are restricted to prepaid SIM packages that come with a Verizon smartphone. Prices vary depending on what smartphone you choose, but these deals are obviously much more expensive than just acquiring a SIM card. In addition, data can be added for tablets or modems also restricted to when you buy a tablet or modem package with Verizon: There are two prepaid plans available: Its plans are very popular with the younger audience, and it offers better prices than its competitors.

Prepaid SIM cards are valid for 90 days after credit is added. The following data packs can also be added; they renew automatically after 30 days: Sprint is the smallest operator but has some good deals available. The only catch here, though, is that you must buy a prepaid SIM card pack, which comes with a smartphone. Prices vary depending on which phone you select, but this makes these SIM card packages extremely expensive.

We therefore suggest you choose one of the other providers mentioned, as they offer better services and better deals. However, if you do find a better deal on this network, then go ahead and use it because it be trusted.

Too Many Adapters

You may find a RadioShack not too far from your stay and they usually have a better selection. The plan is talk-text-data unlimited. This is very good cost wise. Click here to cancel reply. Unfortunately, you cannot order a Prepaid SIM card before you arrive in the US as you will need your passport to purchase one. You can buy a Prepaid SIM card from supermarkets, kiosks, drug stores and official outlets and any of their international airports.

I am visiting the States next week. When I was living in the States, some of the best prepaid plans were at WalMart. Is this still the case? Yes you can definitely get a sim card in Walmart. Yes it is possible. Sometimes they can be easily seen past through immigration and baggage claim; you can see kiosks usually side by side. Otherwise, you may look for the airport concierge so you can seek assistance. I say if you can skip the airport,Go to the nearest chain store,they sell a veriety of prepaid SIM card packs for much less than the airport charges and activate it yourself.

You can skip the hassle at the airport stores. He only uses it when connected to wi fi and to listen to music. I know absolutely nothing about cell phones! I believe it has a micro sim. What should we do? Thank you for any advice! Hi Jackie, You can find our recommendations for the best smartphones in various price ranges here. Hello, I would like to let you know that most supermarkets, chains stores electronic and pharmacies and even convienence stores sell prepaid sim card kits and refill cards now.

Prices vary by location. One does not have to go to the Carrier store to get one. The sim card kit will come with instructions on how to activate it as well very easy.

… this isn't the forums?

The current pricing plan is as follows. If not, the account will be terminated and your phone number be lost. The 30 dollar option will be fine for my calling needs. Hi Ryan, The article and links are very good. Can you update me on any changes or suggestions for a three week visit to the US — prepaid sim? We used ZipSim last year — and like many products has its strengths and weakness.

Would you suggest KnowRoaming over ZipSim or is there a better sim on the market now? You should definitevely check this out https: Nice to see T-Mobile making things a little easier for travelers! I just want to suggest to look at H2O Wireless. I really enjoyed your post, since I was completely confused on my options for a cheap SIM deal. So paying 30 dollars a month was not something I was looking forward to. The pay as you go plans https: Does anyone have experience with this? Is it really as cheap as they make it appear? Cell service is more expensive in the US than many countries in Europe, unfortunately, due to lack of real competition.

So you can buy any compatible phone and pick a plan that works. Verizon has by far the best coverage in remote areas, better than ATT,in my ho. They have monthly plans that are no better than Verizon itself. I mention this because somes Verizon connectivity is the only thing that works. Otherwise, googling alternative prepaid, brings stuff like Consumer Cellular and others.

Most travelers looking to use a prepaid SIM in the US will want to use their existing phone, not buy a new one just for that trip. Appreciate your help. Best regards. Hey We are going to America for 2 weeks. We have a Huawei Esa mifi all working on 3g there. And want data sim of about 10 gb where thetering is allowed naturally. Is it better to buy in the usa or through the internet at home Three, Usasim, Prepaidzero, etc. I will be in NY for 10 days and was planning to buy a data sim card for this device so I can use it as a hotspot for all my devices.

Hi Dave, my son is coming out to work on a crusie ship, Rehearsing in LA and then flying out to Vancover where the ship will tour around north and south Alaska for around 2. He is planning to buy an unlocked phone in the UK and get a sim when he arrives in LA.. Many thanks for any advice.. Most major US carriers have free or relatively affordable roaming in Canada and Mexico, and less so elsewhere.

As I mentioned in an earlier comment, though, I have no personal experience with that company. We have 2 sons, so we like to know what the best options will be. I want my kids to be able to call us, and of course call them, and we like to have some data to surf and use maps. We all have iPhones and iPad. If we buy sims, can we use them in different states? Hello sir i am in usa right now planning to goto india dor few months can you please tell me which sim card is best for me I am only using text messages service send and receive I need cheap unlimited sms plan with international roaming.

You may want to take a look at our coverage of buying a SIM card in India for information about that. If the first of those, then the post I linked to should help. Thanks for making it easier to get connected in the USA. SA is pretty easy for visitors to get connected.

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  4. Is this a possibility? A friend from France is coming to visit the US. I told him to buy a sim in France. At free. Previously I bought T-Mobile without social security number but their internet speed was slow in California. The last option has the convenience of using my main number, but I would like to know if I will be getting the same speed as the US sims given that my phone is compatible with all US LTE bands.

    They often do! I will check with my provider if there are any restrictions related to roaming in the US. This should make deciding easier. Additionally, thank you dave for the quick feedback and for helping other visitors in this website for more than a year!

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    Thanks Dave! Have you heard of Project Fi? I checked out Google Fi about 18 months ago, and reviewed it here. Good article. I never realized how screwed up our cell phone companies were until I traveled to SE Asia. I have a Moto G4 which is compatible with all US networks. Dave will i lose my apps when inserting american sim card. Thanks for the site and all the info from everyone. My question is pretty specific: For these organisations it seems we fall off the earth when we go beyond US borders!

    I will be visiting Hawaii and Los Angeles at the end of the year for 3 weeks. Yes, it can — in fact, it can only create US numbers. Trying to clearly picture getting a Google voice mail number, supposing I have no access to a US based number as a working hypothesis of a worst case scenario , it seems that I will need to get a US sim card, after which I can then do everything on my own including getting the Google Voice and or Google Hangouts app.

    Which app is better: You speak about a tourist plan from US providers: Btw do you know who has a sim that will work on a Galaxy Note5 double sim Asian model which works perfectly in Europe. You are able to download either app while outside the US or at least, you could, last time I did it , and then use it with the new Voice number. A tourist plan is just a SIM card and package marketed at tourists — it typically offers a useful amount of calls, texts, and data, but only for a relatively short period. My wife will be travelling to the USA with an unlocked iPhone 6.

    Have been reviewing Verizon for its Prepaid plans. Would be great to get your recommendation. The Verizon coverage map is here. Or no need to register it?