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8L Regulated Flowpoint Grey Shower Head

This nifty little bag is free and saves a litre every flush. It works by placing the bag filled with biodegradable polymer crystals at the bottom of the toilet cistern, the granules expand on contact with water to cut down water flow.

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Just pop it in your cistern and see the savings pour in. Free water saving devices available from: You could save up to 13, Litres a year with these tap aerators — blimey!

Sink faucet nozzle cuts water use by 98%

When you pop these clever inserts on your wash basin taps, they mix air with the water stream — which leads to you using far less water but keeping up the same water pressure as before. This four minute shower timer will help reduce your combined water and energy bills in no time. Get your munchkins to time their teeth brushing with this cute crocodile two minute timer. Do you know if your toilet is leaking and wasting you money?

Depending on whether you want to give the vegetable patch a good soaking or the roses a light sprinkling, there are six different spray settings and three hose adaptors that will fit most taps. This clever kitchen tap attachment has a multi-directional spray design that provides an output of an efficient eight Litres per minute, and is suitable for kitchen mixer taps.

Compare this to other showerheads that use as much as 15 Litres a minute and the savings will soon add up over time.

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It inflates in seconds and easily attaches to the bottom of the bath. If you fall under this umbrella, you may notice a chlorine-like smell, like that of a swimming pool, during the change. This is normal and isn't harmful to you; you don't need to do anything.

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  • You may also notice a brief discoloration, too, but this is normal as well and will go away as the change continues. Kidney dialysis patients and fish owners should continue to follow the standard water treatment process for chloramines, as this also removes free chlorine. Virginia Beach Police Department Here is the latest Colorado news from. Continue Reading. Virginia Beach Police Department investigating deadly traffic accident Police: Witness intimidation can thwart murder prosecutions.

    Top 10 free water saving devices

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