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Women with significant symptoms of anxiety and depression were then excluded from a two-year follow-up analysis, which found there was not a significant relationship between initial blood folate levels and subsequent incidence of depression. This suggests that depression may lead to low folate levels rather than vice versa Kendrick et al.

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Does folate supplementation relieve symptoms of depression? A ten-week trial of participants compared 0.

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However, the advantages for folic acid were not seen until ten weeks into treatment. In a smaller trial, patients with depression or schizophrenia were given either 15 mg methylfolate equivalent of 7. Though hampered by a small sample size 24 depressed patients and 17 patients with schizophrenia , there was a statistically significant benefit on a general clinical outcome scale and there were trends toward a significant benefit on other outcome measures in the six-month study Godfrey PSA et al. A third trial compared 50 mg methylfolate equivalent of 25 mg L-methylfolate plus placebo to 50 mg trazodone twice daily in the treatment of depression.

The study included 96 participants, all of whom also had a diagnosis of mild to moderate dementia. Both groups improved across the eight-week trial, with no significant differences emerging between the treatments Passeri M et al. Across these clinical trials, adverse events appeared to occur infrequently with folate.

The bottom line is that there is some limited support for the efficacy of both standard folic acid and L-methylfolate as an augmentation agent for depression. The recommended dose of Deplin, according to the manufacturer, is 7.

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