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Their arms are long relative to their legs. Their arm-span can be more than 96 inches. Their coat is wiry and varies in color with various shades of brown, black, red and gray. Dentition is the same as man. As males enter adulthood, around 15 years old, they develop a broad, silvery-white saddle along the back, extending over the rump and thigh as they age. At that point, therefore, the male is called a "silverback".

Hair length varies over different parts of the body. Hair on the chest is sparse-to-absent, as is the hair on the center of the face, fingers, toes, and underside of the hands and feet. Their skin is jet black almost from birth. Compared with the female, the male develops more pronounced jaw muscles that attach to the top of his skull, called the "sagittal crest".

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The brow bone is pronounced, the ears small and the nostrils are splayed and heavily padded. Females achieve their full size around age Infants born in human care weigh 3. Both male and female black rhinos have two horns with the anterior horn typically larger than the posterior horn. The horns are composed of keratin. The most distinguishing characteristic of the black rhino is the prehensile upper lip.

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The rhino uses its lips almost like fingers to browse on twigs and leaves. Rhinos are monogastric herbivores. In human care they are frequently fed commercial foods developed for domestic livestock. Despite short, squat legs and a huge, boxy body rhinos are surprisingly nimble. Their normal gait is a fast walk, but when frightened or agitated they will trot or gallop reaching speeds up to 28 miles per hour for short distances.

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Their eyesight is poor but the senses of hearing and smelling are acute. The funnel shaped ears swivel in all directions to catch sound waves. The olfactory passages in the head take up more space than the brain. Rhinos have three toes on each foot, with the middle digit supporting most of the massive weight. Elephants, along with rhinos, hippos, occasionally tapirs and other large, thick-skinned mammals, are sometimes referred to as Pachyderms. In some places the skin on an elephant is 1. The skin plays a role in regulating body temperature, as do the ears.

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The ears are full of blood vessels and act as radiators. The ears of the Asian elephant resemble the sub continent of India in shape. The size and shape of the ears is the most noticeable difference between the Asian and African species of elephant. Those of the African elephant are much larger and resemble the continent of Africa.

An elephant uses its trunk for breathing, drinking, eating, communicating, smelling, digging, social interaction, and self defense or defense of its young. The trunk is a combination of the nose and upper lip. One step to go, just copy and apply the code at checkout.

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  • Deal You won't want to miss a great offer like this: Deal Take the best advantage of this great offer: Grab this big discount before it's gone. Deal Grab this excellent opportunity from columbuszoo. Deal Grab this excellent offer from columbuszoo. Zoo Locker Rental: Deal Dont miss out this great discount offer: Half Price Admission to The Zoo. I understand that the zoo keeper demonstrations and talks are conducted on the weekends.

    My overall impression is that the zoo accommodates younger children but adults can thoroughly enjoy the experience also. There are a lot of conservation messages. They have an interesting picture gallery which shows Alaskan Glaciers years ago and how they look today.

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    You can visit his little studio huts. A special treat were the lion cubs. See them while they are still young.

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    We are a family who loves animals and visiting zoos. I had heard that this was one of the best but figured it could not possibly live up to its hype. I was wrong. We did a day trip this time and that really wasn't enough time to enjoy all that the zoo has to offer. We were there on a Friday and while busy, it wasn't utterly packed. The exhibits are arranged so that the animals clearly have enough room to roam but also provide excellent viewing very close.

    We were close enough to pet the adorable baby lion cubs and their mom several times if it hadn't been for the partition and none of the animals seemed bothered by our proximity at all. There were many educational and informative displays designed to really hold kids' interest.

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    We brought our kids who range from 4 to 11 and not one of them seemed bored all day long. We had lunch at Mapori Restaurant in the Africa section and it was excellent. It was overpriced, of course, but the food was really good and different from the usual offerings although there was plenty of them too , but the best part was that the lions came to visit us there as well and they can come up almost to window of the restaurant. The viewing was spectacular - even Disney doesn't have a restaurant where the lions can do that theirs has zebras and wildebeests , which then makes the price seem like a bargain.

    Every employee we talked to was highly knowledgeable about their area, the animals, and the zoo in general and they all seemed super excited to be there and thrilled that they could help you. Several times we had various employees go quite out of their way to provide us with exceptional customer service; this too reminded us of Disney.

    The theming is also consistent with an expensive amusement park experience; Africa and Asia in particular look as much as possible as their real counterparts. The manatee section was amazing in and of itself. We went on a Boo at the Zoo night, which is free with regular paid admission and the decorations for that were top-notch as well.

    One day was not enough; we never made it to the Congo section. We received a discount for being members at our local zoo Cleveland. However, I could easily see a visit here spiraling out of control cost wise. There is an attached water park that's open in the summer as well as an attached amusement park with typical fair rides and sporadic costs more options sprinkled throughout the park. By now my kids know better than to even bother to ask, but it would be all to easy to give in and then your admission could easily double or triple depending on whether all of the experiences are open.

    We also saw two things we found odd. One, was the foot massage chairs located throughout for a quarter each; although, it does seem like it could be a nice option. Another was the statuary. Every zoo I've ever been to has a few statues of its animals sprinkled about. The Columbus Zoo seems to have a statue for each and every animals that resides there and my kids insisted on posing with each and every one I'm a sucker for a photo op. There were a couple of points where I felt more like I was in a sculpture garden than a zoo.

    However, we all had a great time and I already promised them that we'd come back next year. A couple of my friends and I had a blast walking around and seeing all the animals.

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    This zoo was giant and took up all of our day. I would defiantly come back. We love to visit the Columbus Zoo. The new Africa exhibit the giraffes is amazing. When we give our kids a choice for a quick weekend trip, Columbus and the zoo a re always a hit.