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The improvements to my overall mood and confidence noticeably heightened my overall state of focus. The more calm focus I would experience, the more motivation I gained. The more motivation I gained, the more productive I became. The more productive I became, the more cognizant I was that my short-term memory recall had improved. It was at that moment that I realized I was actually feeling the Nexus nootropic stack working synergistically. Meaning, I could actually recognize how the nootropics were working with one another. I have reviewed pre-formulated nootropic stacks positively in the past and could clearly explain the positive effects that I may have experienced, but they were usually from an overall perspective.

The Nexus advanced nootropic stack absolutely gained my approval and recommendation. It is a simple, yet unique nootropic stack that produced noticeable positive effects. It was effective at improving focus , attention , concentration , mood , memory , motivation , and overall cognitive functioning. After a straight week using the Nexus nootropic stack, I took two days off and moved on to the Mitogen nootropic stack, which claims to provide advanced mitochondrial support.

Mitochondria supports and sustains higher levels of cognitive functioning for your brain cells. The theory behind the Mitogen nootropic stack is based on scientific research that suggests optimal levels of mitochondria can be essential to enhance overall mental performance. Therefore, improving overall brain health.

Mitogen was developed to promote the mitochondria's production of cellular energy to optimize overall mental performance.

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I would spend the next 7 days taking Mitogen by itself. Sulbutiamine is derived from Vitamin B1 and provides a key element in converting glucose into energy. Sulbutiamine also works synergistically with Vitamin B5 , which is known for helping to reduce stress and anxiety. R-Lipoic acid is supported by intense studies that indicate it's strong neuroprotective capabilities and its ability to neutralize potentially damaging effects of oxidative stress. The combination of R-Lipoic acid and Vitamin C are known to help prevent free radical damage to the brain.

It has also been shown to even reduce brain damage after a stroke. The combination of Idebenone and BioPQQ is a unique nootropic stack that was studied for years in order to perfect the optimal enhancement of mitochondria to produce ATP energy. Idebenone also works synergistically with BioPQQ, which was recognized as an ingredient backed by the best science.

Clearly, the Mitogen nootropic stack was designed to provide enhanced Mitochondrial support. However, this was an element of improving overall cognitive functioning and brain health that I never put much or enough thought into the potential overall importance. Apparently, this was an oversight because it provides a crucial element for supporting overall brain health. One of the most noticeable cognitive improvements also involved my overall mental energy.

However, it was a little more subtle than I had experienced with the Nexus nootropic stack. However, one main difference was that I felt more mentally focused and physically energetic while taking Mitogen. Mitogen on its own provided consistent effects throughout the entire week. Along with a pleasant boost in mental energy that helped me stay alert, it also seemed to be offset by the anti-anxiety properties. Meaning, it was not a jittery boost in energy.

I have taken a variety of nootropic supplements in the past that have provided a boost in mental energy.

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However, some mental energy boosts are not always pleasant. In my opinion, one of the least favorable effects can be an uncomfortable boost in energy as if you mixed 5 Red Bulls with the rest of the stack. The spike in this type of stimulated energy can cause anxiety that interferes with any improvements to focus.

Mitogen seemed to provide a well-balanced increase to both mental and physical energy that promoted a very good sense of overall well-being.

By the end of my first week using the Mitogen nootropic stack on its own, I was also experiencing noticeable improvement to my memory recall. Overall, my mental performance felt sharp but it was almost difficult to put my finger on the specific areas of improvement.

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