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I suspect, however, that an OBD11 reader will be required. Goose , May 27, Have made some progress with this problem for what it's worth.

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This link deals with the issue at length hope it's okay to provide the link: So it looks like you were right, American Dream. It appears that my OBD11 reader might reveal error codes when the engine light comes on which hopefully it won't. But the service-due wrench icon is completely different and requires a Fiat dealer to remove. So that's that. Thanks for the help everyone. I have just had a Fiat service they tell me they have to go through a menu to reset the mileage and oil change due trips?

I did read on another forum that the new x uses different software so generic type will not work? Thought I'd update the forum on this saga to assist those who might experience the same issue in future. Have driven a further kms from the odometer reading when the wrench icon appeared and it's now disappeared!!!!

Goose , Jun 8, Like it x 1.

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Hi Goose. Hope you're having a great time. The unexplained scenario of the disappearing wrench eh? Good to hear it's gone but would be nice to know why? I have the seat belt warning light on Only since the RAC did a battery check on the car, and pronounced it fine, after I left the lights on and flattened it Doh oh: Been told that's dealer only Reset the service light myself after I did the necessary service items. American Dream , Jun 8, Hi Goose , glad its gone , I hate having warning lights on that shouldn't be there.

I think Fiat and perhaps some other manufacturers block user interference in their software setup and only their readers will work Larry.

Larrynwin , Jun 8, May 30, Messages: Ilfracombe, Devon Ratings: Wildman , Jun 8, Jul 29, Messages: Mansfield,Notts Ratings: Congratulations On being the first on here to benifit from our newest piece of equipment Our remote GPS diagnostic equipment was tested on your vehicle and we switched off your offending spanner remotely via your sat nav's GPS connection: Please post your billing address for the invoice Geo Pecks Hill Garage. Geo , Jun 8, So when i start my car service coupon expried comes up on the screen and then goes off.

How to remove wrench icon from dashboard display

What does this mean My car was service d fully 3 months ago Secondly engine oil pressure high or something keeps coming up every once in a while and cuts out my engine. What does this mean Cheers Joel.

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  • The car had its first service in September so isnt due another for 6 months miles. Any ideas Does it mean that the dealer didnt reset the computer properly.

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    • It was not service d at the dealer error the first year Do i ignore this as i assume its an 18k thing but car was only given a full service 6 months ago. I have a 56 reg Panda Eleganza the above message has recently appeared along with a spanner icon on the display.

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      I do my own servicing and would like to get rid of the nagging. Any help would be much appreciated. I have seen the previous post from but it is not relevant to my case. Ive just reached miles on a 59 plate GP Dynamic old farts dont drive so much and its had the correct servicing by an independent as I plan to keep it until it dies. Ive just had a caption saying service Token expired or something similar and a spanner now sits in the display. This really doesnt bother me as I service the car myself and im not gonna pay to get the light reset.

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      The other day whilst I was driving home I noticed that the spanner had disappeared and also trip B had reset itself which is annoying as I was using. Panda hp Have a FIAT sticker in my windscreen saying my car was service d in October at less than a thousand miles ago. Is there any way this can be simply removed by pressing buttons in a certain way like on VW group cars etcA quick net check suggests this is a dealer only job. When i bought it last year second hand it was service d by the dealer the day before i picked it up.

      Last edited by ra74 ; about Maciek Visit profile View posts Private message. Jeep Cherokee 2. Similar threads [] Alpha was not: French Created by damian89 in the section of Hyde Park. Wheel wrench Created by rooney in section French-is there anyone who knows? Created by kkameleon in the section of Hyde Park.

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