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I guess gadgets of today are not made as well as they were "back in the day" as my parents woudl say. I will update once I get my new CHD and let everyone know how it works. Only time will tell if this will last but it is doing a great job for me again. The end result was a new battery purchase.. It is supposed to last longer than the stock battery but I haven't noticed much of a difference in the 2 Roomba runs since I got it. So my Roomba is happily working again, just in time for the holidays, and I am hoping that I am done replacing faulty designed parts.

I must be right??? I guess that is because I haven't had any issues since I replaced the cleaning head module and battery in late The newer white side brushes seem to stay in place, the newer style brushes don't get as clogged as the old ones and my battery an aftermarket brand gives me a good hour and forty five minutes or more before it needs a charge.

I now have a 1 year old boy to go along with my 4 year boy so my house is in pretty rough shape after the two of them are done destroying it. So I am routinely running Roomba around those play areas so I can avoid bringing out the big vacuum. It has worked well I think I have nothing more to say! It's been almost a year since my last update and I am proud to say the Roomba has not given me any issues since the new cleaning module was installed back in I have swapped out various brushes from time to time but that is part of the regular maintenance that everyone has to do part of the ongoing cost to keep Roomba happy.

I don't get to run Roomba as often as I would like as my almost 2 year old is petrified whenever Roomba turns on. I basically have to wait until my wife takes him out for a bit so I can let Roomba clean. My almsot 5 year old could care less when Roomba is running but does complian about the noise if he is trying to watcgh TV. It makes it a bit harder as the cleaning cycles are farther apart from one another so human intervention is needed to clean out the dust bin at least once during the cycle. Hopefully my writing this update doesn't jinx me in some way and Roomba will decide to quit on me this week!

Overall, I'm still very happy that I have this machine to help with the never ending cleaning of my house amazing how much 2 boys can ruin in such a short amount of time!! It seems that the marketing is still listing the model as the but it is really the model which replaces the lighthouse technology with virtual wall technology a downgrade in my opinion. Not sure why irobot did this and kept the box and marketing the same but I find it a bit misleading.

To amazon's credit, the description does state virtual walls rather than lighthouses but most people read reviews so others commenting on the lighthouse technology will just confuse people. Irobot should consider re-branding the as the to stop the confusion. After having her a few weeks I Now there is the time before I had a Roomba and the time after I got a Roomba. Seeing clean stretches of floor in all directions in every room throughout the house is a daily pleasure.

It's a stress reliever. I waited years to get one of these little gadgets and absolutely love it. After having her a few weeks I still find myself watching her at work. There's something appealing about the cruising and tapping, spinning and reversing, climbing up onto rugs and appearing from under the bed. I peeked under the bed the next morning looking for my glasses and paused to marvel at how CLEAN it was under there!

I have hardwood floors and cats so clean under the bed happened maybe a couple times a year. Now the floors are clean all the time. Next step will be one that mops up. I've gotten a feel for the bin capacity over these past few weeks. I'll press the pause button, slide out the bin, empty it quick and start her up again if the room she's doing hasn't been done for a while or looks like a big job.

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Running out of battery hasn't been a big deal; it doesn't happen very often. It returns itself to the charging base on its own. Honestly, twenty minutes or so of listening to her work is about my limit anyway. It's more than long enough to get a lot done; there's always another day. One last thing about the "refurbished" part of this purchase. It was like new - I wouldn't have known it was refurbished by the packaging or condition. Sometimes it goes into a room, gets behind the door and nudges it closed just enough that it can't get out again.

If she encounters a bath towel on the floor she usually gets hopelessly muddled up in it though to her credit she doesn't give up. Rugs are ok, wires are ok, but a bathtowel will defeat her. Ok lets start out with this.

iRobot Roomba 805 Vacuum Cleaning Robot @ COSTCO $299.97

I have had seven roombas. From the simple red ones to the more advanced , the scooba, and I now have the One thing you can count on with irobot is the higher the model number the higher the price and yes features. I feel there comes a point when the features get in the way of the product and we may be approaching that timeline. The red simple models are great. Do they pickup everything, no.

Roomba 985 Unboxing And Setup

Are they pretty reliable, yes. I have one that is five or six years old and all I have done is replace the battery. One other red one just went insane and died after two years. It tried hard but could tell even when new it was just waiting to freak out and break down. Gave it away couldnt face the future loss as you do tend to get attached to them slinking around the house.

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The was a complete dog. It started having nervous issues after only two months then the battery went. Replaced battery then all the warning issues began. This one talks to you so she was always telling me her problems and what she needed and what she cant do. Im guessing just like a real maid that is high strung and bad temperament.

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Well that was three hundred bucks I will never see again. So it looks like all the new models die just after the warranty is up by a few days. So now I have three dead ones the others were trashed. The quality does not seem to be improving as fast as the complications. The more advanced the higher the chance of failure.

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The newest model, , is a little heavier than the here that I have may she rest in peace. Everything about the is the same as the The has better hair pickup than the and a few more bells and whistles but it should for four hundred dollars. With the reliability track record I dont think i would spend he dinero on a and just get a working Find it on sale if you must.

Just not comfortable with the longevity any more and customer service at irobot while friendly is not much help. There are lots of forums that will help you trouble shoot your issues. My so far its working as intended. We shall see how long it lasts. Old red roomba and sitting in garage awaiting burial. Still have one red going strong just had to replace the battery. They could do it if they want to, and make them less complicated so they will last longer. As always if you have any questions just ask me.

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Our community has rated this post as helpful. If you agree, why not thank travmo. This explains the price cut - https: Is this a typo? Or does this mean it doesn't come with any filters? Or do the filters for this model not meet the HEPA standard? Appreciate any light that can be shed on this from people who bought. I can honestly say the roborock gen 2 smokes this one I returned the This offer is exclusive to you and not transferable.

Additional terms and restrictions apply; Details. Take housework out of the equation forever! Find unique gifts for him or her this Valetine's Day and show the love. No coupon or promo code required. For iRobot coupon codes and sales, just follow this link to the website to browse their current offerings. And while you're there, sign up for emails to get alerts about discounts and more, right in your inbox. Go ahead and thank yourself for checking Groupon coupons first!

All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom, click "Military Discount" and verify your ID. Click here, and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Register Robot. Need help vacuum cleaning, floor scrubbing, floor mopping, pool cleaning and more?