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Extroverts may assume introverts are shy and antisocial.

This Is How Introverts Handle Confrontation In A Way That Extroverts Might Not Understand

Why else would someone not jump right in and kick around ideas? Why the silent treatment? Introverts may assume extroverts are scatterbrained. Why do they say the same thing twice, then change their mind in mid-sentence the third time.

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Why do they just sit there listening while ideas are in play all around them? Sure, they offer thoughts later in the meetings, but are they slow learners? Some of the best discussions in our seminars come when I ask introverts and extroverts to talk honestly about these misperceptions of each other. We clear the air by talking about the joys and challenges of both personality types.

How Introverts Handle Conflict | How To Adult

The problem: May 10, Jill Geisler. Psychologists explain it this way: Extroverts get energized by connecting with the world around them.

They prefer to develop an idea by talking it through, adding to it as they do. Introverts get energy from the inner life of the mind.

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Social skills: Thinking skills: When faced with conflict, introverts are likely to need time alone to process an issue before dealing with it. They may withdraw to allow themselves time to think before acting.

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When pressed to handle a conflict quickly, an introvert may instead try to avoid it completely, or allow the other person to have his way to avoid any further engagement in the conflict. After the situation has ended, an introvert may reflect on it and express additional thoughts and feelings much later, as the situation is not fully over for her until she has had time to process it. Based in North Carolina, Rebecca Chasteen has been writing about family and relationships since Her articles appeared weekly in "Modern Parent Online," an online parenting magazine.

Rethinking Interpersonal Conflict Strategies: Is Avoiding really that Bad? by Jiro Takai

Update Consent. A contemplative man looking out the window by himself. References The Elementary School Journal: