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Back To Consciousness Author Of Arts. Point Zero Solution It started from greed Passed on through fear and ridiculous needs Can we possibly leave? We lie in our filth, we diminish our breed Diminish our breed Forced to away what we cannot redeem Everything has a price To wallow in luxury is the disguise A decaying design Under the ground lies the heaven malign A great life we've had A fake life we shared Society's demons will soon be declared [Chorus: Facing The Echoes Morality's strained When no one is taking the blame We call each other insane They're gonna do it again to get away With this Impossible gamble, a calamity jungle When humanity strangles The insanity spirals Repeat once more To see if miracles happen again Blindfolded truth Through decades Buried and pushed away Soon to come alive [Chorus: Escalation Escalation, we all see the signs What we cherished redefines Nothing to do but await the day Fallacies caught up with us Soon we will pay Those who know will disappear We're stranded on this bloody scene Nothing to do but await the day Fallacies caught up with us Soon we will pay [Chorus: Flatline Structural flatline Society's demise Not only an imminent threat There's no denying the collapse Panic spreads 'cause the pipes have run dry Structural flatline A new set of rules By nature dictated A downfall of fools The looting begins Armed herds fill up the streets Caught up by errors of the past Blinded by faith Mindless trust run amok Structural flatline A new set of rules By nature dictated A downfall of fools [Chorus: Passion For Infinity All systems shut down one by one It stretches our sanity Leaving us, trapping us, ripping us apart Supplies are gone Prepare to kill Or be killed Are we still morally superior?

album: "Point Zero Solution" (2013)

As we cling to life chaos aligns You better watch your back You have now become the prey [Chorus: Let us consider Greenspan's case for this third point, before considering what he might offer us concerning the relation of Christianity and tragedy. Prompted by Derrida's references to a " symptomatology " of fear and trembling and his suggestion that this is what Kierkegaard has in mind The Gift of Death , p.

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The trembling, shortness of breath, and tears we associate with Abraham or Job are not extraneous to the experiences that draw us to them, but belong to a corporeal dimension without which those experiences would be something else entirely. However, Greenspan's interest is not immediately with biblical experience, but instead the Greek world in which tragedy did for a time present us with a rich expression of emotional life before the rationalistic proclivities of the philosophers eventually occluded it.

In a basic sense, Greenspan's interest is quite classical: Of the many ways to approach this realization, Greenspan focuses on two: Oedipus's fall is also a conversion from a commitment to his own rational capacities to a new kind of reasoning that has at its center an attunement to impenetrable mystery and thus also an awareness of its own ignorance Whether or not this may be generally amenable to what is sometimes called Socrates's epistemic humility, Greenspan concerns himself especially with the treatment that tragedy receives in Aristotle's Poetics.

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His guiding thread is the question of sickness and healing, though not immediately with respect to the purgative effects of tragedy that Aristotle famously highlights. What about Oedipus himself? Pollution, let us remember, afflicts Thebes as the drama begins, and it descends on -- or reveals its presence in -- Oedipus as the drama ends. Yet as even the simplest reader notices, none of this is strictly deserved, and by all accounts Oedipus is of sound mind and gentle spirit.

Why, then, is he not committed immediately to the ritual purification instead of punishment 23? According to Greenspan, Aristotle came to terms with this difficulty chiefly by shifting perspective to a more embracing look at the entire play, which appears as an artful depiction of the disclosure of reason by way of what is evidently an irrational disaster. Whereas for the tragedian, the disorder in the soul of Oedipus signaled the intervention of the gods, as avatars of fate, Aristotle prefers to think of that disorder more simply as a fall into the irrational, and whereas the tragedian suggests the birth of a "third wisdom" that is neither reason nor a lack of reason, Aristotle looks toward the realization of a "well-being" eudaimonia that has gotten free of the calamities of akrasia Precisely where the tragedian presents us with daimonic madness, the philosopher proposes a moral psychology in which excellence coincides with order and the ideal of harmony.

If for Aristotle tragedy makes any contribution to human flourishing, it is to be found in the manner in which its turbulence calms the soul, and not in any celebration of the turbulence itself. It is at this moment that a positive notion of body, as seat of the emotional life, goes underground.

There is far more in these reflections on Ancient Greece than can be developed here.

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The discussion of Greece makes up just less than the first half of Greenspan's book. The remainder is dedicated to Kierkegaard, who seeks a rebirth of tragedy in a present age no longer susceptible to the power of the irrational. At least the Greeks, including Aristotle, feared it and in that sense maintained a palpable respect for it.

Modern Europeans, Kierkegaard tells us, find themselves mired in a subjectivity at once overly committed to its own rational capacities and prey to a debilitating guilt , Many of what are likely to be Kierkegaard's most familiar themes are anchored here, in a revolt against the easy notion that individuality is defined by reason and history or sustained by society and its institutions.

True individuality is secured in a relation with the One God, and all that can save the soul that does not know this is an encounter with that God. Perhaps this is already enough for it to become clear just how it is that a thinker of such deep Christian inspiration can turn with forceful interest to Greek tragedy.

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