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Love all of your photos and recipes! This soup looks perfect for these hot summer days in Boulder, Colorado. Greetings from Sutton, Canada! I would love a copy of your amazing book! And I shall make sure to try your avocado soup, sounds delicious and perfect for these hot sunny days in UK. Chiara, Italian but living in London. I would be very glad to win your e-book. Marijana from Slovenia. Cheers from San Francisco. Hi, Im from Argentina but live in Spain.

Lovely pictures and yummy soup. Hi, I just discovered your site and would love to win your ebook. This looks so good. I have intoxicating memories of the scent of elderflower… Your photos and recipe are triggering powerful cravings for it in the middle of a cold Australian winter our version of cold anyway: The soup looks delicious too! Hello, I am from Spain and really like your blog. I will try this one any moment as temperatures are going kaboom. Hope to have some luck with the lottery!!!

Thanks, Juan. Cheers from Southwestern Ontario in beautiful Canada! I was staring at that photo for a few minutes before I scrolled down to read. Absolutely beautiful. I would love a copy of your e-book to try all of your fresh recipes! I am Jessica and I live in Chicago. Your blog is a huge creative inspiration in my cooking.

Lucky me to have all of these ingredients available in my kitchen right at this moment and fresh dill in my backyard! I am making this soup for lunch.

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I would Love to win your book — everything here looks delicious! My name is Franziska and I am a student from Germany. I love your site and check it every day for new pictures and recipes. It makes me happy and often gives vegetarian me and my vegan girlfriend new treats to eat. I would love a copy of your e-book. Lovely fuss-free photos: I would love to get my hands on that ebook!

You inspire me to take my camera out into the garden to photograph the ingredients before they turn into dinner. Love it! Thank you so much for the recipe! Fingers crossed I am one of your lovely ebook winners too! I love your recipes and my family enjoyed many of them. Thank you for all the beautiful work that you do. Anna Johanna Grill, a swede living in Austria: I would absolutely LOVE to get access to a digital copy of your book!! I would love a free copy of your ebook if possible! I love this soup already: This weekend the temperature is rising in the Netherlands, so this soup would be on my menu.

Would love to win a copy of your e-book, al your recipes are delicious and so many to make in our new kitchen! Looking forward! Such a gorgeous soup! I LOVE avocado. Julia from Kona, Hawaii. Thank you!! This is perfect timing! I live in Phoenix Arizona and temps have been above too many days so far this summer! The soup looks like a fairy food: Delicious cold soup perfect for our summer heatwave here in the UK! Sofia from Vienna Austria. Votre blog est fantastique: Very refreshing!

Angela from Maryland, USA. This soup is one more reason why I need a Vitamix! Sounds delicious. I am Manon from Ripon, Quebec. As a self-confessed avocado, coconut and Kindle addict this recipe is sooooooo going to happen this weekend! And the e-book would be wunderbar! Andrea, half German, half Danish living in the South of England.

Thanks for the opportunity to win your oh-so-gorgeous-and-inspiring ebook! Alicia from England. Hi Karen from Fife, Scotland here. Your blog is such a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach! Have tried lots of your recipes and they have all been delicious! Has all my favorite ingredients. Looking forwad to giving it a try. Love the stories, beautiful photographs and recipes.

Thank you for many a lovely meal and happy times I have been able to share with my husband because of green kitchen stories. Keep up the fantastic work! I really like your recipes and your website style. Greetings from Boulder, CO. This looks so yum! This looks and sounds delicious! And, I would be one happy camper to win the giveaway: Erin Wyoming, USA. This looks gorgeous! Christine from the Niagara region, Ontario, Canada. This look delicious! Will try it as soon as I find perfect avocadoes: Thank you for your gorgeous recipes, have a beautiful summer!

What a spectacular give away!!! What a perfect soup for the summer! I look forward to trying it. Sherry Obenauf; Port Clinton, Ohio. I could eat avocados every day! Crazy hot here in Ireland at the moment so perfect food for this blissful heat. Hope to be picked as I would love to give code to my beautiful mother in law who gasps with delight whenever I make something of yours.

This sounds fantastic! And the ebook giveaway is awesome as well! I absolutely love your website and it has been a great source of inspiration that has motivated me to eat and live healthier. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes and posts! Caroline, from Canada. Andreia V. This looks absolutely delightfull!

I am from New-Brunswick, Canada. I have been searching frantickly for your book since I have discovered it like 3 months ago! I am going to go but a Kindle to have it, lol! I love happy accidents — and chilled summer soups! The photo is perfect, and from the little I can see of your garden, that looks perfect too. Would never have thought of combining avocado and coconut milk — am fascinated to try it. Fingers crossed the British summer will last a little longer so I can enjoy it on a balmy evening in our courtyard garden.

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and recipes. I am vegetarian and am always looking for new ideas and new inspiration. Your pictures are beautiful and I would love to own your recipe book! Ragnhild from Montreal. Will have to try this. Also wanted to ask where you got that beautiful round wood serving board? Lindsay Calgary, Canada. I would love to win this book as I love your website and all the yummy recipes that you post.

Barbara Canada. Thank you for being such a greatinspiration and for so many lovely recipes and meals that I can share with my family. Jana, Slovakia. This is such a awesome giveaway! Thank you for the great recipes that you share with us every week. Matthew Canada. Plus, avocado on anything please. Very captivating photo…going to try and make this on Sunday.

Thanks for the inspiration always and for the opportunity to receive a download of your book! Hello from Florida! I usually serve chilled foods or room temperature. Thanks for all your creativity, you are an inspiration. Loved your vegetable ceviche, it was summery and fresh! Looking forward to making your pistachio and herb falafels and your lemon coconut bars this weekend. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful recipes and your beautiful photos!

Thank you for the beautiful photography and delicious recipes. Keeping my fingers crossed in Austin, Texas! Shilpa from Guelph, Canada. Finally some respite from the rain and now some sun. I love your blog and the ease of finding recipes on your App! Lovely photograph I envy your work through the launch of my own site I have a newfound respect for photographers and how difficult it can be to capture that perfect shot.

Just last night I made your lemon bar crust and added my own molasses bar toppings! It was amazing! I love the way the flowers added to the shoot, entirely of their own accord!

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I look forward to trying this recipe; it looks like the perfect mild compliment to a hot summer day when you need something nourishing without being heavy. Would also love to enter for the e-book draw: This soup sounds wonderful. Since my daughter became a vegetarian two and a half years ago your blog is our family go to for delicious and healthy meals. Thank you so much for your amazing recipes. Deb, Calgary Canada. I love your recipes and would love to win the ebook which I would use on my iPod in the kitchen.

I am from Colorado Springs, CO. Your soup looks so good, i also cook one with brocoli and avocado. Delicious hot or cold. Did you like our Portugues trip? Love, love, love the sound of this. Sheriden from Rome. I really hope I win your ebook: I am fairly new to Green Kitchen Stories, but love it already. I am excited to try this soup. Another great recipe from you guys: Since its 30c in London tomorrow might try it out: Katka from Bratislava, Slovakia, living in Singapore.

What a great collection of recipes, plus gorgeous photography?! Spreading the love from Boulder, Colorado! Beautiful pictures! Bedobani from Bangalore, India. Love your photography and your unusual take towards wholesome nutritious food. Would love to check out your e-book! Hi there! So far all of them are a favorite!

Nice to discover your universe! Thanks for this lovely recipe, your pictures are to dream of! Love, Lena from Germany. These photographs are stunning, as always! The soup looks amazing, too. Petra from New Haven, Connecticut. Enjoyed your Stockholm list during our quick visit last Wednesday so much. It showed us places we had not been before. This recipe will definitely be on the menu when we get back home. Not only does it sound delicious, the way you serve it makes it pure eye-candy!!! Stacy in Lancaster, PA. Your blog and recipes are so beautiful, lush, and inspiring!

Linda from Italy but living in London! I always appreciate your balanced posts, informative, attractive with a personal touch, and of course — tasty and healthy! Keep doing what you love, and I would be thrilled to win a book. Jessica, currently in Oregon, US. This recipe is added to the list of foods to make, thank you. Would love to win a code to the ebook.

I am Medine from Denmark! I have made this soup with half and half and milk but really like the lightness of using coconut water instead.

What happened?

Would also be good with some cucumber. My name is Mille, and I an from Copenhagen. I am trying E-books at the moment, so perfect opportunity:. Will try it tomorrow! Oh Dear I am quite late in posting! These photos are so inviting… I usually blend avocado into a sweet treat but must try this spin. Thank you for your abundant inspiration! All the best from the US. This will be my next soup! Would make me happy to win your e-book. Love from Vienna. With our upside down seasons we have to imagine how delicious this will be on a beautiful warm day, while sitting bundled up by the fire!

Love your work. Andrea from New-Zealand x. I think I am going to try this tonight! Will be perfect for this weather. Everything is so beautiful. When will we find it in the danish bookstores? Love to read your stories and be inspired by your pictures and recipes. Hi thanks for yet another delicious looking recipe, I became a vegetarian only this year and have been inspired and enthused by your recipes. Enjoy the summer. I am a 2nd year medical student currently living in Dominica, West Indies. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, this is an island that is as close to the Garden of Eden untamed, raw, bountiful as you can get!

Your recipes would fuel many a long day of studying! Native german I now live in southern spain where we definitely will enjoy this yummy looking cold soup!! Thanx for the inspiration Anja. Wow, this looks utterly delicious! A free E-book?! I am from good old Minnesota, where the cows do come home: This soup looks Devine for a warm and sunny day! I love Midsummer! Thanks for a fantastic blog!

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My family would LOVE to be a lucky winner of the ebook! Warmly, Emily, Ella och Avery. Hoi Jone, Dat is lang geleden!! Ik zocht je al omdat ik zo ontzettend benieuwd ben hoe het met je gaat en met je kids. Hoop gauw wat van je te horen.

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Zit je op Facebook met een andere naam? Wie weet tot later. I love your blog. Incredibly inspiring and delicious recipes for the stomach and the soul! Thank you. Lauren from Gibsons, Canada. Compelling recipes that are beautiful and mindful.

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Keep them coming: Your Green Kitchen stories are a great compliment to our local food scene with emphasis on local, organic produce and healthy eating. Tanks for sharing yourselves with us. Yasu from Australia!! I wish it was summer here so I could try this soup right away and enjoy it..

Hello from Australia- I love your recipes and photography. It would be wonderful to win a copy of your book for my daughter who is in Europe travelling and would love a copy of your e-book. It would save her having to Skype home for great vegetarian recipes while backpacking! Thank you for all your beautiful recipes and photos! Hello from Tasmania, Australia! Absolutely adore your blog and would love to win a copy of your e-book! Keep up the awesome work. Best wishes: Kat, from Phoenix, Arizona.

The soup looks perfect for our very hot temps. Yum, not even winter here will stop me trying this soup today!: Howdy, just downloaded a sample of your book and would love to win a copy. Hobart tasmania. With you and your recipes I learnt how to live without meat. Step by step. My new life is soooo tasty.

Thanks alot for your wonderful inspirations and all the best for you. Hello, I really enjoy your book, pictures are wonderfull and recipes are great. Chrystel from Paris, France. What beautiful photos. I am Clare from Melbourne, Australia although currently soaking up the sunshine and incredible food in Los Angeles for a few more days.

I adore your blog. Would LOVE to win a copy of your ebook! Hello from Bunyip, Australia. Love your blog and have been coveting your book in the bookshop for a long time now, waiting to save up some spare dollars to buy it. Love the beauty and inspiration you bring. The soup looks delicious, will try it as soon as we hit warmer temperatures in a couple of months!

Would love to win the ebook: Hello, I am from Craigieburn, Australia. Like your overall approach! Aww what a refreshing recipe for summer…brilliant! I love your recipes. Would love to get a copy of your book and share it on my blog…this is Adity urbanfoodlover from Singapore. I was just wondering what I should make with all the avocados ripening in my kitchen.

This is it! Off to the market to pick up a cucumber tomorrow and this will be my lunch. I continue to be amazed with your fantastic recipes and gorgeous photos. Keep up the great work. My daughter is the vegetarian in our household but with the wonderful recipes I keep finding on your blog none of the rest of us feel deprived. In fact they are so delicious I may be tempted to the green side… I have my fingers crossed in hope I win one of your give-away ebooks. Thank you for the inspiration, Carol from Perth, Western Australia.

This looks delicious! Beautiful photos. Suzi from Oak Ridge, NJ. Thank you for the amazing, wholesome food you share with us and for changing the way my little family eats. Hi David, Luise and Elsa — I love love love your website! Have tried quite a few of your recipes already and was always happy with them. Keep up the good work! I was so excited to find your web site, and apps! Soup looks amazing and will definitely try it when summer rolls back around to Australia.

I look forward to receiving more posts and recipes: Your recipes are food for the eyes and a dance party for the taste buds! Much love from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Heather from Utah! I also love your photography — never fails to be beautiful. Keep up the good work. I remember as a child growing up in Barbados, my mother making avocado popcicles.

It was always the go-to when we wanted something frozen and sweet after all that hard work playing in the garden. We would sit under our almond tree and suck on these for ages, it was soo creamy. Your recipes are inspirational and your photos are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your passions with us. Love your work — photos, recipes, ethos.

Anne from Canberra, Australia. Summer has finally arrived in Germany so I will try this delicious receipe very soon. Would love to see more receipes in your new e-book!

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Greetings from North-Germany near Hamburg , Regina. Did try your thin oat cookies, yum! Would love to win your book so I can cook fresh yummy food for my husband and my little one year old boy: That avocado soup with those elderflowers… such a tranquil scene. Love this site! Currently following from Tanzania, but live in Vancouver, Canada most of the time.

Avocado soup??? Definitely sounds interesting!! Would love to have some: What a lovely photograph of the avocado soup, pure harmony. Keep up the good work your recipes stories and visuals are really inspiring! Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes. Amelia and Alfred would like to also thank you for the banana bread recipe!!! You are doing an amazing job, i love reading you. Thank you for making my decision on what to have for lunch on this warm summer day a whole lot easier!

Crossing my fingers and toes for some luck in your ebook giveaway! Thanks for the inspiration! Will definitely be trying it out v soon. I have recently discovered your blog and am so excited to try this amongst others. Bland veggies are a thing of the past… Love it! And congratulations en your e-book release — and being mentioned ik the Apple e-mail newsletter… Did you see that?

They mentioned three food apps and yours was one of them. Have a beautiful summer! Wonderful looking soup — perfect for a hot summer day. Love following this blog! Guess I have to give it a go! Hello, big hugs from Slovenia. We love your recipes, we already have your book — delicious!!! This recipe looks so wonderful and tasty — gotta try it tomorrow! Thank you so much for sharing all your delicous ideas with us and congratulations for publishing your book! With love, Merle Berlin, Germany. This will be perfect when the Fremantle weather reaches scorching again Liza, Western Australia.

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