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Your home inspector may recommend further inspections, such as for the roof or sewer system. Read more about Home Inspections.

Who Pays Closing Costs in a Cash Sale?

All other fees and charges are paid upon close of escrow. As soon as the final costs are calculated, they will send you a check for any overpayment.

How Much Are Closing Costs? What You Need to Know About Buyer Closing Cost

Here is a list of common fees, to give you a general idea of closing costs for cash buyers in San Diego County. Closing costs are either non-recurring one-time , or recurring on-going. Cash buyers avoid those fees. There is one title fee that you still need to pay, which is the County recording fee for the Grant Deed. The cost to buy a house often includes recurring charges. Read my article about Property Tax Calculation. You can also download my Property Tax Calculation Worksheet.

Lenders often require an impound account, so they can pay your property taxes and homeowners insurance on your behalf. Paying cash for a house can mean a faster escrow, and fewer closing costs. Some cash buyers will take out a cash-out refinance later, so they can use some of their equity for other purposes.

Every situation is different.

Your closing cost breakdown: the complete list

Ok, I requested charges I did this at the same time as posting my first message. Which seems like a lot, but it is hard to say. Last edited by CloudyDaysForever; at Last edited by loss. I appologize if someone already offerred this but here goes. Title insurance, that is the lender's portion, will not be required in a cash deal. It's up to you whether you want to take the risk and not have buyer's coverage.

Who Pays Closing Costs in a Cash Sale? | Total Mortgage Blog

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Seller willing to provide cash at closing to cover these costs. What closing costs are there on a cash deal? Depending on the state, county and city where the property is located, there will be various things that you as the seller are expected to pay for, even with a cash sale.

In San Francisco, for example, you will need to pay a transfer tax to both the city and the county.

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  • If you had an agent involved in listing and selling your property, you are expected to pay the agent's commission out of your profits. If you did a for sale by owner, there won't be a listing agent commission due.

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    • Is there a homeowners association that oversees your property? If so, you are expected to bring current all fees and pro-rated fees until the date of closing. If your state or county imposes water or energy conservation fees to be paid during a property sale, this will typically be your responsibility as well. Obviously, you will be expected to be current on your property taxes. This means at the date of sale you will be expected to fund any pro-rated taxes due until that date.

      Typically, you and the buyer share in the cost of all escrow account fees.

      Closing Costs for Cash Buyers: Up-Front Costs

      If someone has enough cash to buy your property, it seems that person would also have enough to pay for things like inspections and appraisals if he wanted them done — though they are not required in a cash transaction. And because you are the one with the property this buyer wants, it would appear you hold all the cards. Why would you agree to or offer to pay for any of the costs of closing outside of the customary amounts? Depending on where you live, meaning the state of the market, such an offer could be used as an enticement.