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Loaves from the T-fal came out evenly kneaded and risen. They had a fine, even crumb and a smooth domed top, without any of the floury, unmixed corners or the collapsed, overproofed, sunken tops that we got from machines like the Oster 2-Pound Expressbake or the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker.

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Their only flaw was that, when we baked bread on the medium setting, the crust came out dark. The white loaf was still tasty and evenly baked, but at least a shade darker and with a thicker crust than loaves we made in most of the other machines.

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The whole-wheat loaf sweetened with honey which scorches easily looked burnt. The order of the programs on the T-fal is a bit illogical, with the gluten-free settings as the first three programs, and the basic bread program is all the way at number nine. A few of the other settings on the T-fal seem unnecessary, such as a program for making pasta dough or salt-free bread. It also has options for making jam and cake, standard for most bread machines.

The buttons are clearly marked, the settings menu is easy to navigate, and the backlit screen is easy to read.

The T-fal is a much lighter-weight machine than the Zojirushi, which suggests to us that it may be less durable. It comes with a one-year warranty, and T-fal sells replacement pans and paddles on its website.

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The Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso is the previous version of our top pick, and very similar. It has four fewer programs than the Virtuoso Plus, but otherwise performs the same and looks almost identical. While it does use two paddles to make a standard-shaped loaf a rare feature among bread machines it generally disappointed us. The Breville Custom Loaf was one of the more expensive models we tested.

It has some nice features, like an automatic fruit and nut dispenser and the ability to adjust the time on any cycle as well as program your own. The Oster 2-Pound Expressbake is inexpensive and a best seller on Amazon. Like the Oster Expressbake, the inexpensive Hamilton Beach HomeBaker ran hot and overproofed our white bread, leaving the interior spongy and the top sunken in. It also has a gluten-free cycle that goes through two rises instead of one.

We chose not to test the Breadman Professional after reading many Amazon reviews complaining that the paddles scratch the nonstick coating off the pan and release black grease into breads. We found a lot of Amazon reviews complaining that the Panasonic Gluten-Free Bread Maker stopped working after a few months or less of use, and every single one mentioned that customer service had been unhelpful and unwilling to replace the machine.

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The Rosewill Programmable Bread Maker has a lot of negative reviews on Amazon, so we chose not to test it. The belt on the motor breaks easily, and this lightweight machine has a tendency to walk off of counters. Sign up for our weekly newsletter Be the first to know about our latest recommendations every Sunday. Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus The best bread machine A favorite among the pros, the Zojirushi is sturdy, super reliable, and makes a standard-shaped loaf, unlike most other machines we tested.

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T-fal ActiBread Good quality but odd-shaped loaves This is a good starter machine for anyone not ready to make a big investment. Everything we recommend Our pick. Why you should trust us Who should get a bread machine How we picked How we tested Our pick: T-fal ActiBread The competition Sources Why you should trust us When researching this guide, we interviewed three bread experts well-versed in the world of bread machines: Bread machines are especially good for making loaves of sandwich bread.

Michael Hession All that said, a bread machine is not for everyone. From left to right: Michael Hession A good bread machine needs to do one thing: After consulting with experts and reading through bread machine reviews and cookbooks, here are the criteria we used when selecting and testing bread machines: Even kneading and baking The paddle s should knead the dough thoroughly, reaching every bit of the pan, so no patches of flour are left in the corners. Loaf shape A lot of bread machines use a single paddle to knead, which means the bread pan has to be taller than it is long to keep the dough contained where the paddle can reach it.

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Settings We looked at bread machines with up to 16 different settings, each with kneading, rising, and baking times adjusted to suit a particular type of bread or cake or jam. Ease of use Though we recommend reading the manual, a bread machine should be easy and straightforward to program, with settings that are clearly labeled and self-explanatory. Slicing a loaf from the T-fal ActiBread. Michael Hession We started our testing by using each machine to bake a loaf of white sandwich bread to see how it performed on the basic setting.

For best results, weighing out your ingredients is important. Michael Hession For every recipe, we weighed out both wet and dry ingredients rather than measuring by volume. Are you following a gluten-free diet , and worry about right bread options? Have no despair! The Cuisinart bread maker is a wonderful option which overcomes the challenge of special gluten free diets. Breads which are free of gluten can be created for the gluten free family, without the uneasiness of missing great taste , desired texture , and the pleasures of home baked deliciousness!

Is your family in love with Artisan style breads? Creating home-produced Artisan bread allows for great flavor without concerns for artificial ingredients. The bread maker from Cuisinart provides desired features at the push of a button. The well-planned program is designed to offer multiple choices in bread making for the family! The models offered provide the perfect timing to knead the dough by type desired. It also reminds users when to add fruits to fruit breads, when to add nuts to nut breads, and much more.

The final outcome is a full, delicious loaf of freshly baked bread! Interestingly, the Cuisinart bread maker creates more than home freshly-baked breads! The company created a product which will allow making of various breads and jams in the same dish of course, not at the same time! Cuisinart guarantees quality results to consumers using the Cuisinart bread maker: Simply follow the instructions and excellence will always be the end result. Testing with a simple white loaf, the finished loaf had a golden-brown crust.

Cooking was a little uneven on the outside, although the inside was consistent and strong enough not to be torn by a cold buttery knife. Both wholemeal and white loaves came out with a nice colour and hard crust, with a fluffy interior. This machine can also churn out a decent soft-crust loaf, too. The downside is that this model has fewer other programs, so you may want to look elsewhere if you want sourdough, rye and extra gluten-free options.

For those that want a hard crust, this is the model to buy.

Best bread makers 12222: Quality fresh bread the easy way

A few things make it stand out. First, it has a seed and dried-fruit dispenser, plus a yeast dispenser that perfectly separates the yeast and water. Finally, it comes with a comprehensive recipe book of more than recipes. Sure, you can find more online, but all these recipes are tuned to work perfectly with the Panasonic bread maker. Although it features a seed and dried fruit dispenser, it looks like a sleeker, more modern appliance. Its biggest loaf is a whopping g, which is a g more than the Panasonic can manage. One final interesting feature no other machine has is a programmable setting.