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Second, an enormously successful series may generate so much cash relative to its costs, that regardless of the precise definition of the project's 'net proceeds,' it is likely to generate some payment in many cases. We think it is therefore imperative for a writer's representative to take great care in negotiating the definition of 'project proceeds' in the writer's contract.

If a project survives the uphill battle toward syndication, these profits may indeed materialize. Assuming that the production falls within the WGA's jurisdiction, the Writer's Guild Agreement will determine the form of most writing credits. Typically, the writer or writers receiving 'written by' or 'story by' credit on the pilot will be accorded a 'created by' credit on the series.

The WGA does not, however, govern producing credits. The terms and conditions relating to the writer's 'executive producer' or 'supervising producer' or even 'consultant' credit need to be specifically addressed by contract. In recent years, a number of established writers have requested 'logo' credits which will typically appear in the end titles in addition to their producer credits. For example, a 'Chase Films' logo appears at the end of every episode of The Sopranos at the request of that series' creator, David Chase.

As is the case with most talent agreements, writers can usually negotiate for some basic 'perks' which may or may not be granted, depending upon their status , such as: In addition, some writers request that the studio provide an exclusive office and assistant during all periods in which they are expected to render exclusive services. Finally, a reserved parking space is considered a bit of status symbol in Hollywood and is requested by most series creators.

There are several other terms and conditions that vary from deal to deal, which writers should be aware of when entering into such agreements. Before signing any contract, we strongly recommended that writers consult with an experienced entertainment attorney who can review the agreement in detail. Screenwriting Pro Software - Online screenwriting software that's always ready for action Screenwriters University Classes - Online writing courses for screenwriting Script Magazine - Your connection to screenwriting success Affiliate Program - Place links on your site and earn commissions.

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Carpool Karaoke: The Series

The use of this website signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use. Of course nobody is getting rich unless a series is a hit, and in that case a producing entity may have a right to renegotiate certain financial considerations depending on the deal they've secured. Some production companies are also tied into development deals with studios who cover development costs and other front-end expenditures in exchange for having first right of refusal to anything that production company develops.

This is in no way provided as legal advice or guarantee of what may or may not be offered to you by any company or person you engage in negotiations with.

Deal Points & Expectations When Selling A TV Show Idea

We strongly advise that you have an entertainment attorney negotiate any offer made to you, as there are many variables and strategies for securing the best possible deal. This is an upfront payment made to you by the company who wants to produce your show. The company pays it to you simply to retain the exclusive right to further develop and sell your show to a Network or Studio.

If the project is a property with market value already tied in it will pull a larger option fee. Option fees for bestselling novel sub-rights can run into six figures. Most production companies will have no problem offering a nominal amount of money upfront, but keep in mind they're the one investing time, resources, connections, and finances to prepare it for network before getting paid a dime.

At the end of the option period, the company will sometimes have an option to extend the deal if they have a bona-fide offer in play with a qualified third party, which requires additional payment for the extra time they are requesting to retain your project. If the production company doesn't sell your show to a network then the show returns to you, the creator and owner. That's called "Reversion".

TV Facts on Pacts: Who’s Scored Overall Deals

You can continue to shop your show to other companies. Many writers have had shows never make it to production, but have made significant financial gain off of repetitive options.

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If the company does sell your show to a network, then you will be paid a "Purchase Price" or "Set Up Bonus" that will have been pre-negotiated. Set-Up Bonus: This is not always included in a deal, but may be negotiated. It is a fee paid to you, the creator of the show at the time of the production company "exercising your option". In other words; you are paid this money as a bonus when the show is sold to a network. The amount varies greatly depending upon your negotiations with a buyer.

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At this point, the show no longer belongs to you and is the property of the production company who sold the show, and eventually the network or distributor who puts it into production. Episodic Fees: This is the main source of revenue derived from a series.

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