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More on this soon. The S2 looks and feels a lot like the S4. But it looks like it brings a lot of what was great about the Z1, only with the ability to beat match on wheels. Note that this promises future iOS compatibility, though. But it is expanding internationally to more countries and adding new content. I hope to talk to Mate Gallic from NI about how this is all fitting together. A lot of these products center around the new Komplete bundle. TRK came out this summer and is stupidly cool, like dangerously so. More on that another time. Peter Kirn - September 6, The pitch, wavetable position, intensity and amp controls in the oscillator section can be modulated using the slots right below each of their respective controls.

On the right side of each oscillator section is a slider that can adjust how the oscillator is routed. The noise generator at the lower left has twelve types of noise available. Some of these include White, Brown, and Tape Hiss.

New Massive, cheaper cost of entry, and all today’s NI news, explained

Other non-typical variants are also included: Paper, Water Pipes, Murmur and Aluminum. Its Color control will adjust the frequencies up or down, the Amp control adjusts its level, and a slider can route it to either of the two filters. From there, select any the three main oscillators, or if you select Filter FM, then you can select either of the two filters. Once the frequency is set for one say you dialed in 2. They can be set up in serial or parallel or anywhere in between using a slider control , and each of them include twelve filter types.

Standard cutoff and resonance controls are here, and an extra control is also enabled if certain filter types are selected. For instance, if you select any of the first six filter types two of those being low pass and high pass then the middle knob will not have any functionality. However, if you select the Bandpass or Bandreject types then the control is automatically set to adjust the Bandwidth. The output of the two filters is managed with a slider on the far right of the filters buses.

Before the signal gets to the effects, there are some more details I should cover first.

NI Massive tutorial - Modern Key Sound Design (Use Instead Of Boring Plucks!)

You may also add an additional source for modulation. This is where you can get to the keytracking settings, envelopes, LFOs, routing and more. There are six tabs going from left to right which open to the General pages. The first tab labeled Osc is for setting the glide, pitch bend, oscillator phase settings and vibrato.


The speed of the glide can be adjusted here, and its mode can be switched from Equal to Rate. Equal means it will get from one note to the next at an equal rate irrespective of the keyboard range between the two notes. Rate means that if the notes are closer together, the glide will happen quickly. If the notes are further apart, more time will be taken.

The phase for each oscillator can be adjusted by dragging the phase sliders to the left or right. I am used to seeing the waveform on the screen to adjust the phase, but just as in the oscillator section, no waveform is displayed for reference. On the far right is an internal envelope that can be used in addition to other sources of modulation for simple assignments with its easy to use attack and decay sliders.

New Massive, cheaper cost of entry, and all today's NI news, explained - CDM Create Digital Music

You can assign modulation with a simple drag-and-drop. Some have one slot you can use, and others have up to three available. Nearly every part of the synth can be modulated: One handy feature you can use is this: You may notice that one of the modulation slots has SC as a label beneath it.

This is an optional sidechain setting you can use to affect it in a different way. Once you click on it, it is activated and can be used as a multiplier for the other two slots. It will then change the range of those other two slots. The next two tabs in this section are assigned to keytracking for the oscillator and filter. The oscillator keytracking can be switched off for designing non-tuned percussive sounds.

It also has standard linear or user controlled settings for each of the oscillators. The filter keytracking works in a similar way, but instead of working with the pitch, they affect the filter cutoff. There are two user definable responses, and you can set these for either or both of the two filters. They can also be disabled, just like with the oscillator keytracking.

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