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Unlike in Pakistan they feel like they are the elite class of society How are chickens from China even Halal, when Chinese government have control of all religions in their regions. All the meat is mass produced and the animals are given routine antibiotics, etc. In the UK, most people wouldn't eat McDonalds - it is considered rubbish food!

Check out factory foods on mercola. You will never want to eat them again! Muhammad Saleem Usmani Fully agree. I am surprised. Pakistanis have not boycotted American products in spite of supporting and taking part in the genocide of Palestinians in GAZA. Nation only talk. Is it even halal??? A visit to their website shows pork also being processed in the factory, and there is no mention of any halal certification for any chicken or beef products.. I am certain this piece of news is true as i along with 2 of my nieces had 3 happy meals with McNuggets in them a week ago.

Not only did all three of us who ate that got violently sick but we have been unable to function or eat anything normally for a week now. The excessively low standards of quality has left numerous of people with bacterial infection and body numbing weakness. This is a sure shot reason that Mcdonalds Pakistan should be held accountable for the food they are providing the people on daily basis!

McDonald's Happy Meal Commercials (Urdu)

Totally agreed organic food is awesome - I eat Desi eggs - prefer Desi Kukar Chicken tried fresh milk whenever i visit my village and get Desi Ghee and fresh vegetables and fresh meat purchase a goat with cousions and get it slaughtered and no match in taste and quality - Only way to save from animal fat and dangerous spicy food - cook at home never eat in hotels and you are most probably enjoy more healthy life style.

Classic case - in our quest to copy the West we have forgotten to ask a simple question about whether the meat is halal! Yet our hypocracacy is such we are the first to criticise and blame non-Muslims for all the ills the Muslim world faces. Perhaps we need to be clear about our own values and morals. Another social convenience we have easily accepted in Pakistan. Do you really believe that meat coming from china is going to be Halaal by virtue of license and strict process control.

When we go abroad we consume halal products at restaurants where meat supplier have proven Halal certificate and processes whereas in Pakistan we take it guaranteed for our mere convenience. Jo yeah that is an issue we need to highlight!! If we don't know what stunning is, let me shed some light - animals are knocked unconscious before slaughter via electric shocks or gas - which does not fully drain the blood from the animal!

And it is openlyy available in the markets in Pakistan!! Sad state! Zalman Khan - probably what you are referring to only cows that you see on the streets of Karachi and Lahore whereas what you need to know as the fact that Pakistan is one best meat producing country in the world since these animals graze over on natural diet in villages and town.

Milk, what you and us consume is left-over, whereas Nestle has the world largest milk processing plant hosted in Pakistan. I personally loved McDonald's for its unique taste and service but now I know where did that unique taste came from. Who knows what they are feeding us now. Please don't consumer it! The meat is from animals who are stunned before slaughter.

They should source their ingredients locally!


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On DawnNews. Comments 46 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Aug 06, Recommend 0. Pakistan is a free country , anybody can do anything as long as you have money and relations. Nazir Ahmed. They should be bound to purchase food items from Pakistan. Khan Gul.

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Usman Ahmed. Irtaza Khan. Goga Nalaik.

I will stop going to McDonald's. Will you? Muhammad Saleem Usmani. Zalman Khan. Tariq, Lahore. Ali Hussain.

McDonald’s Deals and Offers in Pakistan

Yes me too. I doubt if they are feeding us with halal meat: Mumtaz Ahmed. Muhammad Nauman. Since it is from the "all-weather friend", it must be Halal! Since when drinking in paper cups, eating mushed burgers with napkins a 5 star dining?

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Why would anyone in their right mind want to eat this rubbish in the first place. Shakil Khan. Aug 07, It sound fishy. Fazal Karim. Nida Khan. Sajjad Haider. Totally agree with you. Aug 08, I think Chinese expired meat is much better than fresh meat supplied in Pakistan..

Aug 09, Latest stories. Most popular Twin cities to see airspace closure, partial suspension of cellular services during MBS visit. Please note that payment by credit card is not available yet on the McDelivery Mobile Ordering App coming soon. Feature Enhancement.

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The app is fine and works well. However there is no option to contact customer service neither the option to lodge a complain. The track order option is not accurate. Even if the food is not delivered, the status updates and states order delivered. An international chain such as this should really consider revisiting the app and the process for mcdelivery app. This is the worst n stupidest app ever created, full of errors, it wont let u order anything, even most of the delievery areas re also missing.

I have been hardly able to use the app thrice. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.