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First and foremost, the program allows you to collect points on your JC Penney purchases. You can earn points even faster if you have the JC Penney credit card. Although the stores do offer great sale prices, you can typically save even more by applying coupons.

Some of the in-store deals can be shown directly from your phone, and some must be printed before you visit the store, so be sure and read the fine print on the offers before you leave your house to head to the store. If you visit a JC Penney location, check the print on the bottom of your receipt. I have taken the surveys in the past to get the 10 percent discount, and they usually take me less than five minutes to complete.

JC Penney has a program that allows you to save more money by receiving discount alerts and promotional codes via text messages.

Ratchet Up Your Savings With Special JC Penney Coupons

The bottom line: Has anyone ever heard of this? I want to go back with a stack of coupons and just try to save a bundle.


The cashier said that the store just sends the coupons to the manufacturer and gets reimbursed. It sounds too good to be true. Will I fail at couponing if I only stick to that goal? OMG…I love the show and it had me hooked the very 1st time. Everytime I go shopping I get better and better. Though I am still learning,I am so happy at what Ive done so far. Just yesterday someone made a comment about my binder…Nothing bad, Just that she is amazed at the show and here is someone that has a binder too. Boy did i knock her off her feet when she saw my savings.

Extereme Couponing All Stars Episode 1

Im going to watch ur videos to make sure I get this down. Tks again for sharing in ur success!! Well, I have been collecting coupons for 6 weeks and now I am going to try a few small runs at walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. Wish me luck and say a little prayer for me! I will post how I did when I get back. Okay I extended my trip over a matter of a few days because shopping with the children is so difficult to do. I know the savings can only get better with the more experiance I get! We just shopped at our Publix and we they take 3 coupons per item. We used a MC Manu.

That was awesome! I was pleased. I prefer CVS. I went there the other day. I had several coupons for some revlon makeup and 1 bogo NYC nail polish.

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Any sugguestions? And you can sign up for my newsletter on the top right of the website. Dear Sophia, you will need 10 indivual coupons. For a 50 cent coupon that will double, and the item is on sale 10 for 10 which is 1 dollar each , you will get 10 items for free. Now does this mean 40 cents is taken off each yogurt cup or off the total amount of the 6 cups? I used some instore coupons and a couple manu. Its not extreme but for a virgin I think i did great because that pack of diapers would have cost half of what my bill was.

I admit it was confussing but i got it done hopefully i can.

Can anyone help me with details on couponing? I coupon to keep my family of 7 going. I have three cabinets filled.


And a large freezer. I think stockpile of month or two is great to keep. I pay a dollar or less for all items. Things like that you going to use for the summer stock up. I even stock up on bath items. I just got 10 bottles of Nivea body wash free. And 6 pks of razors for 3 dollars.

Extreme Couponing: A Lesson from the Kardashians

The internet websites are great for info. You can learn alot of tricks to the trade. There is no way you need hand soaps and bottles of gatorade. Thanks for the great videos. I am just getting started. Just store ads. Where else can I get the inserts? I would like to become a coupon clipping wizard, but I have to be realistic. You see, I live on the beautiful Maine coast in a small town. We have a Hannafords grocery and Shaws supermarket. For the life of me, I can never find double or triple coupons. We had a JC Penny for 40 years, and that closed last year, so we literally have to travel over an hour to purchase clothes, etc.

Also, when I go through the weekly coupons, I rarely find items that I want or need. Sorry to blather on. Your email address will not be published. Send an Email. Learn how to Extreme Coupon By Lauren. Share Pin What it is and How it works. How to extreme coupon My guess is that you found me because you want to learn how to extreme coupon.

Coupons Video Series This is a 6 part video series that you can watch at your own pace. It starts at where to get coupons and goes all the way to learning how to use those coupons to menu plan and actually SAVE your family money. Walmart comparison How to save money on Meat and Produce What are your favorite ways to save using coupons? She got 4 razors and used 4 coupons. Oh, and have the coupons doubled, according to your store policy, too. Maria, I would advise against that, it is actually coupon fraud. Hi Lauren, I would like to become a coupon clipping wizard, but I have to be realistic.

I truly appreciate any insight you can provide! Rich Rockland, Maine.