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Please look at the photos closely as they are part of the description.

I will note any flaws that may impact the condition of the item other than normal wear from age or use. These belonged to my Great Aunt There are 7 books from the same family. The ration books are old and have some wear, but in very good condition considering their age.

Some of the stamps hav From a Texas Estate: The papers are in very good condition. For sale is what you see in the pictures. There are 3 unusual ration book holders.

Still Valuable: WWII Ration Coupons

There are at parts of five books. However, dispensations were made for special types of shoes; for instance people needing shoes for their jobs may have been granted shoe stamps for nursing or construction work. According to a document from the Cleveland, Ohio, regional office from November , the OPA administered prices and rent that were set by federal laws. In , there were approximately ten rationing programs administered by the OPA. This involved the printing and distribution of million copies of each of four war ration books, millions of mileage rationing gasoline and fuel oil rationing books, and hundreds of thousands of purchase certificates for automobiles, tires, and other rationed goods.

Of course, administering this huge operation was onerous.

WWII-era Gas Ration Coupons Remind Us How Lucky We Are

The number of paid employees of the OPA at this time in the various offices was almost 60, In addition, there were more than , volunteers. Part of the work entailed conducting compliance surveys of stores and retail establishments to ensure they were following guidelines. Inspectors as well as the general public could launch complaints if they thought prices were exceeding what they should. Most Americans were willing to make sacrifices for the war effort, although it did take its toll on some people.

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For instance, the Royal Oak, Michigan, branch compiled a year-end summary of happenings at its office in December People would show up with various requests. One mother came in with her barefoot child demanding a coupon for shoes so she could attend school.

Still Valuable: WWII Ration Coupons

And it was recounted, in some detail, how an elderly woman came in demanding sugar, although she had used her Spare 9 and 10 stamps for canning sugar and stamps 49 and 51 for table use. What in hell do you think I am going to do with my two bushels of crab apples and one bushel of pears I have spoiling in my basement? During the conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas of the world, Americans have been fortunate to not have the hardships of rationing or the hassle of coupons. Chart disseminated to aid consumers on when they could use their ration stamps One of the most notable actions was the introduction of rationing, including a system of points and stamps.