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The ConnectedPE Conference debuted in with attendees from 29 countries , cementing its place as a conference like no other.

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In , we're returning with a continued dedication to providing you with nothing but the highest quality professional development. However, unlike other 'cookie cutter' conferences, we focus our attention not just on the days of the event, but also in the lead-up and follow-up to the event. Get hyperfocused in extended 90 minute workshops designed to allow you to go deeper in topics of interest. All conference tickets come with 3 months complimentary access to the ConnectedPE Community featuring over hours of on demand professional learning.

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It is my go-to-website for cutting-edge webinars, apps, podcasts and time-saving tips. All of the keynotes and conference resources will be available inside of the ConnectedPE Community forums. Those inside will have the opportunity to follow along via the LIVE streams or recordings even if they cannot make it to Dubai.

You can join now at connectedpe. Simply contact The PE Geek inside of the community to request your coupon code. Masterclass sessions are more hands on mini workshops led by our international presenters. Please find further information on visa requirements by visiting https: But if you wanna get them all in one downloadable bundle, then you can just head along to thepegeek.

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Now, one of my other favourite ways to provide self-directed activities is during warm ups. Now obviously, as your students come into your classroom, they may get changed, or they may arrive at different speeds, and quite simply, you end up with a group of students who are probably just sitting there waiting for that last person to arrive into your class.

This is a common practice in lots of classrooms, you will have students who take or need longer to get ready. And I like the self-directed tasks being made available at the very start of a session because it sort of provides a student the ability to walk in and get active straight away with the task. And then it would present them this random collection of exercises they do.

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And what you basically end up with, is students self-directing their own warm up activity. And so, I like to do it through technology, but you can definitely achieve the same thing without the technology. They are basically activities that are a little bit more age appropriate for people in elementary or younger elementary levels.

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Now Fitness Blender is really quite amazing, and we have spoken about it before. Some of them are only for 10 minutes long, right up to 40 minutes long, and you can filter them by type of activity and all those sorts of exciting things. And, basically what it means is that the student can get any device. They can be connected to the internet, they can visit fitnessblender. They search for the type of activity they wanna do, and they start watching.

And basically becomes like this personal trainer type thing, and you could have kids rotate through and put them into small peer groups and they become sort of quite inspired and motivated by this whole notion of being at the front and center and taking their peers through a workout. Following the sort of warm up, a number of ways that I have self directed skill development has been through things such as QR code task cards. Now that action could be that when you scan the code it takes you to a YouTube clip, and when you scan the code, it reveals this hidden text message or it takes you to a website.

Any of that sort of stuff would be completely up to you but if you wanted to make them, you head to qrstuff. But I like to link them to videos, and I like to link them to videos of students, or elite athletes performing a specific action. So when we were learning how to volleyball spike, rather than me being at the front of the room and showcasing the exact method for this, I went and found someone who did it better than me.

And meant that they could watch the video, the skill, the activity, whatever it was that we were linking to, they would go and perform it, and independently progress through those different activities that we set up. And the best part about it is when I completed this, and looked around the room, there were some students that were progressing much faster and doing some of the advanced activities and others who needed more time.

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And because it was self directed, it meant that that was possible. What sort of instructional tips they needed from there, and it was basically like cloning myself. And the way I achieved that was by empowering the students to be responsible for interpreting and reading the information as it came to them. Now another opportunity that you can possibly look at is linking the instructional videos, not necessarily as videos but as animated GIFs.

And becomes really easy to share, to point people to. And, again, the students could be interpreting it and performing these actions as they need. So, yeah, I highly recommend using GIFs particularly for this whole notion of self-directed activities.

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Now, the final area of self-directed play that I wanna talk to you about revolves around the area of game play. So, with this particular app, I have in the past actually recorded me explaining the rules of a specific game. Now, in this instance, I taught the game, Korfball, which you may have played before.

And I basically taught that game ahead of time on the iPad, recorded it as a video, which it can do, inside the app, and have my voice over the top. And I presented that to the students with no extra support from me. And then we got started playing it. And the students had to try and interpret what was happening in the video, remember the rules, and see if we could just actually play the game.

It was a really unique experience because it actually sort of ensured that they were learning them on their own sort of capacity without me directly needing to teach it. And the best part about this was that we actually did the video outside of our normal school hours. So, that was made as some sort of task they needed to complete, and then we could just get straight into the game.

It was already done and the students had the opportunity to sort of develop that mindset on their own. Now, further to this, I did blog about some self-directed student setup of activities using the app CoachNote. And you do it in CoachNote. And then, as the students are ready to play this activity, you just have this on the screen of your iPad, where all the information, where all the equipment needs to go, and they need to look at that, and they need to actually go and set that up in the actual physical space.