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The boosts from the Shop give you 2x or 10x boosts on Cash and Idle Cash in all mines on all continents. Each Income Boost you use is added to your currently active boosts. If you watch adverts via the button at the bottom of the screen, your Cash and Idle Cash in your current mine will increase for a short period of time. This boost is added to your currently active boosts.

When you use an Instant Cash item, you instantly get the Idle Cash from all of your mines on one continent including all boosts except the permanent 2x Idle Cash. If you click on the small? First, check your boost overview. You can open it by tapping the small question mark under your Cash at the top of the screen when a boost is active. Every day you will see different shop offers advertised by little icons on the left of your screen. These offers are only available for a certain amount of time, then they will disappear. You can see the timer counting down to when the offer ends both on the icon and in the shop.

The boosts and Instant Cash items you can get in these offers will be stored in your inventory. Click on the golden boost token displayed next to the in-game shop to see your boosts and activate them. You can buy the Daily Delivery offer in the in-game shop. The amount of Super Cash in the Daily Delivery is equal to 30 days of logins. There you can see and edit your username if you so desire. You can buy up to 30 mine shafts in each mine, and each mine shaft can be leveled up to The warehouse and the elevator can each be leveled up to Prestige will reset your mine so you play it from the beginning, but it will have a much higher multiplier which means you will earn a lot more money when upgrading the mine again.

You can Prestige a mine 5 times in total, each time you will get an even higher multiplier. To Prestige a mine, you need to spend some Cash. The cost is displayed on the Prestige pop-up each time, so make sure that you have enough Cash left to quickly get back to where you were before.

When you Prestige, you will keep the rest of your Cash after paying the Prestige fee , plus your Super Cash and other mines. This will reset your mine so you play it from the beginning, but it will have a much higher multiplier which means you will earn a lot more money when upgrading the mine again. To quickly get back to where you were before, simply buy as many mine shafts as you can, then upgrade your Elevator and Warehouse so that their output matches the production of your most advanced mine.

Whilst you do get to keep your leftover Cash after prestiging a mine, you first have to use some existing Cash to pay for the Prestige reset itself. The cost is displayed at the bottom left when opening the Prestige option. When activating Prestige for a mine, make sure you will have enough Cash left after paying the Prestige price so that you can build it back up again quickly.

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The currency you collect there is called Ice Cash and is only valid on the Ice Continent. Super Cash works throughout the whole Idle Miner world. The Ice Continent includes 5 mines: Moonstone unlocks when you unlock the Continent , Amethyst costs 76ab to unlock , Crystal costs 6ad to unlock , Jade costs ae to unlock and Sapphire costs ag to unlock. Everything else works the same way as on the other Continents. You need ah to unlock the Fire Continent. The currency you collect there is called Fire Cash and is only valid on the Fire Continent.

The Fire Continent includes 5 mines: Amber unlocks when you unlock the Continent , Topaz costs 76ab to unlock , Sunstone costs 6ad to unlock , Platinum costs ae to unlock and Obsidian costs ag to unlock.

Event Mines are short-term mines with special themes, they usually run just for 3 days. You complete objectives in the themed mine to win rewards at the end of the event. In each Event Mine you can win badges which are displayed in the Event Badges island on your world map. To see the latest Event Mine, you must have the latest version of the game and you must have unlocked the 5th mine shaft in the Coal Mine.

At the end of the event you can go into the Event Mine to claim your rewards.

Question & Answers

If the next Event Mine arrives before you claim your previous rewards, they will be automatically sent to your inventory. You can open Chests as soon as you have opened mine shaft Every time you log in to the game or watch an advertisement, you have the chance to win a chest.

The chests contain collectible cards which give you bonuses in your mines. Chests come in 4 different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. You have a higher chance of getting cards which match the rarity of the chest itself. You can change your chosen card at any time, and collecting more of the same card will eventually level it up so you can get more of a bonus.

Be sure to always compare the bonuses on your cards as they level up, so you can choose the one you like best. Skillpoints come in three types: You can get them as a Daily Reward, win them as Event Mine rewards or in Expeditions, or buy them in the in-game shop. On the Research island you can choose how to use the Skillpoints you collect. You can reset your Skillpoints at any time if you want to spend them on something different instead — just click the refresh icon top right in the Research menu and spend some Super Cash to start over again.

After this is done you have to pay the normal price to unlock the next mine shaft. This happens at mine shaft 11 for example — you have to unlock a barrier with Cash and then open the new shaft with more Cash. If you are connected to Facebook you will see your Facebook friends that play the game.

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However, you can add an unlimited number of friends, and always join their Expeditions! The letters you are seeing on your mine and in your shafts indicate that one of your friends has currently progressed to that particular mine and that particular shaft. This way you always know where exactly your friends are currently mining! You need to be connected to the internet to use this feature. You can get Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary Expeditions, and you are offered 3 at a time to choose between.

You can also reroll the options once a day to try and get something better. If friends join an Expedition together, the time required to complete the Expedition will decrease for every friend that joins. When an Expedition is complete, everyone who took part can click to claim their rewards before starting another one! If you used Prestige in a mine recently, then your score will only increase when you once again reach the deepest mine shaft you previously unlocked in that mine. The Elevator automatically returns to the surface once it is full of resources.

If this is happening very quickly and the bottom mine shafts are not being emptied, please try upgrading the Elevator a little bit so that it can carry more. Do not forget to also upgrade your Warehouse! The Mainland Mines can be opened and closed at any time except for the first time that you play the first one, which you need to complete in order to close it. Each Mine has some objectives, and you can get the rewards you achieved only when you close the mine.

If you complete a mine all 30 of the shafts unlocked and to lvl , plus Elevator and Warehouse to lvl , you will unlock the next Mainland Mine. You complete mines of varying difficulties to earn different kinds of Gems.

1. Assign, Manage, and Activate Your Managers

The Mainland Mines and their rewards are categorized by their difficulty and have varying purposes. You can play the Easy mines when you unlock the Mainland. You can play the Medium mines when you unlock the Ice Continent. You can play the Hard mines when you unlock the Fire Continent. You can hire Super Managers once you have unlocked the Mainland Mines. You should have enough Cash to do this after you have reached the Gold Mine.

Idle Miner Tycoon Answers for Android

In these Mainland Mines you complete objectives to earn Gems. If you complete a Mainland Mine all 30 of the shafts unlocked and to lvl , plus Elevator and Warehouse to lvl , you will collect the maximum amount of Gems and unlock the next Mainland Mine. Leveling up the Super Managers is a feature that we are currently working on, and as such is not currently possible but will be very soon! Super Managers can only be assigned to certain jobs. Consider them to be highly skilled managers in a specific task.

Some Super Managers can only be assigned to the mine shafts, others to the warehouse. The Gold Mine will produce substantially more money for you! And you will still keep your Coal Mine if you open the Gold Mine, so you can play in both mines. The best way to reach the Gold Mine is to make sure you upgrade your mine shafts, but your elevator and warehouse too. Those numbers are referred to as Milestones. Hitting those Milestone numbers for each working part of your Mine will lead to big boosts in their stats. You can tap on the play button on the bottom of the screen to watch video advertisements that double your income.

2. Upgrade Your Shafts, Elevator, and Warehouse to Acquire Some Extra Super Cash

You can watch those ads multiple times in order to increase the amount of time this double boost stays activated. The three skill types you can spend skill points on are color-coded — Red, Green, and Blue. Red Skills improve your Managers booster abilities. Green Skills improve the work efficiency of your Grass Continent mines. And Blue Skills increases your work progress speed and improves the effectiveness of watching video ads.

Chests come in four different rarity categories — Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Collecting an entire set of gear cards even leads to you getting another piece of helpful gear! The Prestige option lets you keep your current amount of cash, Super Cash, and unlocked Mines. Plus it boosts the rate of income you acquire x4. This mechanic is tied to the worker icon that lies right next to the Settings icon during active gameplay. If you have any Facebook buddies that play this game as much as you do, you can rely on them to boost your cash intake.