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A group of 20 participants were split into two groups to test the different essential oils.

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Using a nebulizer to disperse the oil, both groups underwent m running tests to test how their lungs functioned under stress. Both oils increased the respiratory effectiveness of the participants, and since they could intake more oxygen, the participants also enjoyed improved athletic performances. If you are interested in testing these essential oils or others to help you improve your athletic performance, here are some ways you can utilize them. With present exchanges, holiday parties, family feast, and other pricey events sprinkled through the holiday months, it can feel like money is constantly leaving your wallet.

Unlike other coupons, when you use our ProForm coupon, you can stack sale savings with the coupon for the best deal possible. Many other coupons are canceled out by sales, but not our discount as it is the only genuine ProForm coupon available. ProForm offers a wide selection of equipment to meet the needs of the fitness beginner as well as a veteran. One caveat when it comes to using our ProForm coupon is that you can only use it on the online ProForm store.

While third-party retailers may carry ProForm products, our online ProForm coupon is only usable on the main ProForm site. So, make sure you grab all the saving possible when you use our ProForm discount code and sneak in the last sales of the year. To reach their optimal performance level, athletes need to ensure they are taking in the right nutrients. Otherwise, they may become more prone to illness or injury which can derail a successful training regime. Here at ProForm Coupon , along with providing a discount code for the best home workout equipment, we want to offer insights on what nutrients athletes really need during their training.

Depending on the sport the athlete is engaged in, a slightly different macronutrient load is needed. We will focus on endurance athletes, as they often require a very specific balance of nutrients to maintain their energy levels while training. So, below are the important macronutrients and their percentages. Athletes should avoid intaking much of their carbs via simple carbs like white bread, candy, juice, and other sources.

Good sources of fat are:. There is some crossover between the good fats and ideal protein for athletes. Along with supplementing their protein intake with the foods with good fat, other sources of healthy protein are:. While the recommended amount for the average person is oz a day, athletes may need more as they lose water via sweat. Sports drinks can supplement the water intake, but it should not overtake how much water the athlete is drinking. But for athletes who feel they may be missing something, below are some of the key micronutrients they need during training.

Along with taking in the right nutrients, you should make sure you have the best equipment in your home. If you are ready to invest fully in your training, use our ProForm promo code to help you save on your next ProForm purchase. There are plenty of myths swirling around treadmills that discourage people from using these excellent machines.

Here at ProForm Coupon , we want to dispell at least six of the most common myths about treadmill running to help you overcome any reluctance to use a treadmill. Running in general is accused of being hard on the joints, but some people believe that treadmills are worse for joints than running outside. Also, on a well-cushioned treadmill like the ProForm Pro or NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer, many people who have struggled with injury recovery can move more freely than running outside.

This treadmill running myth has its roots in some reality. When running outside, you have to push against air movement, speed up to avoid cars and other pedestrians, and other obstacles that push you to do more movement. On a treadmill, you are protected from all these things. But, with the ability to up your incline and control your speed for HIIT and speed exercises, you can burn more calories on a treadmill with a focused workout than you can by running outside.

There are thousands of cheap treadmills out there, but they are almost guaranteed to break down within months of your purchase, making some people feel like they have to spend thousands of dollars for a good treadmill. Also, ProForm offers a range of high-quality treadmills at a variety of price points, and our coupon will help you save on all of them.

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When you run outside, you are constantly changing speeds and adjusting for various factors. On a treadmill, you will continue to move at a precise pace until you input a new speed. Instead of blaming the treadmill, take more control of your treadmill speed. You can use speed workout programs or build out your own HIIT program to help you stay engaged speedy and engaged in your workout. The treadmill arms are there to help with stabilization in case you stumble and need to catch yourself, not for you to lean on while you are working out.

By hanging onto the treadmill arms during your workout, it is far more likely that you will seriously throw off your running mechanics and can injure yourself. Plenty of real runners, from everyday athletes to ultramarathon madmen like Dean Karnazes, use treadmills for indoor running. In fact, there some pretty impressive world records for treadmill running , with men and women spending upwards of 12 hours at a time running on a treadmill. So, if you want to stop being inconvenienced by weather, time of day, as well as reach your health and fitness goals sooner, be sure to grab our ProForm promo code and invest in a treadmill today.

Cut Down On Paper Coupons With Online Options Paper coupons have a habit of piling up and require a high amount of organization to make your saved coupons useful. This touchscreen not only makes it easier to navigate through the various workout programs but you can also have access to far more workout information to track your performance. With iFit Coach, you can have access to thousands of workout programs led by personal trainers, with your touchscreen turning into a portal to beautiful locations around the world, or as your access to a studio treadmill workout class.

Built-in programs boosted — Along with the huge amount of workout programs available through iFit Coach, the SMART treadmills come with even more built-in workouts. That way, you can keep pushing yourself to improve and continually try new workouts. Write down all your old goals and see if there is a pattern. If there is a specific type of goal you find you generally set, make a note of it so you can carry it over into your new goals.

Review your previous goals to see if any of the goals you have set are no longer important to you.

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Feel free to cross them out and not carry them over to the next year. While striving toward both these things is good, having vague goals can be a frustrating exercise in failure. If there are any unclear goals, make a mark so they can be refined when you make your new goals. How To Set New, Effective Health And Fitness Goals Rather than have unmet goals year after year, there are several things you can do to set effective fitness and health goals that you will be able to reach this year. Instead, determine exactly what point you will need to reach to achieve your goals, and set measurable milestones to help you stay positive as well as motivated.

For example, celebrating every 10 lbs lost or every inch off of your waist is a good, actionable milestone. Be realistic as you set goals — To avoid feeling discouraged, it is important to set realistic goals. While some people can lose lbs in a year, it can be very difficult. So, as you set your goals, be kind to yourself and determine if the goal you want to set will be realistically achievable.

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Instead, find the exercise which appeals to you and pursue it. Some specific ways this can occur are: Creates hormone imbalances — The hormone ghrelin is what tells your brain that you are hungry, and the hormone leptin is dispersed to signal that you are full. When you lack the proper amount of sleep, your body will make more ghrelin and less leptin, making you hungrier and more likely to overeat. May decrease resting metabolic rate — Our bodies burn a set amount of calories when completely at rest, which is dependent on gender, weight, muscle mass, height, and age.

Lower energy levels — With lower energy levels, it can become tough to stick to your workout schedule, leading you to have less calorie-burning exertion or to skip your exercise routine entirely. This process will lower your daily calorie burn and slow down your weight loss. Ways To Implement A Healthy Sleep Schedule Since the lack of sleep can cause a lot of havoc on your weight loss progress, it is important to figure out ways you can implement a healthy sleep schedule. Some ideas we would suggest are: Make time to sleep hours a night.

Stick to a regular workout schedule. Be sure not to workout hours before your bedtime or the hormones released by working out can keep you up. Put away any screens smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers, etc.

Set a steady sleep schedule, both your bedtime and wake up time, so your body becomes trained to become sleepy at the same time. Avoid long naps or ones late in the day. Ideally, a nap is no more than 30 minutes. Restrict the intake of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine late in the day.

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Eat only light snacks or a light meal a few hours before bed, as it can sit heavily as you sleep. Be Undaunted Photo source: Juli Windsor Born with a rare form of dwarfism which makes athletics particularly difficult, Juli Windsor has never let her circumstances hold her back. Conquer Any Roadblock Photo source: