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London to Paris is Fastest journey time 2h15 non-stop. Check train times at www.

London to Brussels is km or miles, typical journey time 2h01, fastest journey 1h London to Lille is Check train times on the London to Amsterdam by Eurostar page. Eurostar runs a weekly winter ski train from London to Bourg St Maurice in the French Alps twice a week in the winter ski season, see the ski by train page. From central London to central Paris, Eurostar is faster than flying, as well as more comfortable and convenient. In addition, planes emit the CO2 directly into the upper atmosphere, where it is thought to do around 2.

Another good reason for treating yourself to a train journey! I recommend buying a copy of the European Rail Map for your travels, www. Back to top Eurostar fares How to find the cheapest fares Booking usually opens days ahead. How do Eurostar fares work? Eurostar has dynamic pricing like airlines. Prices increase as departure date approaches and the cheaper seats sell out, so book early. How to find the cheapest Eurostar tickets: For the cheapest fares, book well in advance - usually a maximum of days ahead - and avoid busy Friday or Sunday afternoon trains when there are fewer cheap seats.

Tip for one-way travel: So if booking one-way, just have a look at what it would cost for a round trip coming back as far ahead as possible, on the cheapest return train.

Eurostar city breaks

You might save a few pounds! In the fares chart below, fares shown with a from in front vary like air fares, rising as departure date approaches, with limited availability at each price level. The fares shown without a 'from' do not increase like this, and are what you'll pay as long as there are seats left - except for railpass holder fares which are limited by a quota. Like airline tickets, Eurostar can be expensive if not booked well in advance. If you need to travel at short notice, try calling www. If heading to Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and so on, it may be cheaper to use the the Dutch Flyer from London to Hoek van Holland plus onward train tickets as this is often very affordable even booked just 24 hours before departure.

Until , a one-way ticket from London to Paris or Brussels actually cost more than a return! Fortunately, in June Eurostar introduced sensible one-way fares which were always cheaper than the equivalent return, although two one-ways still cost more than a return. In November Eurostar cut the price of its one-way fares so that a one-way ticket cost half the price of a round trip ticket.

Unfortunately, they raised the one-way again in April , so it's slightly cheaper to book a round trip rather than two one-ways. There are no fares for open jaw returns, for example going from London to Paris outward but Brussels to London on the way back, so just buy one-way tickets, for example London to Paris and Brussels to London. Unlike airlines, children under 4 go free on Eurostar, no ticket is required, just bring them along with their passports. A special child fare applies to children from 4 to 11 inclusive. All children under 12 must travel accompanied by an adult, and unaccompanied children from 12 to 16 require a consent form signed by their parent or guardian.

You can now use an InterRail or Eurail pass on Eurostar on payment of a passholder fare, for details see here. Eurostar bookings normally open days 6 months before departure at www. You print your own tickets, or you can show them on your smartphone using the Eurostar app, or you can pick up tickets from the ticket machines at the station.

After paying, you can return to the www. Tips on choosing a specific seat on Eurostar. To buy a passholder fare with an InterRail or Eurail pass, see here. Eurostar's UK telesales office is open Print-at-home tickets can be sent to you by email or you can pick up tickets at the station before departure from the e-ticket machines. If you are taking onward trains beyond Paris or Brussels, for example from London to Spain, Italy or the south of France, it's best to book Eurostar and your onward train tickets together at the same time as explained on the relevant page of this website.

Eurostar London to Paris entire journey 2019

Although Eurostar bookings usually open days before departure, reservations for most other European trains only open 90, 92 or sometimes days ahead. I strongly recommend waiting until onward bookings open so you can confirm onward train times before committing to a non-refundable Eurostar ticket. Timings for onward trains can change on specific dates because of engineering work. See the Train travel to Europe page for more information about how to buy European train tickets. Advice on changing trains in Brussels. Option 1, buy a Eurostar through ticket: Option 2, use www.

This site can book through from any rail station in Britain to Paris, Brussels and destinations all over Europe. It does this by adding a special ticket to London International CIV as described below, to a Eurostar ticket and onward European tickets. This usually costs a bit more than option 1. Option 3, you can buy a separate UK train ticket to London. There are special fares from most stations in Britain to a destination called 'London International CIV' designed to be used with Eurostar tickets, which you can buy online following the instructions here.

Stations can sell these tickets, though staff aren't always familiar with them. However, Eurostar have decided to offer a budget option for short-notice travel if you don't mind only being told exactly which train you'll be on within 48 hours of departure. These snap fares are only sold on a special mini-site, https: They're intended to fill spare capacity now most of their new seat e trains are in service.

Snap fares launched in May You can buy these cheap Eurostar Snap tickets at https: The site shows which dates are available. The London-Amsterdam route is also now covered. You qualify for a Eurostar passholder fare if you have an InterRail or Eurail global pass.

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You don't qualify if you only have an InterRail or Eurail one-country pass. Whatever anyone may tell you, you can only book standard premier if you have a 1st class pass. Passholder places are controlled by a quota but you'll find plenty of availability if you book in advance and I'm told you should find reasonable availability even on the day of travel. If you have a flexi-type pass, yes, using a Eurostar passholder fare requires you to use one of your unlimited travel days, but of course you can use other trains that day as well as the Eurostar, before or after the Eurostar journey.

Check-in 45 minutes before your train, not Passholder print-at-home tickets may not operate the check-in gates so you must check-in at one of the staffed kiosks so your pass can be checked. Passholders are therefore asked to check in at least 45 minutes before their train, instead of the usual This may have changed, feedback would be appreciated , but it was certainly the case at launch.

Make a Eurostar passholder booking at www. Anyone from any country can book here, you print your own ticket or can collect it from the machines at the Eurostar station. If this fails, proceed to option 2 - at the time I write this there may be a temporary glitch at the confirmation stage You can also make Eurostar passholder bookings at www. Then use the journey planner to book your train. You are emailed your Eurostar ticket to print or you can show it on your smartphone using the B-Europe app.

Anyone from any country can book this way, either with a Eurail pass or an InterRail pass, even though www. Eurostar passholder tickets are exactly the same for either InterRail or Eurail, it makes no difference, so just go ahead and book whichever type of pass you have. Just remember that you can only choose standard premier 1st class on Eurostar if you have a 1st class pass.

Download the app at eurailgroup. This new passholder regime is still fairly new, I'm finding that many staff don't know about it. And remember, you can only buy a standard premier Eurostar ticket if you have a 1st class pass. Also known as 2nd class, standard class is comfortable, carpeted and air-conditioned, and all seats have an individual reading light and fixed or drop-down table.

There is free WiFi on e and e trains, but no WiFi on the classic trains. Standard class seats on the classic trains don't recline, those on the new e and refurbished e trains can be reclined slightly. Standard class seating on a classic Eurostar Standard class seating on a new e As in Standard class, there's a minute minimum check-in and no access to the business lounge, tickets are all non-refundable and only changeable for a fee.

There are power sockets at all 1st class seats on all types of Eurostar, and free WiFi on the new e and refurbished e trains. All seats adjust from upright to a slight recline and all seats have an individual reading light and fixed or drop-down table. Although confusingly using the word 'Standard' in its brand name to help attract business travellers whose companies don't officially allow first class travel, make no mistake, this is indeed first class.

Standard Premier replaced Leisure Select in September Is Standard Premier worth the extra? Standard class is perfectly adequate and it's only 2 hour 20 minutes to Paris or 2 hours to Brussels after all. There's no need to pay more if you don't want to. So yes, it's a nice experience especially if your journey is for a special occasion!

Standard Premier seating in a classic Eurostar Standard Premier light meal There are power sockets at all 1st class seats on all Eurostars, and free WiFi on the new e and refurbished e trains. All seats adjust from upright to a slight recline, and all seats have an individual reading light and fixed or drop-down table. It's priced assuming your company is paying! Business Premier seating in a classic Eurostar Business Premier cooked breakfast Business Premier seating on an e or e train.

Eurostar vary the allocation of first class cars on each train between these two classes according to demand. See the Tips for choosing your seat section below for a Eurostar seating plan. All Eurostar tickets include a specific reserved seat, and initially you'll be allocated seats. If you're buying at www. If you have already bought tickets, either at www. See tips on picking the best seats below. It will work if you bought your ticket at www. But booking references issued by some other agencies such as loco2. By all means try, but don't be upset or worried if your reference number doesn't let you use this feature on the Eurostar site.

Seat numbering plan for a classic Eurostar. Seat numbering plan for refurbished e Seat numbering plan for a new e Eurostar. If your first class seat is in cars 1, 2, 3 or 14, 15, 16 it is an e If it is in cars 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 it is either a classic or e Remember that the type can still be switched on the day for operational reasons!

If you already have a ticket you can go to www. If your train has 16 cars with 1st class at each end, it's due to be an e If 18 cars with all 1st class cars in the middle, it's an e or classic. How to tell if your train is a classic Eurostar or a refurbished e The first e entered service in September , and by the end of all classic Eurostars should have been withdrawn. If your train has 18 cars, it's either a classic Eurostar or an e Eurostar's online seat selection graphic may show incorrect window positions.

Eurostar revamped their website in , and when you click to choose your exact seat when managing you booking, the graphic seat numbering plan shows the windows in an incorrect position relative to the seats. If you want a power socket for a mobile or laptop , choose cars 5 or 14 in standard class in a classic Eurostar. In first class, all cars have these. If you have small children , book seats in cars 1 or 18 standard class in a classic Eurostar as these are near the baby-changing room, and are at each end of the train so have less people walking through them to the bar.

These cars have lots of bays of 4 seats with or without a table, your choice , which are much better for families than face-to-back airline-style seating. If you're travelling as a group of 3 or 4 people , choose seats around a table as opposed to airline-style pairs all facing the same way, as this is much more sociable. If you're a couple in first class , choose a pair of seats facing across an intimate table-for-two, as in the first class seats picture on the right.

Seat 61 is one of a pair like this on the classic Eurostar trains, and in most 1st class cars on the new e trains. If you prefer a window seat which lines up with the window rather than one next to a blank bit of wall between the windows , look carefully at the plan. The white or pale blue sections in the coach walls on the plan are the windows. In standard class, a seat in the car next to the bar car makes it easier to fetch food and drink, which might be a consideration. On the other hand, you get more people walking through to get to the bar.

If you've a tight onward connection when your Eurostar arrives in Paris or London , book a seat at the front of the Eurostar train i.

EUROSTAR TRAINS EXPLAINED | London to Paris from £25

If going to Brussels, see information about the short cut to other platforms here. Eurostar trialled a 'quiet coach' in Business Premier and Standard Premier but not Standard class in , but the trial ended, and there is now no designated quiet coach. Unlike other British and European trains, Eurostar operates a check-in system. You must check in for any Eurostar train at least 30 minutes before departure 10 minutes for Business Premier passengers, 60 minutes for the Eurostar ski trains.

Check-in opens at least 1 hour and up to 2 hours before each train departure - it varies depending how busy they expect to be that day. To check in, place your ticket barcode against the small scanner screen on the automatic ticket gates at the entrance to the departure lounge. Or you can use a staffed check-in desk, so if you want to change your allocated seat for example, to make sure you're facing forward , or you have a Sparpreis London ticket to Germany which won't work the automatic gates, use a staffed desk.

No nonsense with liquids though they don't like you carrying a cup of coffee through! In London and Paris you can now choose to use a normal staffed passport kiosk or the new e-passport automated gates. Then you're inside the departure lounge and free to use the shops, bar, cafe or other facilities until your train is ready for boarding, usually minutes before departure. There are no immigration formalities at the other end , it's all done before you board. So on arrival you just walk off the train, simple as that The check-in gates are in the wide passageway off the lower street level shopping arcade, one level down from the Eurostar trains themselves.

The Eurostar information desk can provide you with Eurostar information, a free map of Paris, and Paris visitor metro passes. The entrance to the Business Lounge at St Pancras is on the platform 10 side of the regular departures lounge, roughly level with the passport control kiosks. The six Eurostar platforms at St Pancras platforms are directly above the departure lounge, and a boarding announcement will be made about minutes before departure. There are two gently-sloping moving walkways up to each platform, plus a lift.

If your reservation is in cars , you use one walkway, if your reservation is in cars you use the other. Just follow the signs! St Pancras' beautiful gothic facade The station building is now a luxury hotel, the Renaissance, accessed from the forecourt via the big archway in the photo above. See London St Pancras station information. This way to check-in! You scan your ticket barcode to open the automatic gates, then through security, then a passport check, and you're in the departure lounge!

In this photo you can see the travelator up to the platform, and the shop at the back. The blue bench seating in the centre of this photo has now been improved with more regular seating of the brown type. When boarding is announced, staff open the glass doors and passengers go up the travelators to the platform above.

There are six platforms, Station plan, click top right to expand. Alternative station plan Checking-in at Paris Gare du Nord To reach the Eurostar check-in gates you must go up to the first-floor balcony overlooking the main concourse using the escalator opposite platform 17, then walk along the balcony to the Eurostar check-in gates which are at the platform 3 end. Once past the ticket gates there are French then British passport checks, then the security scan.

You then enter the departure lounge which is on the first floor alongside platform 3 there isn't a platform 1 or 2 at Paris Nord. It also has a cocktail bar, open afternoon and evenings. It's on the second floor, up the stairs or lift immediately after the security checks.

How long does it take on the Eurostar from London to Paris?

When boarding is announced minutes before departure, you follow everyone else directly out of the terminal onto a short footbridge and down the travelator onto the platform. This photo is taken from ground level with my back to the trains and the main exit to the street in front of me, hidden behind the information kiosk. It shows the balcony accessed from escalators opposite platform 17, leading to the Eurostar terminal. Eurostar departure lounge at Paris Nord.

There are toilets, shops and cafes. Business Premier lounge at Paris Nord, upstairs. It features this great cocktail bar. Paris Nord station plan, click top right to expand Checking-in at Brussels Midi The main concourse at Brussels Midi is a wide and it has to be said gloomy street-level passageway running underneath all 22 platforms. It's marked Channel Terminal. Once in the large departure lounge there is a car-bar, jewellers and chocolate shop.

The entrance is inside the main departure lounge, veer left when you enter, passing the cafe counter to your right. The entrance to the Eurostar terminal in Brussels Inside the departure lounge at Brussels Midi The entrance to the Business Premier Lounge is to the left of the cafe, behind the big steel pillar in this photo. This is the drinks area. Brussels Midi station plan, click top right to expand There are now three types of train in service with Eurostar. Eurostar's classic trains still operate one or two departures, dating from when Eurostar started.

They have now almost all disappeared. By the end of , Eurostar will have eight e trains. By the end of Eurostar will have 17 e trains. How to tell which type of Eurostar is due to operate which departure. All of these original unrefurbished Eurostars were supposed to have been either withdrawn or rebuilt as one of eight e trains by the end of , but one or two unrefurbished trains have survived in service into They were refurbished with an interior by designer Philippe Starck in A Eurostar at London St Pancras Most seats are unidirectional, with some bays of 4 like this..

A Eurostar boarding in London Eurostar's refurbished e trains: Four now in service With central city train stations throughout Europe, Eurostar gets you from A to B quickly and effortlessly. Eurostar operates direct trains to Lyon, Avignon and Marseille. Skip the airport hassle and book your Eurostar break with lastminute.

Go straight from Central London and arrive in the heart of Paris in approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can travel from Ashford or Ebbsfleet International stations.

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