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[Deals] 20% off the Huawei P9 Lite

Amazon Echos and Google Homes aren't the only devices your smart home needs. From security to entertaining, this is the smart home tech we're loving to bring your house into the 21st century. Ready for uncompromising color? Are you ready for uncompromising color? The new Galaxy J6 by Samsung displays truly vivid images all the way to the edge of the device. Sporting an Infinity Display, the The XA1 Plus features the signature design of the Xperia series, we can see the familiar look with a metal body, rounded corners, and a flat top and bottom.

The CA-CX uses a loud ringer and bright flasher to Microsoft Lumia 32GB 5. Make calls, text and more with the Motorola Moto G GSM Unlocked cell phone is compatible with carrier Impressively designed to be distinctly different, Take your mobile viewing experience to new heights It will especially appeal to people who want their phone to look good as well as perform powerfully - the design is a thing of beauty.

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And as the Huawei P20 doesn't really kick on too much, the P10 may be a better option if you want to keep things affordable. Read TechRadar's full Huawei P10 review here. Huawei P10 review and specs in brief A major Android player. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

The best Huawei P10 deals in February 12222

The product get on perfect time and perfect conditions. The package was perfect: Here is the thing, this message is mostly for Huawei This phone is most likely to be the worst phone I've ever use in my entire life. I have Android since , I use more than 35 Android devices since then but non on them could get close to how BAD this phone is. The whole system wraps every single exception and you don't know were the crash happen.

If you feel comfy with Android, don't use it. Every time you install an app I'll check with an anti virus app who is also crap If the phone touches every part of your body skin would think is your finger and vibrate until locks and you'll have to enter the PIN to unlocked again super annoying! You open one app You'll get around mb free from the 2Gb of RAM. Everything takes time to open You like the "Ok Google" feature? Hahahahaha be ready to wait a few seconds and then start using it. Wants to open a website and move around? Want to take a picture?!

Get ready to read the whole Harry Potter saga and then come back to check if is ready to use it. When you use ANY app that uses the microphone Skype, Whatsapp, Audio Recorder, etc you'll have a massive popup taking the whole screen to warn you about the "issue". I dismiss it and done" You'll be over 6. I've never been this much frustrated in my life using a phone.

Every 30min you want to smash it on the floor to release some tensions.

The best Huawei P10 deals in February | TechRadar

Bottom line Don't waste your money. Spend more and buy a good one or 50 more and get a Motorola. I'd it for only 1 month You'll thank me later. At first I was specially excited about the phone, but now most of the time it's just a bummer. The design in this phone is lovely.

It has a really good screen size and quality, and the silver and white gives an "iPhone vibe". It is clean, attractive and modern. The block button is just under the volume button and in order for you to insert a SIM or SD Card you gotta insert a fine point-like-needle object that comes with the phone. The picture comes out clean and clear, with a nice quality. It gives your photo quality a little bit similar with iPhone kinda. The videos also come out great.

I have never experienced such rage and stress as I am experiencing with this phone.

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Not even my 3-year old Samsung J5 falling into pieces passed to me by my father had so much slowness like the P9 I bought 6 months ago. At first it was actually fast - like any new phone - and I was very happy about it.

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I have to close all tabs from 10 to 10 min to release more memory to the system, and it is so damn slow! Also the 16gb is taken by system files but it's really not that much, expect to be deleting a lot of files If I want to open my Maps quickly in an urgent situation, I can forget about it. It just takes about 10 secs to open it.

  • [Deals] 20% off the Huawei P9 Lite.
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There goes my smiley face. I am watching a video on the browser or on Instagram and it just stops playing, it just pauses my video.