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Costco Coupons for October 2013

ArtMulder [OP]. But I wasn't that thrilled with the styles.

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They seemed to be mostly the directional spot type of light. Then earlier this week I was in Home Depot. I picked up some of the CREE watt equivalent. They are shaped almost exactly like the old incandescent style. I also picked up a Philips watt as an experiment to replace a bathroom vanity globe-type bulb. It wasn't a perfect shape match, but it works quite well and produces good light.

[Costco] Costco LED Light Bulbs / Light Fixture saveonENERGY Rebate (Gta)

I put one watt CREE in our powder room, and that one bulb is enough light no idea how big the room is, it's your typical two piece tiny main floor powder room. Another cree went into a 3-bulb fixture in a ceiling fan in my Son's room 11x11 , and produces at least as much light as the CFL it replaced.

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At Home Depot they allow you to use up to 5 coupons at a time, so you can stock up. The one oddity is that with the coupon it actually makes more sense to buy individual bulbs than multi-packs, since with 3-bulb-pack you can only use one coupon, but if you buy three individual bulbs you can use three coupons. I have no idea if Rona or Home Hardware also have these coupons in the store There are two different kinds of coupons, one for "specialty" bulbs, and one for "general" bulbs.

Make sure you get the right one! There you go, thought someone would be interested as I was. It's not about you. Fueling your morning-brew needs really adds up , especially if you're one of the millennials who spend more money on coffee than retirement. But it doesn't have to be that way when you buy your whole beans or ground coffee from Costco.

$5 coupons on LED bulbs... Now on at HD + Costco

That's more than three times a Costco membership. By now, Costco is famous for its unbeatable rotisserie chicken to the point it has a Facebook fan page. For comparison's sake, Walmart sells its chicken for a dollar more but the size is smaller. This unbelievable price tag doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

Costco topped Consumer Reports ' latest rating of eyeglass stores, beating out most chains. Shoppers see savings when it comes to the cost of frames and lenses, compared to those who bought their eyewear from independent retailers, private physicians, or specialty stores. Kids come at a cost. Start cutting corners by purchasing your baby formula from Costco — it's less than half the price of the formula you may purchase at your local grocery store. Bakers, delight. Two pounds may sound like a lot, but you can freeze yeast for a long time. Costco may not have all the spices your spice rack dreams of, but the ones it does have are a bargain.

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The best part is dried spices last a while, so it's a deal that keeps on giving. Hillary Hoffower. The wholesale warehouse has more than 90 million members.