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Came as no surprise.

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  • K-Pax (Cert 12) | Daily Mail Online;

Sophocles is deemed to have said: Sends us right into the hands of the 'well intentioned'. Headline from Belfast the other day: Probably because I've been there myself not to Hawaii but you know what I mean Just curious, as I have no idea how long such things take, when do you become Dr. Must cost a butt-load of money to be in school for that long, no?

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Not sure about how well it's a tough read for a layman like me but I am sure I've missed a post or 42 over the years You make being poor sound all romantical. Some require research, some do not. Some have teaching duties often associated with the tuition discount , some do not. Saying someone is a grad student is a lot like saying someone is Christian - could mean Bible thumping living in a van whack-job street preacher who's trying to scare anyone who'll listen into a church, or it could mean that nebulous type of the Anglican style where it's all kind of just 'meh, okay'.

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You just don't know. It's why it's important for undergraduates to very quickly figure out what they want to do, and to start evaluating grad programs very, very early. As Abbie says, she's in the biological sciences.

K-Pax DVD "Storyboards to final feature comparison"

There's more money floating around for those studies than, say, mathematics. Braid theory knot theory more generally, and even more generally topology is more than just a mathematically interesting and available area to study: We also get Health insurance, including a rather weak dental plan. I live relatively comfortably and actually manage to save money, but I certainly don't have enough to support a family or buy a house or anything like that. I do know a grad student at the University of Texas, Galveston who was able to buy a house because they're dirt cheap there.

K-Pax (Cert 12)

I grew up somewhat poor, so my tastes are not very extravagant. Some students from rich families are constantly out of money and need help from daddy and mommy occasionally. I laugh at them, because they'll probably always be in the same situation no matter how much their income increases. And not everybody is pulling in the grands in virology like an Robert Gallo or an Francis Ruscetti do. You work for 30 years in virology without much to show for and we'll see what you are forced to do to etch a living and maybe steal a little bit of fame.

Yes ERV, you are incorrect. Dr Mikovits has not been selling anything. Good job you always had that sentenced crossed out. And one surely becomes New Executive for not selling Pharmanex. I answered that question based on the samples that came through there. Everyone who is positive is definitely positive for having the virus. If we keep it down, we keep the immune system strong.

If you do it by the PCR. Because we want to go do that serology test. And here is another nice sales-pitch from Saint Judy:.

Regarding the ramifications of being XMRV negative. The negatives are more difficult as there are additional tests that can only be done in the research lab at this time and not in a clinical setting such as VIPDx. The most important test is to check your blood for an antibody to the virus. If you are positive in the serology test and have an antibody to the virus, you have evidence of infection but at the time your blood was drawn the amount of virus in your blood was below the limit that could be detected by the most sensitive test currently available clinically, which is the the one done at VIPDx.

Yet, maybe I'm too harsh. Maybe she likes selling stuff like this guy likes driving a shuttle bus. Mach your infatuation with St. Judy is noted but her extreme worshipers V99 are now convinced that prexmrv-1 is VP VP62 was meant to be a full synthetic virus.

PreXMRV-1 has a truncated gag and cannot replicate. The question arises has Gerwyn metamorphised into V I miss his annealing temperatures thing and magnesium theories.

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Will V99 ever learn virology and be able to interpret GenBank entries. First time she's accepted contamination, isn't it?

CFS and K-PAX Energy | ScienceBlogs

Lisa, I wonder who the disciples of Saint Judy have received this message. I'd say they now have some explaining to do — I'd reckon they will be claiming that government sponsored aliens have gotten to Dr. Judy and forced her to recant, or something like that. Subban after winning bronze in the final event of her illustrious career.

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