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The reference number is as good as cash. These cards are useful for the likes of students being funded from home etc. In this scam, you are asked to buy the coupons, the scammer gives you a credit card number for the [in this case] reservation plus the PCS coupons, you give the scammer the coupon reference numbers that they immediately enter onto their PCS card, then your card payment is immediately cancelled. A nice earner if you can get away with it!

PCS MasterCard ® | PCS MasterCard

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Scammers often ask their victims to send money in the form of PCS mastercard refill coupon.

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  • Benefits the crooks have clearly understood;

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You can buy it in any PCS sales point worldwide without having to provide any identity. This is already a great advantage for those who want to remain discreet under some barely lawful operations. But this is not the only advantage.

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In the manner of a gift card or phone recharge, a PCS mastercard refill coupon is credited with a certain amount. The PCS card is recharged by entering the code on the refill coupon. This is convenient for honest users who have a way to get a payment card with expense limited by the amount credited through those refill coupons. No way to make an overdraft. But it is also a very interesting aspect for scammers.

PCS MasterCard ®

Indeed, in correspondence with their victims, scammers ask their targets to buy refill coupons and send them the code. In this way, scammers credit their PCS mastercard with money from their victims.

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  5. This is anonymous and irreversible, it is then impossible for victims to get refunded or find the crooks afterwards. A PCS mastercard can be a great payment tool for honest users, but is also a good tool for scammers to receive money during Internet scams.