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Libs are hypocritical idiots. I hate to get involved in this but your talking about two different things here a fetus is not considered a baby and you talking about humans that already assist in life. Clark, Great resource. I am located in southern California and recently retired. I am astounded how the various discounts may vary. Of course, it always helps to ask nicely. Thanks for the site and your hard work!

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Well done. Thanks for the list. I appreciated the list of restaurants for discounts. I certainly could have done without the comments about planned parenthood. AARP, Supposedly represents all senior citizen members therefore they should not represent the Liberal or Conservative agenda only the senior citizens and what best for them, most of us have worked our whole lives only to be thrown out with the Trash. We still have many things to offer. The only senior discount we offer are. Please change that otherwise people get mad at us and take it out on us. Sorry for all the grumpy, oldies who take their frustrations out on a hard working young person trying to get their piece of the American Dream.

We seniors are in the autumn of our lives. If anyone of us never thought that getting old is going to be full of problems then they had their heads stuck in the sand. Save your money Stephanie.

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Look for those discounts now so you have something to live on when you get old. My parents lived thru the depression and they shared their anxieties with me. Hunger is no fun. I can live without nice clothes and furniture. We are a rich country.

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They are the future. We had our biggest chance. And will never go back. I would like a list of all the merchandise retailers that give discounts for seniors. Do you have one? At least not in my area of Houston Texas Amazing how conservatives can make everything political. Planned Parenthood only provides abortions in cases of rape or incest. Look it up. Hi Trixie. Wrong Answer. Thank you for playing. How early you can get an abortion depends on where you go. In some places, you can get it as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test. Other doctors or nurses prefer to wait until weeks after the first day of your last period.

We travel a lot for business, and rely a lot on Subway. Black Bear Restaurants do not offer Senior discounts.

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They feel to eat at their establishment is a bargain with the quality of food and service. One manager says the company offers Vet free drinks and then the next manager knows nothing about it. Worth asking for the discount sometimes. If you ask and get it, use it. Be aware that AARP is in business to make money. I was with Liberty Mutual for my insurance for years thru my work. They have an agenda,. Jack in the Box Claims discount only for drinks. Not food. I have made an inquiry to JIB on this. There reason , when asked, is because they have low prices on items every day. One reason seniors shop at Kroger is because of Senior Day on Wednesday , which is an added incentive.

I do hope Kroger reconsiders. Hey C. Kroger Supermarkets to cut senior discounts. Hoping it will be accepted in US,when we go this summer. The other day I ordered a fish sandwich and a small shake. Makes for a crowded store! Many of the senior discounts vary from location to location as you can see from the comments on this post. Always best to ask. Senior Discount for taco Bell. Age requirement is 65 and over. Discount may be franchisee specific.

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I at one time returned an envelope with my information on it I received and asked they remove me from their list. Got a reply that said I would have to supply them more information to get off the list. As for the discounts. Usually gets an approval. Enough time for them to use your information for their monetary gain. If you join, be ready to be hit with renewal notices 6 months into your annual membership. Great idea — do you know of similar list for Canada? Also useful would be a list of restaurants with small portions for seniors..

Hi Gillian! Great question- We also received the same feedback on our Facebook page. Help us spread the word! Sonic does not do a discount, we even called the main office.

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Sonic is mostly franchised. Ask—all you have to lose is 4 seconds of your life. See attached link. My personal favorite is Dunkin Donuts!!

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Why do you love your membership. Also, AAA gives you better deals. Please let me know why you love AARP. I hope all who protest Planned Parenthood fully support paying for child care and foster care and all other expenses of children that were unplanned.

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Obamacare is the answer for health needs. Nobody needs Planned Parenthood unless for an abortion. Remember everybody has to get insurance. Despite a nearly 20 percent decline in the number of abortions in the country between and ,[8] the number of abortions Planned Parenthood performed during that time increased from , to ,, thereby more than doubling its share of the abortion market from 15 percent in to 32 percent in ,[9] the latest year for which national data are available. Planned Parenthood affiliates perform about 20 abortions for every prenatal care visit and about abortions for every adoption referral based on the approximately , abortions they perform each year.

Aside from being a source of discounts, AARP is also a large lobbyist. So declining to join due to its political stance is not the same as boycotting an ambulance service. They drive far right-wing values. If you believe in providing healthcare services to a marginalized population of human beings but subscribe to AARP and AAA, then you are the hypocrite. Comments 0 Comments. Skip the Dishes: Save on delivery at your favourite burger, poutine, greek, Italian or Indian restaurant for a limited time.

Free Delivery. Are you stuck for a gift but you know that they love takeout food? Find huge deals such as free food delivery, seasonal discounts and more at Skipthedishes. Simply sign in, and sort the restaurants by "delivery cost" and you'll see loads with free delivery. Comments 21 people used today.

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Hungry? Think of it like confetti. This release focuses on features for enhanced accessibility. Stay tuned for more updates soon! Our October release is a Thriller! Part II. No fuss, no muss! Frankenstein is on it! Go ahead, fall for our latest update! Fixer Upper is on it! We have a new look and feel for adding sides and drinks. Welting in the summer heat? Grab a salty snack or a cool beverage! In this extra cheese-y release, we made it easier to add more cheese to your sandwich… and while we were at it, tossed in some other slices of goodness.

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