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Send us a message on our Facebook page. Be careful what you hide, you may need that info. Todays date: Coupon Index. If you find our lists helpful, please support us by printing coupons directly from our Group A links. Frys Valid Dates: This list is made by Aimee from Grocerysmarts. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about this list. Please include the store name and area you are referring to in the message. Please note - Items with price checks are not listed in the weekly circular, and prices may vary by store. Coupons do vary based on location. Ibotta deals are valid when this list is created, but may expire before the list does.

Please check Ibotta deals to make sure they are still valid before you make your purchase. Coffee-Mate or Minute Maid. Philadelphia, Birds Eye or Kroger. Sargento Cheese 6.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage 9. Capri Sun.

Extreme couponing events in Phoenix, AZ

Pepsi or 7UP 12 oz cans 12 pk Must buy 3 to receive discount. Powerade or Powerade Zero 32 oz Must buy 8 to receive discount. Yuban Coffee Annies Homegrown Products, any excluding dressings, marinades and condiments. Best Foods Mayonnaise. Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 24 oz or larger, Squeeze Fritos or Cheetos 7 to 9. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 7. Nabisco Cookie or Cracker Products, any 3. Nabisco Oreo Cookies Sara Lee Bread. Simple Truth Pistachios. Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers 7. Nabisco or Cheez-It. Tostitos or Ruffles. Marie Callenders Dinner or Bowl Marie Callenders or Healthy Choice.

Extra Promo: Snuggle Product, any excluding trial or travel sizes -. Huggies Wipes. Huggies Wipes, any 48 ct or larger -. Quilted Northern Bath Tissue, any 6 double rolls or larger. Got a list question? This list is made by Aimee. Kelloggs Frosted Flakes Cereal 10 to With in-ad store coupon Also use manufacturer coupon: Lays Family Size Chips 9.

Albertsons allows you to use a manufacturer coupon AND Store coupon on the same purchase. Bashas Valid Dates: Feel free to contact us or message us on Facebook if you have questions about this list. Double coupons every day. Limit of 3 same coupons will double.

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CVS - Valid Dates: Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 12 to Loreal Elvive Shampoo Purex Liquid or Powder Laundry Detergent, any. Tide Simply Laundry Detergent 34 oz or smaller or 50 oz or larger or Tide Simply Pods 13 ct or smaller or 20 ct or larger, any. The following items will earn individual voucher valid on your next shopping purchase. Progresso Soup 14 to 19 oz or Annies Organic Soup Colgate Optic White 4.

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Softsoap Body Wash 15 to 18 oz Limit 4 vouchers per household. Scott Bath Tissue 9 to 18 rolls Limit 4 vouchers per household.

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Limit 1 voucher per household. Limit 1 voucher. But, unfortunately, the scenarios that we saw by some of the profiled couponers were scripted; stores' coupon policies were adjusted just for the program, and unethical coupon practices were used in order to create the concept of what can be achieved by extreme couponing. During the program " Extreme Couponing ", the couponers were shown in various stages of collecting coupons, including dumpster diving and going to their neighbors to collect the newspaper weekly coupon inserts. Then, they would casually cut piles and I mean piles!

The program failed to show the true time commitment behind extreme couponing. Real extreme couponers make a full-time job out of collecting coupons and matching the coupons to stores' sales and utilizing the individual stores' coupon policies to get the very most out of every coupon that they redeem.

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For many, it is more than a 40 hour work week just collecting, organizing and strategizing the best scenarios for redeeming the coupons. Many die-hard couponers will get up before dawn to be the first customers at the stores so that they do not risk losing out on items advertised as being on sale. There were several examples shown where the profiled couponers received massive savings with their coupons, but in reality, the coupons that they used did not match up with the products advertised on the coupon.

Also, in one particularly poorly scripted shopping spree, the store doubled all the coupons the shopper redeemed. However, the store's normal policy at that time for all other shoppers was that they only doubled the first three coupons per shopper. The store, Fry's Supermarket in Sahuarita, Arizona, received such a huge outcry from couponers across the country that within 24 hours that the show aired, they posted a statement on Fry's Facebook page:.

In reality, many grocery stores have discontinued doubling coupons or they now have severe restrictions on how many coupons can be doubled.

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Also, almost all grocery stores that do double coupons will only double a coupon up to the price of the product, another policy that seemed to be forgotten for the sake of putting on a good show. Unethical Behavior During one of the episodes, Tide coupons used by the profiled couponer were later exposed as being counterfeit. Also, there were several times that the coupons used were already expired. Responsible couponers would never knowingly use a counterfeit coupon, and many work diligently online to help expose counterfeit coupons that are circulated.

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  • Hoarding Most couponers and even seasoned extreme couponers make an effort to be considerate of other shoppers, unlike many of the extreme couponers that have been profiled on "Extreme Couponing. In reality, most couponers try to keep a low profile and will often shop during off hours to avoid being an inconvenience to the stores and to other shoppers.

    Arizona All In On Ad With Coupon Matchups

    Also, most couponers will buy multiple items if they can get it at super low prices, but most are not hoarders. Buying Limits Most stores have limits on how many coupons for the same item can be purchased at one time. For example, going in with coupons and purchasing six cases of one product would not be allowed at most stores. Also, there are often limitation policies printed on the coupon. For example, you may see on the coupon that you can only redeem up to five coupons for five of the products at one time. Many grocery stores would not allow one person checking out to tie up employees and a register for five hours.

    You might get away with it once, but my bet is that on your next trip to the store, there would be a new policy preventing it from happening again.