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Anne Belmont Yesterday at See more. Visual Wilderness Yesterday at Top 5 Winter Photography Tips and More! Visual Wilderness 13 February at Professional photographer Christine Hauber gives you 5 highly effective exercises to help you get started with creative nature photography. Visual Wilderness 12 February at Full Frame or Crop Factor Camera?

Here is our take on it. Visual Wilderness 11 February at Flower Photography: Capturing Stunning Orchids Photos. Anne Belmont share highly effective ideas for flowers photography to capture stunning orchid photos indoors in winter months. Visual Wilderness 9 February at Tips for Winter Photography. Winter Photography can be challenging for number of reasons.

So here are few tips by Mital Patel to get you started. David Johnston reminds us that macro photography is one of the more creative and enjoyable experiences for landscape photographers. Visual Wilderness 6 February at Negative Space vs. Dead Space in Nature Photography. How to capture breathtaking landscape photos by learning to make the most of negative space - and to avoid dead space.

Visual Wilderness 5 February at What do you wear for cold weather photography? How to Capture Stunning Night Photos. Visual Wilderness 4 February at Special Offers Visual Wilderness. Visual Wilderness 1 February at What's your personal photographic style? Understanding and analyzing your own personal photographic style is important for developing and improving your skills. Visual Wilderness 31 January at Photographing in Fog It's a good thing! Instead of running away from dreary weather and fog, embrace it. This article describes exactly how you can utilise these conditions to your advantage.

Visual Wilderness 30 January at Landscape Photography: I Shoot because I Feel. David Thompson's shares how he makes a visual connection with a scene and let your feelings guide your landscape photography. Visual Wilderness 29 January at Learn how to get started with narrow depth of field photography, a technique to take your photos of subjects in nature into a new realm of creativity.

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Top 3 Landscape Photography Mistakes to Avoid. Lace Anderson shares three big mistakes that she has made over the years in the hopes that it will prevent others from making the same errors. Visual Wilderness 28 January at Winter photography is a challenging opportunity to capture photos many others landscape photographers likely avoid.

Here is how to get started. Visual Wilderness 25 January at Nature Photography: When to convert to Black and White. Lace Andersen provides some tips in determining which scenes and subjects may work well for black and white nature photography. Have you ever been really excited to review shots from a trip only to find that your camera failed to capture the scene as you remembered it? The article on how to take pictures of the stars motivated me to get out there and try it.

I bought the video series on Essential Filters which I found informative. That led me to try out your new video series on the Histogram. InFocus Newsletter has been part of my educational process in my quest to improve my photography. Karen California, USA. Visual Wilderness InFocus Newsletter is in the top three photography websites that I follow all the time. Thank you for the high quality work. Jack New Zealand. I really like the interesting articles in the InFocus Newsletter and the variety of tutorials in small bites which have helped me improve my photography.


Veronica Guildford, UK. InFocus Newsletter provides simple, easy to read and follow articles that both beginner and Intermediate advanced photographers can benefit from. Sajjad Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. I have enjoyed Infocus Newsletter and have learn much that has enhanced my enjoyment and technical skills. Keep up the great work. InFocus Newsletter is one of the best photography magazines out there.

I really get a lot out of it and enjoy reading from beginning to end. Mary Broke, NSW. InFocus Newsletter is inspirational in every way, jaw dropping photos, quality advice and its free! Marshall England. I have only recently started reading your InFocus Newsletter and looking at your Youtube Videos and I am really enjoying them and find them very helpful.

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Many Thanks! Margaret Ireland. I thoroughly enjoy each Newsletter InFocus Newsletter.

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They have all been interesting and informative. Desi Port Owen, South Africa. InFocus Newsletter is an exciting publication that appeals to both experienced photos as well as newbie… always clear and to the point. Roy Kentucky, USA. Your post processing tips are awesome. As someone who is hopping to build a photography business I am always looking for new tips and tricks to improve my skills and expand my knowledge.

I find all the articles inspiring and helpful. I love the relaxed way you tell your stories in InFocus Newsletter , and your wonderful pictures. Gert Denmark. I have subscribed to several online magazines. InFocus Newsletter is very easy to read and understand. Many thanks for your enthusiasm. Richard Maddington, Western Australia. I find your website and your InFocus Newsletter issues so inspiring. I have learning so much from you and you push me to want to get better with my photography.

Thanks for all you do! Maider Spain. InFocus Newsletter is an excellent source of information and inspiration, from two of my favorite photographers. Alex Walnut Creek, CA. My landscape photos have improved greatly from the help from InFocus Newsletter and this Visual Wilderness.

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Earl Montgomery, Alabama. InFocus Newsletter is the best source on the web for concise, well delivered and meaningful information on landscape and nature photography. The blog has an amazing wealth of information photographers can use at no cost and the ebooks are a tremendous value; the best I have been able to find. If you are looking for a place to find what you need to become a stronger photographer, InFocus Newsletter is the place.

Very well done Varina and Jay. InFocus Newsletter provides great inspiration, help and source of information in easy-to-understand language for beginners like me.


Keep up the great work! Jan Hoogstraten, Belgium. Having Infocus Newsletter on my PC at my finger tips is a great help and if need be I can quickly check for tips whilst out in the field shooting. I have been following InFocus Newsletter for about five years and have learned many great tips and tricks and have been inspired by many of your images.