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Multifamily investors bought a high amount of value-add properties in compared to However, the volume of properties bought and sold often changes sharply from quarter to quarter. In a more normal real estate market, they might invest in government bonds. But they have discovered that today the class-A apartments still trade at cap rates in the 3 percent range, close to twice the current, low yield on year Treasury bonds of 1.

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Institution investors, on the other hand, are seeking much higher yields. A value-add investment product offered by real estate investment and management firm Waterton, based in Chicago, is targeting a levered internal rate of return of 13 to 14 percent, for example. Waterton can earn that rate of return because of the intrinsic value of the apartment properties and the lack of competition.

What is a Value Add Deal?

In some markets, the prices for class-B and C properties are below the price of new construction. We specialize identifying value-add opportunities for our investors and help in the acquisition and underwriting process.

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  2. Understanding Core, Value-Add, and Opportunistic Commercial Real Estate Investments.
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We do this by analyzing a prospective property in terms of its optimum rent, cash flow, return on investment, construction upgrades and location we ensures our owners and investors that their property is optimally positioned to achieve the best possible returns on their investment.

Are background in construction and property management allows us to understand this process from more angles than just a normal investor.

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We can more accurately predict construction cost with out necessarily relying on the word of a contractor and because we already work with a network of highly qualified professionals we know all work is top quality. As property managers we understand what it takes to reposition and stabilize tenant occupancy and a how to achieve optimal market rents. Skip Navigation. Many emerging neighborhoods, especially located around the Atlanta BeltLine loop, are experiencing a surge of demand for apartments, leading developers to scramble to bring shiny new luxury product to the market.

The issue with these projects is that while demand is strong for apartments, not everyone can handle the exorbitant price tag that comes with floor-to-ceiling windows, gated BeltLine access and swanky dog parks.

What’s in a Real Estate Private Equity Case Study? Part 2: A Value-Added Office Case Study

And not every developer wants to build a new apartment project from the ground up. Currently, within one mile of Ponce Student Suites, the population is expected to grow by nearly 2, in the next five years and nearby universities — Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Emory and more — are all growing and most of their enrollees live off-campus, creating a smart buy for the right investor.

All but two are above percent occupied, with four percent leased. This shows investors there is already a strong interest in this product and an opportunity for cash flow increases for years to come. In Atlanta, multifamily occupancy is at