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Kim and Briana are no longer doing photo ops during the Karaoke Night party. If you have purchased a Kim and Briana duo photo op membership and only wanted it for the Karaoke Party photo op and are not interested in using it for either of their regular photo ops on Friday and Saturday please bring your PDF membership to registration for a voucher good for use towards any other autograph or photo op membership, or admission membership if available, or any Creation produced merchandise.

Please allow days for the money to show up on your credit card, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. Announcing Our Tour House Band: With their help we've transformed these convention events from regular shows to something truly unique: Three days of non-stop live music, comedy and improv entertainment! Be led through a mysterious Victorian parlour game and discover hidden desires! You will then create and cast a powerful spell to manifest more of what you long for into your life!

This is a mini-mega coven, so limited spaces are available. Exact room name will be announced on schedule. If you can not make the new date and prefer a refund, please email asponsor creationent. Get ready for an uncensored, unpredictable, unadulterated fun with your favorite Wayward Daughters, whom we will most hopefully see with their own TV show very soon!! Limited attendance of only 40 fans, so order your memberships now!

If you looked up "Perfect Host" on Wikipedia, Richard's smiling face would be beaming back at you! You can look forward to their humor and charm as they lead every great event all show. Karaoke King Richard Speight Jr. Participants are tentative and subject to change. Coming in cosplay is totally up to you! Click here to view the FAQ and learn how to sign up! Photos from a previous Karaoke Kings Concert: Special guests coming to play with the band tentatively include: As the inaugural Pittsburgh tour, it promises to be an epic look into the life of and story of our favorite robot.

Accompanied by bandmates Billy Moran and Stephen Norton , join a select group of attendees as they visit some Pittsburgh staples like PNC Park as well as hidden favorites handpicked by the boys themselves. It all happens on Thursday prior to the convention June 7 from 9am to 5pm leaving from the 10th street underpass at the convention center.

We only have 50 total seats to offer in a state of the art vehicle, also known as a bus. A walking encyclopedia of all the epic moments from Supernatural who thinks, "These would be awesome set to music?

I Went To A SUPERNATURAL Convention. It Was Sad.

Winners will be announced and awarded at the specific show. Show your creative talents, and impeccable taste in characters, by entering our famous Costume Contest! Gift certificates are good for one year from date of issue towards Creation merchandise only, excludes convention, autograph and photo-op memberships. Photos of our amazing Supernatural cosplayers from past tour stops, we are always blown away by the imagination and creativity of all various convention attendees, thank you for adding so much to our events: You can expect to find official photographs from the studio, T-shirts and apparel, jewelry, mugs and glassware, banners and posters, books and magazines, autographed items, and a lot more!

Welcome to Supernatural Collector Heaven! Our conventions provide a more personal experience, and that extends into the vendor area, to give the fans and celebrities a more rewarding show.

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You won't have to wade through seas of merch you aren't interested in just to find the gold because we bring only the best to our vendor area. Family Don't End With Blood. The Winchester Brothers journal is a three-ring binder with Supernatural pages and sleeves to collect and protect your convention memories. The John Winchester Replica Journal is a faux leather journal with over 40 diary and monster pages, news articles, the Mystery Spot brochure and blank pages to add your own hunting stories!

They also have a Winchester Road Map, gel stickers, pens, notebooks and more! They will be vending at most of the Supernatural conventions and you can also visit them online at: If you are interested in being a vendor please link over to: This event is held on the Friday of the convention. Unlike other genre conventions, Creation Entertainment has a strict policy to not "oversell" memberships. Every attendee, no matter what membership they purchase, will have a seat in the main auditorium to see the major guests and join the main events!

We believe in a more personal convention for fans, by fans, that leaves you with memories that last a lifetime! Creation Entertainment has the right to refuse service to anyone who interferes with the safety and well-being of other patrons, staff, actors, Creation Entertainment and the establishment itself.

Refusal of service shall never be based on race or color, national origin or citizenship status, religion or creed, sex, age, disability, pregnancy or genetic information, veteran or military status, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, medical condition, political affiliations or activities, or status as a victim of domestic violence, assault or stalking. Please make sure to bring ALL your printed out memberships to the convention as we cannot replace any memberships forgotten or lost. This holds true for all membership-buyers domestic and outside of The United States as we no longer have a will-call or hold membership desk.

Our convention sites generally have a business office where you can print out your memberships if you have left them home by mistake. Once you present your membership s at registration, photo op areas, or autograph sessions they will be scanned for legitimacy and one-time use only. ANY problem you have please write to us at: You may buy photo op and autograph memberships before buying an admission membership, but you need an admission membership in order to use the photo op and autograph memberships.

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Please buy an admission membership as soon as you can as we can never guarantee admission memberships won't sell out before the show. Join our free email list to get updates on membership availability. Please note that memberships are delivered to you via e-mail in PDF format which you should print out and bring with you to convention registration. Most customers receive their PDF memberships within business days of having placed their order. This applies to all online, phone, fax and mail orders. Hotel rooms may be reserved as indicated towards the bottom of this page. Below you'll find all the ways to attend the Official Pittsburgh Supernatural Convention.

We have multiple levels of packages and membership options to fit any desire and every budget! We begin selling memberships with our Gold Package and then open up more membership options the closer we get to the convention.

Online tickets have been taken off sale.

Each level is limited so act fast, and don't let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip through your fingers! Gold Weekend is our most comprehensive membership package! Click the items below for more information and find out what you get when you "Go Gold": This seat is yours to come and go and you can actually pick out your seat on our floor plan membership system! Great for photographers too! The value of these autographs, if you bought them separately is worth a very large percentage of the total charge, so you can see what a great deal the SILVER Package is!

It is also cool to see your autographs done in person so you know they are legit, with so many bogus autographs out there by unknown on-line sellers. This applies to guests mentioned in benefit 2; once in a while, guests listed in benefit 2 will sit in the vendors room and sign first come, first serve, but that is a very rare thing to happen. Best of all you keep your same great seats that you had during the daytimes.

We get you set for the convention before other patrons and give you first crack at the exclusive merchandise! Preregistration generally takes place on the night before the convention starts and we also do some prereg on the first morning of the convention. Preregistration is not a necessity, it is a convenience. You can register any time registration is open. Once you get set you don't need to wait again! They will sign anything you bring from home and there is a wide assortment of photos and other collectibles on sale at the convention. Best of all you keep your same great seats that you had during the daytime.

This is gonna be awesome and it ALWAYS remains a true highlight of any Creation Supernatural Convention, in fact most agree it the best performance night event in all of fandom! Please note that front chairs are removed for this event, so that means we do not have reserved seating for this. You get to participate in our exclusive preregistration times, and that is your choice, not a necessity. They appear later in the day for everyone. Here is the best way to attend any single day s membership of the convention.

You get a reserved seat, yours to come and go all day, in the main theatre where you will see all the stars and events of the day. Of course, you also have access to the vendors room and the Friday Night Karaoke Concert. You also get to pick out your actual seat when you are ordering! Here's the most economical way to get a membership to any single day s of the convention.

With the convention virtually sold out at this writing, NOW is the time to make your plans! These guarantee a seat and you will see all daytime celebrities and events. These, of course, do not include autographs or photo ops. Remaining tickets will now be available for sale at the convention on a first-come, first-served basis. Beverly Hills, CA C West Hollywood, CA Suite Studio City , CA , There will be tons of great photographs and other collectibles available at the convention that are perfect for signing, or bring something from home.

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Have more than one thing you want signed? Purchase multiple memberships and get all of your autographs at once! You must have an admission membership for the convention in order to redeem autograph memberships. Ruth Connell - Ruth will be at a table in the vendor area offering her autographs directly at a price set by her. Times also set by her.

Rachel will determine times of her signing.

Jason Manns — Jason will be at his table in the vendors room, prices and times set by him, Jason will offer his CDs, meet fans and also offer his autographs at a nominal fee. Make a memory you'll never forget! Your photo will be taken by Creation's magical, talented staff photographers! They take incredible pictures, make the stars comfortable posing with the fans, and are generally beloved by all.

You must have an admission membership for the convention in order to redeem photo op memberships. We appreciate the great folks at our conventions in helping us meet our goal to help Random Acts , a charity we have strongly supported from its start.

While we have had other genre celebrities in costume before, Misha is always unique and he has asked that you honor his beloved Cas character as he will be stay in character. Because of the unique nature of these photo ops and the charity aspect we cannot upgrade or change Saturday Misha photo ops Misha as Misha is pretty cool too! These are ultracool, check it out! Two customers can be in these photo ops for the price of one photo op membership.

How to Survive a Supernatural Convention - Tips & Advice

The Famous Sandwich Photo: YOU with the leads of the series: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki These always sell out fast! Jensen, Misha and YOU!

Creation Entertainment's Supernatural Offical Convention in Pittsburgh, PA

Many of the shirts seem to have injokes - possibly from fan message boards or previous conventions. When Jensen and Jared took the stage the fans erupted, but politely. The fans interact with the actors in ways that show a familiarity - probably all false. They know the names of wives and girlfriends, and ask about them. They know about pranks played on set. They know about favorite foods and drinks, and will bring gifts of bottles of liquor so much so that the rules now make you check in your gifts at registration and not to bring them to the photo ops or autograph sessions.

For some of the actors this seems like a rare moment to shine. When Traci Dinwiddie, who has appeared in four episodes of Supernatural , took the stage with a bunch of West African drummers and, without an intro, just started doing a drum circle thing, the audience ate it up. I was kind of mystified - what the fuck is this nonsense, I wondered - but everybody else seemed to have fun. I love doing Monsterpalooza, an annual convention dedicated to monsters and make-up.

I regularly attend The Hollywood Show, a bizarre autograph-seekers convention that unites people from B-movies with bit players in Hollywood Golden Age films. I like the enthusiasm at conventions; sometimes I enjoy it ironically, sometimes it gets me a little energized. I like seeing the celebrities, especially the fading or faded stars - getting a picture with Rip Taylor beats any Hollywood A-list celeb. The fans were enthusiastic - they giggled and squealed at anything that could have been seen as mildly suggestive from Jensen and Jared, and they even emitted a kind of jealous sigh when Jared ran from the stage to give a little girl a hug.

The stars were gracious beyond belief, and they treated the fans with kindness and appreciation. But everything else was tragic, and it soon became clear that this convention was about one thing and one thing only - taking money from fans. The convention, which is held in the basement of a Marriott next to LAX, has three areas: If you pay for the dollar Gold Pass you get an assigned seat in that ballroom. Most people were sitting in the assigned seats, so I imagine a lot of those passes were sold.

Across the hall from that ballroom was the dealer room; I was excited to get in there, to see what was being sold. The dealer room ended up holding about six tables. Some were selling glossy 8x10s, which you would need to have should you pay the money up to a hundred dollars for an autograph opportunity with one of the stars. Other tables held pre-autographed memorabilia. There was a guy who makes the convention circuit selling movie posters and overpriced soundtrack albums.

There was a table selling rotten Supernatural t-shirts and not rotten mugs and shot glasses. Then there was a table selling faerie jewelry.