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Who Won't Love This Bed?

Extremely hot sleepers that want a bed with some sort of cooling technology Heavier folks that should probably be getting a coil mattress Anyone that wants a mattress with a lot of bounce People looking for a super-cheap mattress. Casper Company Policies—Shipping, Warranty, etc.

The online mattress industry is established enough now that it has some pretty standard policies regarding shipping, returns, trials, and the like. Of course, some companies do put their own spin on those terms, so be sure to read all the fine print. Casper, however, follows those standards to a tee. This allows it adequate time to fully decompress and off-gas.

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You can see a breakdown of the pricing below:. Or you can check Casper. Casper is an all-foam bed as opposed to a hybrid mattress , which includes both foam and coils.

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In most cases, that means a slightly modified poly foam or memory foam. All of the foams in the Casper mattress are approved by the CertiPUR-US program, which means they have low VOC, are made without ozone depleters, and just generally are not harmful for you or the environment. The cover on the original Casper mattress is a nice, soft material.

If you do need to deal with a spill or stain, you can spot clean with some warm water and a bit of mild detergent. You do want to avoid getting the spot so wet that it soaks down into the mattress, though. Just know that, depending on the thickness and material of the protector, it may stifle airflow through the mattress and might affect the surface feel a bit.

Rotating the bed will help the mattress wear more evenly over time, and that means a longer lifespan for your Casper. The Casper mattress has a soft foam feel. For other folks, that may be disappointing because they really enjoy that stereotypical memory foam feel. In terms of firmness, we say the Casper is a medium on our scale. Remember, though, that your body type will affect how you experience the firmness of a mattress. The Casper, however, has fast responsiveness despite being all-foam. Casper is good for all sleeper types, actually, including side and combo sleepers.

No matter what your sleeper type, the idea is to keep your spine in proper alignment. Generally speaking, you can expect to receive free shipping, a night risk-free trial period, free returns with a full refund within that time, or a year warranty should you keep the mattress.

Although this is all standard, some companies will veer from the script.

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Avocado, for example, offers free shipping, the night trial, and free returns, but they step it up a bit with a year warranty. You can find all the details of their warranty policy on their website. To fit the mattress in its box, it has to be tightly folded and compressed. Given its eco-friendly design, the Avocado Green Mattress ends up being a slightly more expensive bed. This is intended to be a good buy for the money if you place a lot of value on natural and organic materials.

You can find a breakdown of the pricing for each size, with and without the additional topper, below. And while it is a pricey bed, the company does offer coupon codes on occasion. We likely have a deal on this page for you, but you can always check the Avocado website for current offers and promotions. The Avocado is a hybrid mattress, meaning its construction contains both foam and coils.

The coils give it a bit of that traditional innerspring feel, while the foam provides a thin layer of softness to the bed that can be added to with the optional pillow topper. Without the topper, this is a firm bed. With the topper, it softens up to about a medium-firm. If, however, you want a responsive, durable, thick mattress, Avocado could be the one for you.

Both with and without the extra couple inches of foam from the optional topper , though, the Avocado is great in terms of responsiveness. Dunlop refers to the method of processing the material. It basically means the latex is prepared the traditional way—the natural sap which Avocado taps from sustainable sources is baked into a slab that then goes into the mattress.

That means it discourages dust mites from moving into your mattress and, in turn, helps prevent allergy symptoms, like itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, and headaches. It acts as a moisture-wicking material and a natural flame retardant. It also contributes to the nice, natural, fresh smell of the bed. By law, every mattress must have a flame retardant layer. Avocado uses natural hydrated silica as a fire barrier that works along with the flame retardant properties of the wool. Hydrated silica is a totally safe material. That certification ensures that the materials satisfy some strict standards for emissions of pollutants and chemical exposure.

As we mentioned, the cover on the Avocado mattress is organic cotton and button-tufted by hand. The material is soft and actually smells really nice. The cover is non-removable, which means your only option for cleaning up a spill is spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is very simple, though.

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Use warm water and a little bit of mild detergent to dab at the spot. Just avoid getting the bed too wet.

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Another option is going the mattress protector route. Mattress protectors are convenient because you can just pull them off and toss them in the washer. You can find a bunch of affordable mattress protector options on Amazon. However, we would note that adding a mattress protector can stifle the airflow through the mattress and might even change the feel a little bit.

The eco-friendly recycled steel coils are individually fabric-encased, which allows for zoned support and prevents coils that are depressed from creating a ripple effect throughout the mattress.

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If you opt for the additional pillow top, you get two more inches of latex foam. With or without the pillow top, this bed is on the firmer side, though, keep in mind that this is all relative. When you buy through our links we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This supports the free content we provide.

There is obviously more to consider with these two beds than we could fit into a video or a few listed points. The Leesa mattress ships for free and arrives at your doorstep rolled up and packed into a surprisingly small box. Just make sure you let the mattress fully decompress and inflate for about hours before using.

Once the mattress arrives, Leesa offers a night risk-free trial period. You might be asking what exactly this entails. Leesa allows you test the bed for nights before deciding whether you want to keep it or not. Once you provide proof the mattress has indeed been picked up, the company will refund your money in full. I told it you was easy and convenient. Leesa also backs their mattress with a year warranty. Also, just so you know, the policies we just covered are pretty standard in the online mattress space.

However, you will occasionally run into a company that goes above and beyond. That means someone will deliver the mattress and set it up for you. They offer a night trial period. Yes, that means you can test the mattress for four full months. Leesa is one of the most recognizable bed-in-a-box brands on earth. Like most all-foam beds, it starts with a thick layer of support foam on the bottom, which serves as the base. In the middle is a layer of memory foam and on top is a layer of what Leesa calls its LSA foam. This is a proprietary foam that is neither memory foam nor latex foam.

Accordingly, due to the top layer, this mattress has more of a neutral-foam feel. What we mean by that is that it takes some characteristics from both memory foam and latex foam. This means combo sleepers will find it easy and effortless to switch between positions.

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In terms of firmness, we think the Leesa mattress comes in right around a medium on the firmness scale. Overall, it strikes a nice balance between pressure relief and support. As such, we think the Leesa mattress will work for all types of sleepers. Leesa vs Nectar Comparison.